It means, probable conflicts with the person with whom we arguing.

- To dream that we arguing with ANCLE (AUNT) means that soon we may have an unpleasant surprise.

- To dream about we arguing with one of our BROTHERS OR SISTERS, means that we have internal conflicts that can cause problems.

- Dreaming to we see our BROTHERS ARGUING, means we have internal conflicts that can cause problems.

- To dream that arguing with our COUSIN tells us that we can suffer a nasty surprise.

- Arguing with an ENEMY tells us to continue the discussions and demands.

- To dream that we arguing with person who has the FOREHEAD VERY LEANING, augurs, discussions and demands against someone perfidious, who wants to rob us. This dream advises us, not lose sight of that person because it is one of our main enemies.

- To dream that we arguing with our GIRLFRIEND (BOYFRIEND), means likely conflicts with her (him). This dream advised to avoid situations that may lead to probable ruptures.

- To dream that we arguing with our MOTHER, means we want to become independent of she.

- If in our dream we see OTHER PEOPLE ARGUING means probable disappointments in our business or affairs.

- To dream that we arguing about PRICE OF SOMETHING tells us that in this life we must pay a price for everything we have and possess, and in this case explains that to accomplish what we want to do more, or pay a higher price (for example: if we want to buy something and we see a good deal, says that this offer cannot entirely advisable, so it will be better to save a little more).

- To dream that we arguing about RELIGION, means that some people do not agree with our way of thinking, and advises us to be moderate and avoid arguing too.

- To dream that we discuss with a SELLER, of the quality of something, it means we are not satisfied with something.

- If in the dream we arguing, with SOMEONE WE KNOW, is likely to conflict with that person, (but if there is a specific meaning, for example: If we argue with a cousin and below this the meaning of dreaming to arguing with a cousin, then we must take into account the arguing with a cousin as it is the more specific meaning).


To dream that we discussed with people from a high cultural level then it means we will have satisfaction in major efforts, and if we discuss peacefully with people less educated than we are, we say we will be scorned and ridiculed.

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