- If in our dream we see one of our CHILDREN (one of our young children) older than he is in reality, it means that we wish we had less responsibilities towards him (we wish he was already big), but the truth is It still needs a lot of care.
But if we dream of one of our children (one of our grown children) like when he was a child, it means that he/she still needs our help, for example: Our guidance and our advice.

- If we feel in dreams CONCERN BY AGE, the dream tells us that we must monitor our health.

-If a child dreams that he DOES ADULT THINGS but feels bad about it, it means that he is worried about having to do or that someone pressures him to do things for which he does not feel prepared.

-If in our dream we see our EX -GIRLFRIEND (EX-BOYFRIEND) older than she actually is, it means that we would like her/him to be less immature, in terms of her way of being.

- If we dream of a FRIEND/FAMILY MEMBER WHO HAS ALREADY DEPARTED THIS WORLD, but we see him as an older person than he was the last time we saw him in life (in this world), it means that he has visited us in dreams to give us advice, which is related to the meaning of the other things we see in the dream, while trying to tell us to trust his message because he/she can see things that we can't.

- If we dream that we GET OLD, it means that we are afraid of getting old.

- HIDE THE AGE announces that we will be betrayed by our relationships.

- The OLD AGE symbolizes wisdom.

- If we dream that we leave a place because we are too old, or think we are very OLD TO BE THERE, means that we are concerned about aging.
And if we dream we left us some library or a certain school because we are too old or too old to be there, tells us that the further study on aging can help us, for example: avoid drinking alcohol in excess and practicing certain sports like doing dumbbell, we can help keep us younger longer.

- If a child dream that he is OLDER or adult, it means that he wants to do adult things .

  • But if we dream that WE MAKE ACCOUNTS and we realize that we are older than we thought, it means that we are no longer as young as we thought, for example: Because we are no longer as strong as before.
  • If when looking at the MIRROR, WE LOOK OLD when we are not, the dream tells us that we are afraid of getting old, but if it is a nightmare, it tells us that we fear that we are aging too fast.

- To dream that we are YOUNGER means immaturity.

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