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When our dream we see written paper, means we have a concern that relates to what is written, but when there is a punctuation mark in particular that catches our attention, we must consult the following:

- If we see a number 6 to the END OF PAPER or punt, it means that is all wrong, and we must do it again.

- If in the dream one of the most notorious is an EXCLAMATION MARK, tells us that we must be careful with our enemies.

- If we see a CORRECT MARKS of things going well, because correct marks are precisely that, and the INCORRECT MARKS: what is wrong.

- If recently made a job, or HOMEWORK, and in dream we see a number 6 on a point or parentheses of this writing, means that what we wrote at that punt or parentheses is wrong, we must remove or correct it. But if in addition to the above we see a toilet, means that we definitely should remove it.

- If in our dream we see a MONEY SIGN ($), says that approach financial difficulties.

- If it is a PARENTHESES, is related to something we should explain.

- Dreaming 10 ads, 20, 40, 50... PERCENT discount on products, it also means we have new opportunities to exploit.

- If in our dream we see a sack of flour and noticed that it has scored a QUESTION MARK (?), Tells us that, to avoid reaching to have money problems, we must get rid of our fears and defend our interests.

- If we look at TABLE, tells us to organize our information (fill, submit certain information or anything related to certain information).


- It means that we have good news that relate to what we wrote in our dream.
- Dreaming about writing a book, tells us that we need to express ourselves, and if we remember what the book, then, means that we must express something that is related to the theme of the book or the meaning of that word, in which case we seek their meaning in this dictionary.

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