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Dreams: Pe-Ph

- It means that it can be the beginning of a disappointment that can favor an adversary.
- To dream that one of our enemies asks us to make peace, means the opposite, that is, that our enemies have no intention of making peace.

Peace, make:
- To dream that one of our enemies asks us to make peace, means the opposite, that is, that our enemies have no intention of making peace.
- If we dream that someone makes us bullying, but then we make peace with that person, it means that we are bullying someone and we do not intend to stop doing it.

It represents: abundance, prosperity, love, sensuality and good fortune.
- The wood of a peach tree provides Divine protection.
- A peach tree predicts that we will have help and protection.
- If we see a peach tree, flowering, it augurs love and happiness.
- If we see a peach tree full of fruit, it means that we will achieve protection and assistance to achieve prosperity and happiness, the same if we see ourselves eating peaches.

- If we achieve it in our dream, it means that we will achieve our purposes.
- If we fall or can´t reach, it means that we will not achieve success, unless we show more courage and character.

This dream tells us that we have attained a high spiritual knowledge, that we should take advantage of in our future life.
It can also be associated with our perception of reality, depending on the other signs we see in the dream.

Represents fertility and renewal of things.

- If the pears are green, it means that we will have to wait for the good things to arrive.
- If we are about to eat it, it means that there will be good things with very little effort.

Pear tree:
- If we see a pear tree loaded with fruit it symbolizes material abundance and spiritual fruition.
- If it is dry due to lack of water or fallen pears, it is a sign that we are neglecting our material, sentimental or spiritual matters.
- See the fresh and beautiful pear blossoms is a good omen.
- If the flowers of pear tree are withering or falling, can presage disease.

It symbolizes the ideal, the soul, as well as everything that can exist pure and precious within the impure and perishable.
But if what we see is a pearl necklace, or if we see many jewels, but the one that catches our attention, is a pearl necklace, then, it means that we must be careful with a person, since it could damage something that is important for us.
- If the pearl we dream it alone and whole symbolizes love, purity, an ideal or something valuable, it can also mean the desire for a sentimental relationship.
- If we break a necklace, the pearls can not be strung, slip through your hands or scatter on the ground, presage misfortune and desolation.

It is a warning that we are moving away from natural laws.
- If we dream we are sowing indicates that we must prepare to acquire knowledge that will be useful later in our work.
- If this pruning is that in us there is a lot of superfluous.

Represents irrational courage and bravery.
- This dream tells us that we must control our excessive bravery, because in the worst case, it can lead us to suicide.
- It can also mean a very dangerous enemy that we should avoid.

- If we dream that a bird gives us a peck, it means that we are afraid of a situation that we can´t control at all. It can also mean that we are being too insecure.

If in our dream we see another person pedaling is because we are not masters of our fate. But if we're the ones who pedaled, shows the ability and desire to become independent.

- If we dream of someone we know, and we notice that he acts pedantically, it means that he(she) is a difficult person to deal with.

- If an adult dream that he is a pederast means resentment or who is attracted by people much younger. This dream advises us to be more realistic, but if repeated constantly advises us to seek help from our guardian angels to not get out of the track.
But if the dream is someone young, who is attracted means for seniors.

If in our dream we see ourselves on a pedestal, it means that we are preoccupied with appearances.

- If we dream that we are driving a car and suddenly a very reckless pedestrian is passing through and we run over it, it means that it is very likely that we will soon harm someone in order to defend our interests, which in this case is not bad, as it is the only way to avoid an injustice.

- If in the dream, we are making pedicure, means that we are doing well. It may also mean that we want others to recognize our merits.
- If in the dream we see someone making pedicure, plus your feet look good, it means that, that person wishes to recognize his merits, while dream advises us that if we are to recognize its merits and if possible give a gift or recognition.

- If an adult dreams that he is a pedophile, it means resentment or that he is attracted to much younger people. This dream advises us to be more realistic, but if it is repeated constantly advises us to ask our guardian angels for help so as not to get us out of the way.
But if the dream is had by someone young, it means that you are attracted to older people.
- If a woman dreams that her boyfriend is a pedophile, it means that she resents him for something, or that she is attracted to much younger people.

Pedro Infante (Actor):
- If we dream of an actor of the same sex and of a long time ago, for example: If a man dreams of Pedro Infante, it means that he does not feel sufficiently recognized and at the same time feels nostalgia for the past.

See: “Urine”

- If in our dream we see nuts peel, means we have stormy relationships. If it is eggshells, means it is very likely to lose a friendship.
- If in our dream we see a glass full of lemon peel (As when we squeeze a lemon and is only the peel out of juice), it means somebody is doing something that no one loves us, for example: Someone who is using rites of witchcraft to anyone near us or we find it not couple.

by letter.

This sign represents something that is not well enough protected.

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The Pegasus is the horse of the gods and symbolizes success. It can also represent the key to achieving our highest aspirations and aspirations.
- Dreaming of a Pegasus promises us success and good fortune.
- But if it is a BLACK Pegasus, means success achieved by dishonest means.
- To dream of we CARESSING A BLACK PEGASUS, means inclination, to want to achieve things by dishonest means.
- If we dream that we FLY ON A PEGASUS, it means success and good fortune. It can also mean that we will soon reach a higher spiritual level.

It symbolizes self-denial and sacrifice.

Pelón pelo rico (From: Tamarind candy):
The pelón pelo rico is a tamarind candy that comes in a funny and childish presentation, so if someone who is no longer a child, dreams of a pelón pelo rico, means that we must be less immature in some aspect.
- If in our dream we see a package of cookies and we also see a pelón pelo rico, it means that if we do not stop acting immature, we can end up having difficulties or losses of money.

It means we have few means to deal with things that come our way.
- If it is a black color pen with gold or silver details, it means that we have few means to face our enemies, which advises us to defend our interests in the best way, even though they might think that we are being bad or too severe.

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Penalty fee:
This dream augurs us difficulties with judicial authorities.
It can also mean that certain irregularities in our decisions will be disapproved of by those around us.

This dream means that we will receive bad news, or that soon we will have to face family difficulties and anger.

- To dream of an aloe that has red ribbons tied in its pencas, it means that there are people who have ill will and want to harm us, but they can´t do it since we are well protected.
But if we dream an aloe with red bows in its pencas that is inside a drawer, it means that we will have good luck in our affairs and although there are people who try to harm us, they will not succeed because we are well protected.

- A pencil means that we have few means to deal with certain things.

- If it is an amulet, means we will soon have a comfort or protection.
- If it is a gem, see: "jewelry".

- To dream that we leave something pending or inconclusive, means that there is something that we still have to do (In this case the dream is comparing one situation with another).
But if we dream that we left something pending with a cousin/uncle/nephew, it means that in these days it is better not to leave anything unfinished, since we could take an unpleasant surprise.

It symbolizes the rhythm and the passing of our life like the clock, so its meaning will be the same.
- If, for example, in our dream we see a clock that remains stopped, it is a warning that we are not advancing on something that is important, it can also mean that our time in this world is ending.

- If we dream that we penetrate a fortress, we will soon achieve security in ourselves and in our possibilities.

Penetrating/ Intense:
- If in our dream we see someone we know and we notice that his perfume has a penetrating smell, but without being unpleasant, he tells us that he is a dominant person.

Dreaming of a penguin, meaning relationships (Love, friendship, business, labor, etc.) inconvenient that we do not bring anything good.

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- View a penis in our dream, means that soon we will receive money.

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This dream augurs a period of isolation or of emotional separation.

- The pentagram is an evil sign, (Never mind that this upward or backward), its meaning is related to difficulties, and sometimes tells us that there is a person who is doing witchcraft, or simply have us ill will.

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Sometimes the pentagon relates to pentacles, because in the middle of a pentacle is the figure of a pentagon and has to do with difficulties and misfortune.
- If we dream a key with the figure of a pentagon and is black, it means that we are taking a bad attitude.

See: "Pentacle".

It means: Affection and tenderness, discreet and sincere.

- If you look between many people without the possibility of moving, it means your inability to face future challenges or your little opportunity to control the situation, because of your weakness of character or your shyness.
The same means if you see before you a lot of people, so if you can not pass or stop, means the difficulties, but if you can pass, means to master the situation or achieve your future challenges.
- If you see someone else with many people, and are unable to get close to it, means you want to achieve their friendship and fear can not succeed.
- If the dream you see a lot of people, without being part of it, and they look sad or wear black, you are warned that a disaster could happen or who receive bad news.
- If you see a lot of people celebrating, means an economic or political change could come to affect the whole country, or even several countries. And so it means if you see many people walking by going to celebrate.

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Pepper (Spice):
It means that we can suffer disappointments, either within the family or in our work.
- If in the dream we see ourselves together with our girlfriend (boyfriend), but we notice that on the floor there is pepper, it means that there is someone who wants to separate us from her (him).
- If we dream that we season with salt and pepper a steak, and in the end it is very good, it represents that we will have good possibilities in our affairs or projects. But if it is not well seasoned, then, it means sufferings and disappointments.

Pepper/Bell pepper:
- To dream about bell peppers, this is a piece of advice that tells us that we should improve things with our relatives.
- If it is hot peppers means that we must better control our passions or that we should not get too angry about things that have little importance, also consult: “Chili”

- to dream of a pepsi or any other type of soda, means that the sorrows will end, and augurs us a time of tranquility and peace.
- But if in the same dream we see a pepsi and a coca cola, then the dream tells us about a pirate copy. It can also refer to someone trying to impersonate who he or she is not, so that the coca cola represents the original and the pepsi the imitation.

- If in our sleep we perceive a strong smell of urine, it means that something is not right and advises us to be careful in sensitive matters.

- To dream of a discount, for example: Of fifty percent in a product, it means that we have new opportunities that we should take advantage of.
- To dream of ads of 10, 20, 40, 50... percent discount on products, also means that we have new opportunities that we should take advantage of.

- If in our dream, someone says that something is perfect, it means that everything is going well.

The cologne is always associated with all religious rites.
The cologne and the perfume evokes situations or people and reveals the soul of the person who gives it off, whether it belongs to another person or to ourselves.
- The soft and pleasant colognes tell us about good people and feelings.
- The unpleasant colognes tell us about unpleasant and primitive people or about of bad actions and bad feelings.

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Period, menstrual:
- If a pregnant woman dreams that she is menstruating, it represents a concern related to her pregnancy.
- If a man (Especially a young one) dreams that his girlfriend will lose his period, it means that if he is not careful, it will be late for his girlfriend to end up pregnant.

Periodic tables of elements:
It means that we must learn more about the characteristics of things and situations. It can also mean that we must be careful with certain substances, for example: If someone gives us something to eat, as it could contain a drug or even witchcraft.

- If we commit perjury, it means that we can be dishonored, if we are not careful.
- If the one who commits it is another person, it means that we will be victims of bad will.

- To dream that we lose written permission, means that we feel disoriented and need advice from someone who has more experience than us.
- If we dream that we ask our teacher's permission to go to the bathroom, it means that we need good advice to be able to fix a certain issue.

This dream tells us that there is evil around us, can also refer to probable ridicule.

Person in charge:
- To dream that we come to a store and the manager of the place tries to rip us off, it means that we must be wary of those who we believe are on our side, because they can complicate our affairs or business.
- If we dream that we are in charge of a work, promises us success in our future projects

- To dream that we see things from two perspectives, means that we have two points of view about something, so we are not sure what path or decision to take. What advises us to analyze the situation better, although sometimes the dream is accompanied by other signs whose union shows us what we should do best.

If in our dream a sexual pervert is present or we see ourselves acting in that way, the dream tells us that someone is repressing us.
- if we dream that someone offers us MONEY to do something perverted and we accept, it means that in our daytime we are accepting something that we will regret (Something that has nothing to do with sex, but something else). Although if we dream that we are paid to do a threeway, it may be in the sense that it is better to be faithful and not fall into a love triangle from which we can be harmed.
- If it is a NIGHTMARE, it means that someone is repressing us too much. It can also mean that we have sexual needs that we have not been able to satisfy.

Pesky spirit/Nasty ghost:
- If in our dream we see a pesky spirit, means poverty and difficulties.
- If we dream that a pesky spirit bothering us, means that a person is causing us problems, or tries to provoke, either meddling in our affairs or making witchcraft, which advises us not allow it and or get an amulet, such as four leaf clover silver.

- If in our dream we are pessimistic, it is a message that tells us, that we should be more sure of ourselves.

It means: Consequences that will affect the people responsible for our interests.

- If you dream we feel, that the body of your pet watching us, it means that things could go wrong if we trust and stop striving, which advises us not to trust us and strive as much as possible.
- Dreaming of a pet's body, warning us of the likely end of something, such as a business, project, love, friendship... depending on the meaning of the other things we see in sleep.
- Dreaming of your pet's body, warning us of the end of something, such as a business, project, love, friendship... depending on the meaning of the other things we see in sleep.
- Where once we had a pet cat whom we appreciated, and I left this world, and we dream and when he was with us means that we have visited in dreams to give us an important message that relates to the meaning of Other things to see right there (Remember that our pets also have souls.) In this case it is also advisable to consult: "Cat" and "Dog", as appropriate.

- If the petals are white represents sincere love, if the petals are red, passionate love; unless we do not have a love because then it refers to a sincere friendship or a good family relationship.
- If the petals are withered, it indicates that our attitude has distanced a beloved person from us.
- To dream that we pluck a petal from a red flower, and that when it falls to the ground it becomes a scorpion, it represents a person that we like, but that could be very inconvenient, since it is a treacherous person and or infidel.

When we dream that a danger threatens us and we can´t react by staying motionless, it means that we have stagnated in our current situation, whether material or spiritual.
- If we dream that the world ends because of fire, it represents the end of a stage in our life, although it can also represent the danger that something will end.
But if we dream that the world ends because of fire and we see, as the fire is burning petrified figures, it means that if we remain petrified, that is, without doing anything, something in our life can come to an end as a relationship, a work, business, etcetera.

This sign is associated with our energy.
- See that petroleum is scarce, means apathy or lack of decision to do things right.
- If we see petroleum in abundance it means that we are doing well, because we have enough energy and decision.

Petting tumblr:
- Means sexual desires.

Peyote cactus:
If we dream that we use a peyote as a drug, it means that we will have some expensive pleasures that will bring terrible consequences.


The phallic, that is, things that symbolize or represent a penis, for example, a long cylindrical vessel (Usually placed in advertising images), are associated with sex or with economic prosperity, depending on the context of the dream.
- An exotic sweet phallic-shaped, tells us that if we do something different and original, we will make a lot of money and good luck in love.
- If we dream of packing box or a bottle of wine and noticed that is cylindrical or phallic shape, plus we note that has the image of a bill, it means that if we act irresponsibly, we got to have money problems.

It symbolizes our parents or from whom we depend in some way, but if we dream that we are a pharaoh, it may mean that we have achieved our important purposes or that we are being too ambitious.

It means that the difficulties we are going end soon.

Dreaming of a pheasant means good luck.

- If you dream that we use perfume with pheromones, means that we are attractive to the opposite sex.

- To dream of a good philosopher it means that we are doing well.
- To dream of a malignant philosopher it means that we must change our attitude.

It represents health problems.

- If in our waking life have a phobia and dream of something related to it, it means that there is an issue that concerns us. It can also mean that we are afraid to happen a situation that we fail to control.

- This sign is related to communication.
- To dream that we seek someone's phone in the phonebook, it means that we are being too timid.

Photo frames:
If in our dream we see a photo frame with the photograph of someone we know, it means that we have an interest in that person or that he(she) is important to us.

- This dream tells us there is something we should check.

- If we dream that we're going to take a picture at an ACTRESS OR ACTOR, but she(he) face flips to we fail to take the picture; represents a person who does not feel sufficiently recognized. Can also represent someone who thinks that we are not taking into account as an important issue or we do not care what happens to him.
- If in our dream we see a CHILD POINTING OR VIEWING PICTURES OF OUR FAMILY, tells us that in the next few days we should be very cautious , and proceed in the most responsible way possible, as there is an enemy that can get hurt , either on purpose or making it look like an accident.

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- Dreaming of this bird, it means that we will manage to get a good job or economic achievements.

Dreaming of a psychologist means that we can be successful in a business or in an issue.

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