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Dreams: Ps-Pz

- If we dream that we have a pseudonym (A name we use instead of ours, but without being derogatory), it means that discretion can help us protect ourselves and achieve our goals.

If we dream that we have psoriasis, it means that we must take better care of our health (In the sense of taking care of ourselves, both from diseases and from probable accidents).

PSP (The Portable Video Game):
- To dream of a PSP, or that we are playing with it, means that we have the ability to control the situation.
- If we are no longer children and in our dream we see a child who is carrying a PSP or a portable video game, it means that we should avoid behaving immaturely, because that does not look good, in addition to that it is not necessary, since we have with the ability to face any situation that may arise.
- If we dream that we speak for the PSP using the option to be used as a cell phone, and there are no problems in communication, it means that we have a good ability to handle others and do what we want.
- If we dream that while talking on the PSP using the option to be used as a cell phone, it goes off, it means that there is a danger because we have not managed to handle the situation well, or to the people around us.

If we have a psychedelic dream, it means that we are going through a difficult situation and we would like to avoid reality.

Here we see a psychedelic image.

See: Psychologist.

- To dream that we are psychic or that we have psychic powers, means that we have a talent that we did not imagine, or that remained repressed.

Psychic and Spiritual Attacks during sleep:
During the time we sleep, there are two types of attacks that we may experience, we mean attacks carried out by dishonest people in order to harm us even resort to all kinds of tricks and they are psychic attacks and spiritual attacks.

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Psychological meaning of dreams:
The psychology was invented for various purposes, but a major, was the power to manipulate others, the case is that you cannot cure the soul with formulas and cannot make true love or true friendship, so that although there exist the subconscious, the doctors can only treat part of the brain, but not the soul. As for dreams, they are not just subconscious affairs, for example: For example: If, during most of the night we were watching horror movies, and then have nightmares, and that does not have any significant meaning, even we can say that thing of the subconscious, but outside of such cases, is important to pay attention to the spiritual significance of things we see in them, as it may be a message from Heaven, that is, not about things of the subconscious, the more so when a prophetic dream is fulfilled exactly.

This dream means that we can succeed in a business or in an affair.
- If we dream that we have an APPOINTMENT with the psychologist, it means that there is something we do not want to recognize.
- But if we dream that a certain known psychologist (Someone whom we have been consulting in our daytime life), tells us that it will HELP US WIN A PRIZE and it happens that if we win it, it means that this person is causing us money problems, since it is not helping us at all. But if in the end we do not win the prize, then it means that it will not cause us money problems (Either because he is the psychologist of an institution that does not charge or because his help is serving us in some way).

To dream of a psychopath means that bad actions are prepared against us.

- If in our dream we see a psychotic person it means that there is someone we should treat with prudence, since he could act unpredictably or aggressively towards us. It can also mean that bad actions are prepared against us.

- If in our dream we see the shadow of a pterodactyl flying in the sky (Pure shade), means that our enemies will try to make us despair or despair we are doing, what is causing us too much anger and we are wasting control. This dream advises us not get carried away by our instincts and remain calm, so that we can develop a good strategy to help us beat our opponents.

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- A building or a place closed to the public, represents something or someone who is not available.

- If we fall or get wet in a puddle, means we will soon have difficulties, we must make an extra effort, and review everything we're doing; to understand that difficulties relates the dream, it is important to pay attention to other signs and details that accompany the dream.
- If we see someone known wet in a puddle, it means that that person will have difficulties. (Since getting wet, it means that we must purify or cleanse what is wrong).
- If we dream that a young man injects water from a puddle to a dog, represents a friend in trouble.
- If we dream we collect water from a puddle in a container, to give drink to our dog, means difficulty in our affairs of love, friendship, dating, or commitment.
- If the dream we see a puddle of water and blood, means that if we are not careful we can get ourselves in trouble accompanied by suffering.

- If we dream that we pull the fingers to someone we know, it means that someone feels that we are attacking or despising one of his relatives.

If we dream of a pulley, it is a sign that tells us that we will soon have valuable help in solving difficult problems.

If the most notorious in our dream is a pulpit, it means that we must pay attention to a certain matter.
- If we see someone we know doing improper things in a pulpit, it means that person could soon do something disconcerting and/or frowned upon by society.

Puma, Cougar:
The cougar is associated with war, but also with courage to face a difficult situation.

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Pumice stone:
If in our dream we see a pumice stone, it means that we must clean or correct something that is bad, such as a bad attitude or something of our personality.

- If it is a water pump indicates that our problems begin to be solved with the support of our friends.

by letter.

- The whole pumpkin announces healing when sick.
- A whole pumpkin announces fortunate and always benefits when in real life we are healthy.
- Dry and empty symbolizes a long walk, painful and difficult journey.
- See a pumpkin announces plenty and if we are collecting, success in disputes.
- To dream about pumpkin seeds represent wealth and success.

Pumpkin seeds:
It represents prosperity and good things.

Punch bag:
This dream tells us that we must prepare for battle.

Punctuation marks:
a job, or homework, and in dream we see a number 6 on a punt or parentheses of this writing, means that what we wrote at that punt or parentheses is wrong, we must remove or correct it. But if in addition to the above we see a toilet, means that we definitely should remove it.

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- If we dream that the tire of our car is punctured, it means that an unforeseen event may happen, so it is important to take precautions or have a contingency plan.
- If in our dream we simply see a bicycle that has a flat tire, it means that we are lacking in will power.

- In this case, either we punish someone or punish us, it means approaching problems with our relationships.
- If a child dreams than punish him for fighting with his sister(brother), means passengers jealous (Jealous of siblings).

Seeing punk things or using punk things means that we are being too informal in a certain matter.

- If in the dream we see someone we know and notice that their pupils dilate or contract (In order to focus on us or see us better), it means that person knows very well what we do or plan to do. And if we see a friend or relative, who has already left this world and notices that he looks at us while his pupils dilate or contract to focus better, it means that he(she) is our guardian angel and knows very well what we do or we plan to do.

Pupil (Student):
- If we dream that we have a pupil (Someone we are training), it means that our advice is sought by ours.

This sign represents the lack of will.
- If in our dream we see a puppet, it warns us to be more reflexive about our decisions, so that they can be more firm, it can also tell us that our feelings can become inconstant.
- If in our dream we see ourselves driving a puppet, it means that we are manipulating or pretending to manipulate others.
- If we dream that we handle someone we know as if it were a puppet, it means that we want to manipulate that person in some way.
- If in our dream, we see ourselves as puppets, it means that some people, or someone is manipulating us according to their own interests.

To dream about a puppy symbolizes a blossoming friendship or a friendship that grows stronger; with some exceptions, for example: If it is a rottweiler or pitbull puppy, represents an opportunity to get married, or get to have a good friend but says it can get to be a difficulty in the future.
- To dream that we carry a BROWN PUPPY augurs a new love that we can be very convenient. But if the puppy GROWLS us, then, tells us that we must be careful, as there is a danger associated with this new love.
- If in the dream we see a puppy and noticed that the puppy has its EARS AND PAWS, COLD, represents someone who needs our help; but if a puppy black color means that we must be careful with that person who needs help because it may become our enemy, and although we have helped (Like a young animal aggressive when small and needs help is harmless but when it grows it becomes dangerous).
- To dream that took a puppy to IMMUNIZE, means there is a friend who did not want to lose; or we want something that will help us to start a new love, as when someone we like and we can not find the form or the opportunity to closer to that person. But if the dream arrived until the time the puppy is vaccinated is because we achieve that strengthen that friendship or love, but it not so far is because the future is uncertain.
- To dream that our PET HAS PUPPIES, and noticed that one of them is very thin or skinny, it means that we must reinforce a point in our relationship of love or friendship. It also means that we canít overlook one of our family or friends.

- If we dream that we are purblind, it means that we lack the courage to face difficulties.

It means bad luck and misfortune. Living conditions contrary to our wishes.

To dream that we are too puritanical means that to be really happy, we must avoid exaggerating social or moral norms.
- If a woman dreams, with an unknown woman, but notoriously puritan it means the same as the previous one, that is, she must avoid exaggerating social or moral norms.

Purple passion fruit:
This fruit represents fertility, pleasure and sensuality.

- A purse full of bills means money difficulties. But if we see a purse full of coins, then, it means that we will have good fortune.

If in the dream SEE US or FEEL, PURSUED, in most cases, is telling us that we should be wary of our opponents and enemies, in order to avoid unexpected surprises, here we can help the meaning of the other things we see in our dream.
- If we dream that we are in the jungle and that several wild ANIMALS are chasing us, it is a warning that tells us to be careful with our enemies.
- If we dream that someone is chasing us and kills us, but then we CAME BACK IN TIME to the moment they began to haunt us, means that there is a danger, but the future depends on what we do now.

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- If we dream pus, it means that someone is causing us suffering.
- To dream that we squeeze a pimple, and we get pus, it means somebody is making us suffer for some of our appearance; but if we get white pus, then it means that this person is making us feel bad, but not done with malicious intent

- If in our dream we push away a person, it means we will be responsible for a delicate situation where we will not have collaboration. But if what we dream is that someone pushes us, then, it means that one of our enemies is responsible for the delicate situation in which we find ourselves, which advises us to be cautious.
- Pushing an object, we warn us to be cautious to safeguard our personal interests.

Pushpin, Tacks:
- To dream of pushpins, it means that we are suffering constant annoyances because of a conflictive person who likes to gossip or talk.

- If we do push-ups in our dream, it means that we can have a long and healthy life, as long as we do exercise and live a healthy life.
- To see someone we know, doing pushups, it means that person can have a long and healthy life, but as long as you exercise and lead a healthy life.

- If we dream that someone puts poison or witchcraft on food, it means that there is someone who tries to hurt us in some way.

It means that to overcome a difficult situation, we will need to have patience and perseverance.

If in our dream we see a Pythia which talks about our future, and we also see coins present, it is a prophetic dream where an angel witch is giving us an important message about what can happen in the future.

- If we dream that we CLIMB a Toltec, Mayan, Mixtec, Zapotec or similar pyramid, it represents the path to success.
- If it is a FIGURE, it means that we have ambitions or projects that are not related to the means at our disposal. Our strength will be exhausted when trying to reach an inaccessible quality.

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This sign is associated with fertility of the land and maintenance, fertility and motherhood.
- Your skin is associated with evolutionary changes, it can also indicate that we have reached a high level of knowledge.
- If the python is on the bed (In the case of women) indicates a future pregnancy.
- If we dream of many pythons indicates that soon we will have prosperity and good fortune.
- If the python looks angry, it means that something is not right in our life.

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