- If in our dream we SEE APPEAR something that has a bad meaning, tells us that we are not on the right path, so that we will not get what we want, unless you get back on the right path, it can also mean that we are doing something wrong , and that means the first or second, depends on our current situation.

- If in our dream DO APPEAR anything, it means we're in a situation that is difficult but can be solved with a little effort, for example:

1. If in our dream we see appear a Dalmatian dog, it means that we are having difficulties with a friend or related to marriage, but if the dreamer is a child, then, means that their parents are having problems in their marriage and want a little Divine help. This dream we are advised to bring an offering to a sacred site (such as a bouquet of roses).

2. If we see a cat, it means you're having trouble because of a woman.


- If you dream that we are faced with a supernatural apparition suggests we are on track and achieve our desires.
- Dreaming about a vision of our true Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) and we are there, it means we can choose our future, even to help others. In addition, this dream tells us that we should trust our Divine Lady, as we have a good relationship with her.

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