- Dream that an ALIEN BECOMES A PERSON, means that it is difficult to adapt to our environment, because of someone who insists trying to get in trouble with our friends and people our environment.

- To dream that we are BOMBED BY ALIENS, warns us that we will have to face more unforeseen circumstances because we have not yet managed to adapt to our environment. This dream advises us to study the situation more.

- Dreaming of EXTRATERRESTRIAL LOOKS LIKE A FISH MAN, this means that we be difficult to adapt to our environment, especially because people malicious, abusive, corrupt, or gossip, so we recommend study the situation.

- Dreaming of an EXTRATERRESTRIAL INVASION, tells us that it is difficult adapt to our environment.

- If we dream that AN ALIEN TRIE KIDNAP US, and even more if this is a nightmare, it means that your soul has traveled to an underworld, such dreams occur when invoking spirits have been little reliable. In this case it is desirable to achieve a silver amulet (as a four-leaf clover or a coin, and placed under the pillow).

- Dreaming about an ALIEN KILL US, then there is something that can go wrong because we have not managed to adapt to our environment and we have failed to understand the situation.

- If our dream is this an extraterrestrial and is a NIGHTMARE, it means that your soul has traveled to an underworld, this type of dream occur in some cases, when we constantly have evil thoughts and desires.

- Dreaming of an alien SPACESHIP represents a spiritual journey

Show all dream meanings of an Alien Spaceship.

- To dream that we SEND A MESSAGE TO THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL, means that we difficult to adapt to our environment and we need a little help.

- To dream that aliens STEAL THE WATER of our planet, means that there is someone who is stealing our energy in some way, for example: someone who takes up a lot of our time; someone who tries to discourage us; or even someone who is trying to do witchcraft on us so that we don't have the courage or energy to defend ourselves.

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