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Dreams: Al-Am

- Predict a change of situation or setbacks.

Alarm clock:
If in our dream we heard the alarm, it means that it is time to act or to get to work and study.

Alarm key:
- If it fails, it means that we must ensure that all is well.
- If it works well, it means that all is well in our affairs.

- If we haven’t business or family in Alaska and dream that we're going to live in Alaska, means that we are isolating from others, which is not good.

This dream means happy memories. This dream marks the end of a period in our lives.

- View an alchemist means that we must get more from the teachings we receive.
- To dream that someone we know is an alchemist, means that person has a talent that we never imagined.

- If in our dream we see alcohol, augure betrayal and false to those around us.

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Alert box:
- If in our dream we see that on the computer monitor an alert box appears, there is something important that we take into account and has to do with our job or a task. It can also mean that if we are not cautious enough, something bad can happen.

- If you dream that fall into a pool full of water with algae (Greenish), but then we go out, it means that there is or was the danger of falling into the hands of corrupt and hypocritical people, but we will achieve or escape them.
- If in the dream we see a mermaid in a pool full of algae (Green), this is a bad memory about someone who used us in the past in some way, or she(he) pretends that she love us, but in reality only made us into a trap. So that this dream brings to mind a bad memory so that in the future better analyze things and not go back to make the same mistake.

- This dream tells us that our business operate successfully.
- To dream about a formula of algebra tells us that we have a formula for success and advises us simply apply.

It tells us that we will receive news or unexpected guests.

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Alien invasion:
To dream of an alien invasion, this tells us that we still difficult to adapt to our environment.

Alien spaceship:
-- Dreaming of an alien spaceship, means the following:
• Dreaming of an alien spaceship represents a spiritual journey.
• If in our dream is this an alien spaceship and it's a nightmare, it means that your soul has traveled to an underworld, this type of dream occur in some cases, when we constantly have thoughts and evil desires.

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- If in our dream we see or we take an alka-seltzer, means we will soon have some help to solve a difficult and annoying issue.

This dream means: Bad luck.

If we see an alley, we say that we are involved in a case that has no solution, therefore, it is best to take a different route or try to achieve our objectives in a different way.

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Allow/ Permit:
- If in our dream someone does not allow us to see something, it represents a relationship based on distrust and disloyalty (It can be a business relationship, an affair, love, marriage or another, depending on our current situation).

- If we dream that we bring a high-tech instrument in the hands and it almost falls to us; tells us that we must not lose sight of the technology, because technology can be very useful.

Giving alms augurs unexpected wealth.

It tells us that we are protected against evil.

Alpaca (From: Animal):
To dream of an alpaca means that we will have prosperity but we will need a constant effort.
- To dream that an alpaca enters our house, means prosperity thanks to our effort.

by letter.

It tells us that we will find new opportunities to carry out our wishes.

ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis):
If we dream that we are suffering from ALS it means that we are mired in a serious indecision. It can also represent health problems.

Represents the strength; also means that we must force someone to do his duty. Unless we see things wrapped in aluminum foil, because then means that what is involved with it, can help us get what we want.
- To dream about aluminum, tells us to we must force someone to do his duty.
- It may also mean that we are being a little inflexible or severe, depending on our current situation.

Aluminum foil:
- If in our dream we see something wrapped with aluminum foil and distinguish what it is, it means that what is involved with it can help us achieve that we want.

- If in the dream we went to the dentist and we place an amalgam/resin, means that there is a danger that something ends (Dating, friendship, marriage, business, etc.)
But if we dream the dentist puts us amalgamation and is misplaced, tells us to watch what we tolerate, that is, we should not accept what we know is not good, as there is a risk that something can be done as: A dating, friendship, marriage, business, etc..

- If in the dream we are talking to an ambassador, it means we will have good fortune in our purposes, ie that all is well.
- See ourselves as an ambassador means that there is a possibility that we give to our profession, which can be bad, but gaps can sometimes be good, because it can sometimes be good to change careers, what is important here is to analyze the situation well and try to anticipate any problems.

- If the ambulance has anyone hurt, someone to whom we esteem is threatened by some danger.
- If the injured speaks or moves indicates that soon we will hear from someone who had forgotten.

- If we are, preparing an ambush, it means the cunning and strength will favor us in our activities.
- If we fall into an ambush, then there is a risk of unforeseen conflicts.

- To dream that we drive a car and suddenly we came upon a pond or a river, but at that time, the vehicle is amphibious, it means that we are well prepared to save the situation.

- If in our dream we see ourselves with an amputated finger, it is a warning that a family member is in danger.

In this case, we first note that the amulets are those that protect us from evil and talismans are for something specific, such as: love, money, justice, labor, etc. Another important thing is that for example, many of the talismans that are used today, were seen in a dream, and then made exactly that way, because sometimes the angels show us how to make a talisman to help us, for example when we have a difficult problem and in our dream we see a talisman related to what we need.
As for its meaning, see a talisman or amulets we predict a comfort or protection, especially if it is an amulet. But in the case of talismans, sometimes the meaning is related to the type of talisman that is, and here we mention the most common:
- If in our dream we see one of our amulets or religious images, BADLY PUT tells us to put it right or leave it in the right place.
- If we dream of the amulet is the BASTET HEAD (The head of a black cat with gold earrings), means that our house is well protected.
- If we dream we put a talisman WITHIN A FRESHLY BREAD means that we have confidence in ourselves, plus we have special protection, and if the talisman has the image of a good Being means that we should be relying on that Being, because it is close to us.

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Amusement park:
- To dream of an amusement park means that we expect good hopes and good projects.
- But if we dream that we enter the house of horrors, it means that we are likely to face some problems and dislikes.
- If we dream of an amusement park where the games are painted black, it represents a malign project or an insane fun place.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis:
- If we dream that we have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, it means that we are mired in a serious indecision. It can also represent health problems.

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