See many people, it usually means that soon we will have difficulty coping or future challenges.

- If you see many PEOPLE APPROACHING, it means approaching problems.

- If you look closer, PEOPLE WITH STRANGE-LOOKING approach, means trouble because there's something not right.

- If PEOPLE TELL YOU SOMETHING, but not is that you see, for example, if people tell you that your car will be towed, but only see the crane and not your car, it means that you can quickly reach being a victim of a lie, which advises you to be careful and more thoughtful.
Another case that means the same, is when you dream there are many people and someone says something that is not that you see.

- If you just SEE AMONG MANY PEOPLE, it means that something you thought you had resolved, but it is not.

- If you see a GROUP OF PROTESTERS in front of you, with Marxist propaganda means there are people who sympathize with communism, to try to prevent you from accomplishing your purposes well. This dream advises you to be strong in character and seek the most effective means to achieve achieve your goals.

- If you see a group of protesters in front of you WITH MARXIST PROPAGANDA, WHO SEEM TO HAVE MENTAL RETARDATION, said that there are people who sympathize with Marxism to try to prevent you from accomplishing your purposes well, plus there is a risk that stay as fool. We advise you to be strong in character, and seek the most effective means to achieve achieve your goals.

- If it's DARK AND YOU SEE MANY PEOPLE, signifies your inability to face future challenges, because of your weakness of character, but also tells you that you are in danger. I suggest you be more sure of yourself and still be prudent.

- If it's dark and you see many PEOPLE WAITING AT A STATION, means the same as the previous one, but if the dream comes the carriage, means that everything will be fine despite the difficulties.

- If you SEE WHAT HAPPENS TO OTHER PEOPLE, without being there, we see who you identify with somebody, or who you are like somebody, since it is as if you were that person and the dream should be interpreted with respect to that person, to what happens as happened to you in your sleep.
Sometimes it tells you what happens to someone close to you, who is about to ask for help with a problem, in which case the meaning of the dream can help you give good advice.

- Dreaming of a MOB DISPERSED, means that you have escaped a danger or difficulty.

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