To dream about apples means that there will be plenty and prosperity.

- To dream that we are GOING TO EAT an apple, means that there will be good things with very little effort.

- If the apple is in POOR CONDITION, it means that good things can come when we are gone.

- To dream about a ROTTEN apple, or we see several apples and one rotten, it means that there is something that we must remove or correct (This dream is derived from the saying of the rotten apple that must be removed to avoid The others also rot).

- If SOMEONE CARRIES IT, it means that good things can go away if we are not careful.

- If we dream that someone gives us an apple STAINED WITH LIME, it means that in the next few days we are very careful with the things to eat that we get to give, since they may contain foreign substances (For example: Witchcraft, pheromones, yumbina, drugs , etc).
Some symbols come from the classic stories, as in this case, in which the dream refers us to the story of Snow White, when her witch stepmother becomes a seemingly harmless old woman and gives her a poisoned apple.

- If it is UNRIPE OR GREEN, it is that we will have to wait a little so that the good things arrive.

- If we dream of YELLOW apples in good condition, it means that soon we will have prosperity and good luck. It can also mean that if we think about it a bit, we will achieve the prosperity and good luck we want.

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