Aspirin, tablets, or pills, which are used as medicine, are associated with an aid to our health or our souls.

- If the tablets are for someone else, is because that someone is in need of our help.

- If someone you know asks us to give you an aspirin, that means that she or he needs a comfort to us. But if, for example, a woman who does not know, he asks for an aspirin, it means a female person needs the comfort of us, since in that case the dream is giving us a clue who it is.

- If we dream older pills, represents something that no longer works and advises us not to try, for example: a ex girlfriend who wants to return with us, a former partner who wants to return, an alliance that gave no results, something that just did not work, and so on.

- If we dream aspirin or tablets and see that it expired, means the same as above.

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