If we dream an avocado, it means that our friends appreciate us.

- If we see DOG EXCREMENT around an avocado, it means that there is a person who wants to get away from you, someone who appreciates you (The excrement around means that someone wants to separate us from a person or a place and the avocado represents someone who appreciates us).

- If we dream that we are walking down the street and suddenly we see a bag full of ROTTEN avocados, it represents an ex-friend that is starting to become an annoyance.

- If in the dreams we see our TENANT (Whether we have a tenant or we dream that we have a tenant) eating avocado, it means that we are ready for a commitment, whether it is a relationship or marriage and also tells us that our probable future girlfriend(boyfriend) or wife(husband) appreciates us.

- If in the dream we see someone we like, while we eat a UNRIPE avocado, it means that that person appreciates and loves us, but is too young or immature for us.

- If we dream that we raise a tile or floor tile and find URINE and an avocado, it means that someone has tried to do us favors and become our friend to manipulate or submit to their will.

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