During the time we sleep, there are two types of attacks that we may experience, we mean attacks carried out by dishonest people in order to harm us even resort to all kinds of tricks and they are psychic attacks and spiritual attacks :

Psychic Attacks:

Attacks are carried out by means of negative-telepathy so that just as there is positive telepathy, through which two people can communicate with thought through telepathic waves. There is also the negative telepathy, which is something like the misuse that some people do telepathy, to cause harm to another, for example, if someone says bad words in order to offend, usually bothers us, then, when someone uses telepathy, but instead of trying to communicate with us, curse is, it happens that, although not listen , we feel bad and we sometimes ringing in the ears, but that's not the only case, as there who use the properties of certain compounds to increase its telepathic waves even reach those techniques combined with the invocation of evil Beings, and this can prove to cause us from illness to an accident by a kind of suggestion transmitted telepathically. To this we must add that there are people who often resort to such practices during sleep, as it is then that we are more vulnerable to such attacks, attacks that may come to cause us nightmares , and often reach be used to cause us to change point of view or attitude toward someone or to a certain topic.

Spiritual Attacks:

It is when a person through certain rituals or practices, send a spirit to bother , so we must remember that under the laws of magic and psychic, a spirit alien to this world cannot enter or affect it, unless it is with the aid of a person in here, plus it takes a certain amount of subtle life energy, also known as ectoplasm. In order to obtain this type of energy is necessary for the operator (The dishonest person holding the ritual), the contribution of its own vital energy through certain rituals, or through other methods will not detail for obvious reasons.

Such attacks are generally accompanied by psychic attacks though people do not have the detailed knowledge of how these things work, that is, just follow certain formulas or recipes learned from empirical knowledge or that were contributed by certain Free Masons groups who frequently engaged in forming new sects and rites of witchcraft, among other things.

The discomfort usually from tinnitus , loss of energy, nightmares , phenomena like the call : "The evil on your back" until ectoplasmic images (which some parapsychologists often called telepathic hallucinations, although it is actually a more complex phenomenon than that), the damage usually starts during sleep and usually continue for the next day (Not necessarily to wake up but that can happen even several hours later) with headaches, toothaches, neglect, pessimism, until distractions in our work we sometimes make mistakes, and in extreme cases may even cause an accident. Some shamans often refer to this phenomenon by saying that his soul is not with him , which is not really the soul are not with the person as that would cause the death of the body, but is somewhat distracted because of a disturbance Psychic-Spiritual level.

Some of the dreams that we can say that something is happening in previous paragraphs that is for example:

- To dream that someone says he wants to share our body.

- To dream that you're trapped inside a glass cube .

- Dreaming of a closed door, and notice that the handle has menstrual blood.

- If we go to sleep or suddenly woke up and see an animal trying to suck breath, that is, our vital energy is absorbed, it is a morpho, ie a spirit which takes the form of an animal and trying to feed on our fears (we must consider which, for example: If becomes in a dog or a cat, it not means that dogs and cats are bad, only that the morpho take this way to try confused) usually is a spirit that is manifested through ectoplasmic image.

- Waking up in the middle of the night after a nightmare, especially if repeated over several days.

As defense methods:

To defend against psychic attack ideally a silver coin or any other type of amulet made of silver, because that metal absorbs negative psychic waves, but as sometimes such attacks simultaneously accompanied by a spiritual attack, we can use additional psychic weapon, such as a Swiss Army knife, like the one shown in this link: http://nelamoxtli.com/charmkl.html (Under the title magic Weapons).

Another point to remember is that in -Spiritual Psychic attack carried out by a professional, put it in some way, usually do at night , especially on a cold night , as darkness and cold conditions may favor the action of ectoplasm ( subtle vital energy used in such rituals), so that , for example , if we wake up in the middle of the night after a nightmare or disturbing phenomenon can be useful the turn on the light or if coupled with this experience pain in one part of our body or pain rages we already had, we can heat the area with some ointment for sore muscles (depending on the affected part, since the ointment cannot be applied in all parts), because the warm and light reduce significantly the effects of Psychic-Spiritual attacks.

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