Aspirins, lozenges, pills or tablets, which are used as medicines, are associated with helping our health or our soul.

- If someone we know ASKS US TO GIVE HIM AN ASPIRIN, it means that that person needs comfort to us. But, if, for example, a woman we do not know asks us for an aspirin, it means that a person of the female sex needs our consolation, since in that case the dream is giving us a clue of who it is.

- To dream of CANCER PILLS, it means that if we have a remedy, that is, with a little effort we can improve the way others see us or get out of any problem.

- If a woman dreams that her husband, boyfriend or partner, gives her a CONTRACEPTIVE PILL, it means that he feels burdened by responsibilities towards her, or fears having to have many responsibilities towards her, depending on the case .

- If in the dream we see aspirin or pills and we notice that those have already EXPIRED, it means that there is something that no longer works and advises us not to try again.

- If the tablets are FOR SOMEONE ELSE, it is because that someone is needing our help.

- If in the dream we see aspirin or OLD PILLS (That the box looks worn or we realize that they have been there for a long time), it represents something that no longer works and advises us not to try again, for example: An ex-girlfriend/ex-suitor who wants to return with us, a former partner who wants to return, an alliance that did not give us results, something that simply did not work, and so on.

- If in our dream we take a pill with the PURPOSE OF PREVENTING GETTING SICK IN the future, it means that we are well prepared to face the situation.

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