This dream warns us that the problems we may have will end soon.
We must also pay attention to their EXPRESSION, because if they are upset, they will be telling us that we are doing something wrong, and if they are happy, it means that everything is fine.

- If we dream that someone simply tells us: "He is an ANGEL-DEMON", and it happens that in our daytime life we meet someone called: "Angel", it means that that person, or someone who has something in common with him, he is planning to harm us.

- If in the dream we see someone whom we know in our daytime life, but in the dream we see him or her die and then BECOME OUR GUARDIAN ANGEL, it is a piece of advice that tells us that we should not despise that person, as it can be very helpful in the future.

- If in the dream we see an angel, but it happens that it causes us FEAR, the dream speaks of a nice and pleasant person, but in whom we should not trust, since in reality he is a hypocritical person who only wants to take advantage of us somehow.

- If in the dream we see an angel FROM THE BACK, it means that a good Spirit helped us in something, but we failed to thank him in some way, for example: With an offering, such as lighting a candle, burning an incense stick in his honour, etc.

- If an angel or a good spirit tells us that we NEED TO GO GET MEDICINE for someone; It means that we must find a way to help someone we know.

-If in the dream we see an angel who has a RESEMBLANCE to someone we know, it means that this well-known person is someone we can trust, since he appreciates us and is also a good person.

- If we dream that an angel SAVES us from danger and takes us to the top of a building under construction, it means that the angels can help us a lot, but it is also important that we do our part by making an effort in what we want to achieve and acting more honesty.

- Dreaming of SOAP IN THE SHAPE OF THE VIRGIN OF GUADALUPE OR AN ANGEL, means that things will clear up soon and we will have some Divine help. Which advises us to have a little patience.

- To see an angel carrying a SWORD, the dream tells us that we are protected from evil and that our problems will end soon.

- If in our dream we see TWO ANGELS on horseback, it means that we will have some Divine help, but it is also important that we defend our interests to prevent a certain person from abusing our good faith.

- If in our dream we hear the voice of angels and we notice that they tell us a WARNING about something we are thinking of doing (something we are thinking of doing in our daytime life), it means that it is best not to do it, or at least not to do it for now.

- Seeing angels from our WINDOW, represents our guardian angels, and if we have a problem in our day life, then it means that they will soon end.

- If in our dream we see an angel with VERY SMALL WINGS, it means that we will need a little extra help, for example, if we are about to present an exam, it is worth asking an archangel specialized in this type of case for help. , such as the archangel Athena. (As if our guardian angel told us that he needs the help of an archangel).

  • If in our dream we see an angel with TRANSPARENT WINGS, it means that there is a person who constantly helps/supports us, although we do not always realize it.

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