- Dreaming of an alien spaceship, means the following:

  • But if we FAIL TO DESTROY THE MOTHER SHIP or the dream ends before we do, we are told to find a better way to end the problem at its root.
  • If we dream that we are FIGHTING AGAINST an extraterrestrial invasion and to win the battle we must destroy the mothership means we have a problem that makes it difficult to adapt to our environment and who want to uproot, a deformity that if in the dream destroy the mothership, it means that we will end the problem.
  • If we dream that an alien spacecraft trie KIDNAP US by force and is a recurring nightmare, then there is an evil presence nearby, this happens for example when trying to do an spiritual experiment and not enough experience or when evil is present as pentacles signs, signs of cults, violent images, play the ouija, etc., in case we advised get rid of those things.
  • If in our dream is this an alien spaceship and it's a NIGHTMARE, it means that your soul has traveled to an underworld, this type of dream occur in some cases, when we constantly have thoughts and evil desires.
  • If in the dream we SIMPLY SEE AN ALIEN SPACESHIP represents a spiritual journey.

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