- If they FIREARMS (shotgun, angle, pistol, rifle, etc..) Tells us that there is a plot against us.

- If it's a HAND GRENADE, means the following:

- If we dream that we are aiming for someone with a gun LASER SIGHT means that expose someone who we know can cause revenge and resentment, so in this case, the dream we are advised to be cautious.

- If you are SHARP, indicating problems with family relationships.

-If the dream we see a SPEAR,means we have many ambitions and we are confident of achieving them, being very likely that we can reach. At least we are wounded by the spear, in this case means sentence in the love, or of any other type.

- But if it is a SWORD is the best tool to destroy evil and to defeat our adversaries, for example if we beat a enemy with it, means success, and the same means if we destroy something that has a bad meaning to it.

Show all meanings of dream about Sword.

- If in our dream we see or drive a TANK, it means that we feel threatened by something. But if you dream that a tank we shoots, is a looming threat, but if we are saved, it means that we got rid of a hazard.


Predicts conflict.
- Use with adequate and shells hitting the target is a sign of victory. of Otherwise, it means disappointment and humiliation.
- Being injured, danger.

This dream shows us our need to achieve our ambitions.
- If it strikes an arrow, it means pain, but if we took the arrow, we indicates that all is well because it has disappeared the possibility of come to present the sentences.

- View our dreams we see a kendo in good condition, tells us that will succeed soon, thanks to our value, you may notify us economic prosperity.

- If in our dream we see kunai, means trouble in our relationships family.
- If in our dream we see a kunai nailed in a drawer, means that avoid future problems in our family relationships, we must be firm in our determinations, even if they're being evil or too severe.

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