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Dreams: Po

The things we see in our pockets (As long as it is not paper money), represent something that succeed get insurance and is related to the meaning of the thing we see in them.
- If we see our pocket full of BILLS, means that we have a problem to cause expenses.
- Dreaming that we FILL OUR POCKETS OF BILLS, means it is very likely that we will soon have financial difficulties because of something we are not doing well.

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In such dreams, we must pay attention to what the poem says, because that is the exact message, because the poem is the language of angels.

If we see ourselves as a poet or reciting a poem, it means joy and good fortune.

- Dreaming of this flower means that we will have a good luck run.

- If we dream that we point with the finger, especially if we point to someone, it means that in the following days we must be careful about our way of proceeding or acting, since otherwise we may suffer disappointment or failure; so the dream advises us not to get carried away by our impulses, or by our instincts.
- If in our dreams we see a child pointing to photographs of our relatives, he tells us that in the following days we must be very prudent, and proceed in the most responsible way possible, since there is an enemy who can hurt us, either to purpose or making it look like an accident.

Very pointed objects, tell us that the dream has a meaning related to aggressiveness, associated with the other signs of the dream.
- If we CONSTANTLY dream that someone tries to kill us with pointed weapons, it means that there is a person who has been trying to take revenge against us.
- If a man has a girlfriend who has recently moved away from him, for no reason, and dreams that someone stings a Barbie DOLL'S eyes with an ice pick or a sharp object while telling the doll that she has to die, It means that there is someone who made her move away from him, whether through gossip, intrigue, threats and/or witchcraft. And the same means if a woman dreams that someone stings a Ken doll while telling him that he has to die.
- Pointy and similar objects such as needles, pins, knives, staples, ice picks... Stuck IN THE BODY, usually relate to difficulties or the desire to harm (either from us to someone or from someone towards us), depending on the context of the dream, and in some cases, tells us that there is someone who is making us witchcraft, such as when we dream of a doll of the same sex that has pins inserted in it.

Pointy nose:
A small, pointy nose represents honesty.

Poison ivy:
- If in the dream we see poison ivy, it represents someone who wants to harm us in some way, either by jealousy, envy, revenge, or ill will. It may also represent situations or behaviors that are best avoided.
- If we dream that we leave skin rashes due to poison ivy, means that we need better protection materials and/or a good psychic protection to prevent someone causes harm us in some way, revenge or ill will.

- It means there is a danger nearby.

- If we poke with a NAIL it means: Disagreements.
- If we poked ourselves with a PIN, it means family discord or economic difficulties.
- If we are pricked the RIM of the vehicle, it augurs many evils.
- If in the dream we get poked with a THORN, they mean difficulties.
- If we dream that we pricked ourselves INTENTIONALLY WITH THORNS of a rose or a desert plant like maguey or cactus, it means: Good fortune. It can also mean our self-sacrifice, that is, it is advice that tells us, that sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice ourselves a little for others to find harmony in the home or at work.

To dream of a Pokemon means that someone will make fun of us and/or suffer the evil of our relationships. And the characteristics of the Pokemon can give us more details, for example:
- If it is a Litwick it means that there is a person with whom it is better not to relate.
- If we dream of Charmander, it means that we must learn to adapt to the situation, to avoid being ridiculed.

If we dream of the person we like and also presents a pokeball (But as if it were a real pokeball and not a caricature), it means that with a little skill we could conquer that person.

- To dream that we play poker, means distrust, it can also mean disappointments and losses, which advises us not to let ourselves be carried away by circumstances, without striving to control the situation.

This dream tells us that we will achieve our projects.

Pole dance:
This dream represents sexual desires.

Pole vault:
- To dream that we make a pole vaulting, it means that we will achieve our projects.

If in the dream just see a cop, means the following: If we are young, it means we need someone to help us navigate our lives or tell us good advice on an issue that is important. But if our waking life we are mature, then, means that we must be more careful when choosing our friends.
- To dream that we ARE POLICE means that we are being too strict with someone.
- Dreaming a police ARREST A FRIEND means that we are not happy.
- Dreaming about a cop CHASING US UNFAIRLY it means that something is being hard to get us, plus we felt a little guilty; which advises us to be firm and defend our interests may seem that we are being too severe.
- Dreaming about a cop CHASING US BUT we managed to escape, means that we soon succeed despite the difficulties that may arise.
- If we dream that CORRUPT POLICE STOP US or that we are victims of a corrupt police; means that recently suffered an injustice at the hands of law or arbitrary authority.

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Police badge:
- If we dream that a person dressed in civilian clothes (Normal) approaches us and shows us his police badge, it means that there is someone who is aware of everything we do.
But if we dream that he shows us a golden police badge, then it means that there is someone who has been watching us because he wants to know what is true in something that someone told him about us.

Police, military:
- To dream that the military police persecutes us, means that we should not try to evade our responsibilities.
- To dream that the military police persecutes us unjustly, means that it is difficult for us to fulfill our duty, which advises us to be firm and show more courage to be able to fulfill our duty.

This type of dreams, warns us that we must be careful with our friends or with a friendship that is not sincere.
But if we dream that we polish to remove an imperfection in the paint, it means that we still need to improve a certain subject, task, work, and so on.

Polish shoes:
Advertise a successful town differs shape you thought or believed.

- Seeing many power tools, of various types (Drill, polisher, sander, etc.), means that in order to finish or do a pending job, we must work harder and look for better tools than the common ones, for example: Consultation discs, better books, ask for advice, etc.

- Be polite, or that someone to be polite, means that our relationships with others will be good. At least we see an old man (Old woman) being polite, because then it means that we are doing well in our lives and in our projects.

Politic party:
- If we dream that we are militants or members of a communist political party, it means setbacks.
- If we dream that we avoid being militants or members of a communist party, it means that we know how to take advantage of the councils.

Political propaganda:
- If in our dream we see political propaganda, the dream tells us that there is a danger that our hopes will not be realized.
- If we dream that we are in front of the house of someone we know, and there someone gives us political propaganda (A flyer or brochure), it means that there is a danger that we will not see our desires fulfilled because of that someone whom we know

Seeing a politician means hopes that can not be achieved.
- If in the dream we see a politician and we notice that many people BOOS but others do not, it means that although there are many people who do not want that politician there are others who do; So this dream advises us to keep it in mind, for example: There are times when it is better to avoid talking about politics unless we can explain very well because a certain politician is not convenient for our country, because if we just criticize without giving a good explanation we will run the risk of losing our friendships.

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If a pregnant woman dreams that a teacher teaches her about pollination, it means that there are still many things she should learn about pregnancy, for example: Precautions she should take.

Polo shirt:
It represents our fortune.
The appearance of polo shirt is associated with our luck, so that:
- If it is BROKEN, it means poverty.
- If it is CLEAN AND ADJUSTED, it presages wealth.
- If the polo shirt is WET it means there may be problems nearby, but if we take off the wet shirt it means that the problems will disappear.
- If it is DIRTY, it means a compromised/difficult situation.
- If it is RED, and it is in good condition, it means luck in love. If it is YELLOW, it means prosperity. If it is BLACK, it means that we can have bad feelings towards someone. If it is WHITE, it means that we have good feelings towards someone.

To dream of a poltergeist means that there is an annoying spirit that is bothering us, it can also mean that there is a difficult situation in our family.

It means that we are being unstable, undecided, inconstant or weak in character. It can also mean infidelity in love.

The polystyrene, like the plastic in general, represents the false.
- If in our dream we see a sphere of polystyrene, it means that one of our knowledge is wrong (Something that is not as we think), and in part that mistake was due to the fact because we need a bit of spiritual harmony.

Symbolizes fertility, also it reveals sensuality and pleasure.
To dream of a pomegranate and further if we see it open, equal to appear someone in our lives that will fulfill our lustful desires.

If in our dream we see some pompoms (Of those who use the cheerleaders), it means that we will have to try harder to achieve the triumph.
But if we see pink pompoms, then the dream is more specific, since it tells us that if we want to succeed with a new love, we will have to make more effort.

This sign tells us about our emotions and can also tell us something about our relationships. - To dream of a pond, where the water is clean, it says that our feelings are well founded.
- See a pond that is surrounded by vegetation, it tells us that we have the desire to live loving emotions.
- If the water is murky, it means tough love.
- If the banks are arid, it means we fear not achieve our desires for love.
- If we are fishing in the pond, it tells us that we have the desire to find a partner.
- If in the pond, we see dead fish and this murky, it means bad luck in love.
- If there are other people with us, what they say and do gives us information of our own personality.
- If in our dream we see a pond full of fish and in the depths we see a gun, it tells us that there is a danger that our desires do not come to see made to the cause that there is a plot against us.

It means desire for change. Need to consider a different future.

by letter.

It represents the playful aspects of our life, and shows us our unexplored power.

To dream about a pool, it provides us with information about our emotions.
- If it's a POOL AIR BED and we see ourselves in it, without getting wet, it means we want peace and tranquility.
- If in our dream we see a CAR INSIDE A POOL, it means that soon we can have difficulties; and advises us to review everything we are doing or what is happening around us, to be able to know the reasons for the probable difficulties and if necessary to prevent or avoid them.

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Pool table:
Seeing a pool table in our dream means that in our life we rely more on chance than on hard work and responsibility.
- If we dream that we put a plate of noodles or spaghetti on a pool table, it means that if things have become tangled up, it is because we have relied more on chance than on hard work.

It means good luck in economics.
- If we poop, and also feel fear, or signs of sadism, means that our personality is deteriorating.
- If in our dream we defecating means we will have good luck in economics. The same means if defecate and then we clean with toilet paper, but only if not throw the paper, because then it means the opposite.
- If our dream just see poo poo we walk, we spotted the poop, or see poop in the W. C. (If not go down the toilet and poop or go), means good luck in economics.
- If in our dream we defecate with difficulty, it means we're being greedy.
- If we are with diarrhea, it means that we should avoid wastage.

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Poor quality:
- If we dream of something that is of poor quality, it is a warning, telling us that we should seek more knowledge and do better.
- If in the dream we arrive at a hotel and when they give us the account, we see that it is cheap, it means that we have the opportunity of a favorable change and we must take advantage of it. At least then we realize that the hotel is of poor quality, because then it means that to achieve a favorable change we must analyze the situation better and do things well; In the latter case, it may also mean that we obtained something of little value, for example: A hypocritical friendship, an underpaid job...

- This symbol means confusion, so that the dream may indicate prosperity, but can also advertise calamities, so advice us not be complacent and be prepared for any situation.
- Dreaming of a dead Pope, tells us that we are able to avoid confusion, slanders, calamities, lies, and more difficulties.

- It promises good luck in general.
- View burnt popcorn augurs bad luck.
But if we dream we do popcorn, and get burned, it means we have much to learn for good luck.

Popocatepetl (The volcano):
This dream represents renewal.
- If in our dream we see Popocatepetl, it portends a positive change.

- If we dream that we are very popular with the opposite sex, it means the opposite, that is, that we are unpopular with the opposite sex. This dream advises us to try to improve our appearance and/or our manners.

- To dream that water gets into the porch and then into the living room, it means that difficulties are coming (Caused by someone in particular or coming from a certain place).

In this case we must look for the meaning of the porcelain object, for example: If it is a porcelain glass, the meaning is the same as that of a glass.
Except when the dream is related to the characteristics of porcelain, in which case we must consider both the meaning of the thing and the context of the dream, for example: If we dream that we are washing mom's porcelain dinnerware (A costly tableware, because it is made of porcelain) and some plates are broken, so the rest is cleaned with care, it means that there is a job or task that requires quality and care. But if we dreamed the same but with the difference that we were washing the dishes in the bathroom, then, it means that there is an issue that we want to correct or fix, but it is important that we do it with care and quality, otherwise we could ruin things.

- See a porcupine in our dream, predicts struggles, persecutions, problems and / or disappointments.
- If in our dream we see a porcupine stuffed or plush, it means that to be well protected from problems and disappointments, we must be cautious and careful with what we do or say.

Porfirio Díaz (History of Mexico):
To dream of Porfirio Diaz represents someone who has some good but also some bad things.
It can also mean that some of our ideals are good but others are not.

Pork rinds:
- If we dream we bought PORK RINDS means approaching difficulties. But if we do not buy, then, means that we will not have difficulties, we still say we should not entrust too.
- But it is a WHEAT FLOUR FLUFFY SNACK LIKE A PORK RINDS, means the same as above.
- If we dream of a PORK RINDS WITH CHILI, means approaching problems, and dislikes.
- If we dream about GORDITA DE CHICHARRÓN (Mexican food) like a chubby pork, means the same as the first, this is approaching difficulties.

It means: Sexual desires.

It symbolize salvation and speed. Both materially and spiritually, and it tells us that we are on the right path.

- To dream a porsche or that we drive a porsche, means that others see us as young athletes, in addition to seeing us with respect.

Port, Harbor, Harbour:
- If we PARTIMATE on the trip, the dream will tell us where we started and in what conditions we do it.
- REACHING A PORT indicates the happy ending of a trip, the conclusion of a stage of life and the stabilization of the situation.
- If we dream that we are going to a port by boat or on a sailboat, but a STRONG WIND, deflects us, it means that unexpected changes can make it difficult for us to carry out a certain objective or project, so it is important to be prepared for any unforeseen or change.
- If we see each other in a port and TRANSPORTATION DOES NOT ARRIVE, it means that we can have obstacles to achieve a new direction in our real life.
- If we dream of a port WITHOUT STARTING ANY JOURNEY, it reflects a desire to escape but without deciding to do so.

-- If it is a PORTABLE VIDEO GAME, it means the following:
• Dreaming about a portable video game, or that we are playing with it, means that we have the ability to control the situation.
• If we are no longer children and in our dream we see a child carrying a portable videogame, it means that we should avoid behaving immaturely, because that does not look good, in addition to that it is not necessary, since we have the ability to face any situation that may arise.
-- If it is a PORTABLE COMPUTER, in good conditions it augurs us success in our work, but if it is in bad condition, it means the opposite.

- If in our dream we see ourselves contemplating portraits with nostalgia, it means that we are staying in the past, so the dream tells us that we should look to the future.
- If we see our own portrait, it means that as we appear in it, it is how we would like to be.

If in our dream we see ourselves portraying someone, it means that someone has a great interest for us. If we see ourselves portraying something, it means attraction to it.

- If we dream that we are in the house of a family-member/friend who has already left this world and there we take a family photo, but it happens that our family-member/friend who has already left this world, does not pose for the photo or leave it , it means that he(she) has not realized that he(she) is no longer part of this world and thinks that we are ignoring him(her), which advises us to pray for him(hem) to let him into Heaven.

- If we dream that we are possessed or that someone is possessed, it means that there is much evil around us.
This dream can also be caused by having been practicing evil rituals, such as: Playing with the ouija board or other similar ones. To prevent this dream from repeating itself, it is advisable to stop practicing such rituals and make a prayer before bedtime.

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- To dream that we think or say that we no longer have the possibility to win or manage to reverse the situation, it means the opposite, that is, it means that we still have possibilities to reverse the situation, and at the same time it advises us to act with more security.

- We predict welcome news.

- To dream of a poster, it will portend an insider, which relates to the poster.
- To dream of a worn poster means that we must avoid, disclose to others, inside information, because if we do we run the risk of being slandered.

Poster board:
- Tells us that there is important information that relates to what is written or drawn on it.

We said we will receive important news that can change our way of life.

- If we dream that we postpone something, it means that we should not leave for later what we can do now, even if it requires extra effort.

Posture (From: Way of having the body ready):
To dream that we have a bad posture means that there is a matter that we must correct. But if we dream that we straighten, it means that we have already corrected the problem.

- A full kettle and on the fire are forecasting interesting news.
- An empty pot or that is seen unused, tells us that we lack safety in ourselves.

- This dream is a sign of happiness begins.
- If the potatoes are in poor condition, means that there is or there will be happiness, but we are content with little, that is, we are told to find an architect.
- Dream a broth of potatoes means the happiness starts.
- Dreaming about a half cold potato soup (like when half cold because we do not take time and almost completely cooled), means lost opportunities.

- If we dream we travel on a car or vehicle, and suddenly fall into a pothole, means that soon we may have difficulties.
- If we can avoid the pothole, it means that we will avoid a difficulty.

Pottery workshop:
- If we dream that we are in a pottery workshop in good condition, it means that our projects are going well.

- Dreaming with a potty full of poop, means good luck in money matters, but if we see it empty, then it means bad luck in money matters.
- Dreaming with a potty covered with plastic wrap or cellophane, means, money difficulties caused by someone who does not let us prosper.

Poultry store:
- Dream that we go to a poultry store to buy chicken meat, but when we arrive we realize that the meat has witchcraft, it means that there is someone who is trying to manipulate us and will use any means at their disposal for it; in this case, most of the times who tries to manipulate us is our partner.

- If we dream that we are poor or that we are in a difficult economic situation, it means the opposite, that is, it means that we are doing well in matters of money.

- If we dream of a bag full of COURGETTES powder, it means that in order to avoid that certain business or matter fails completely; we must do things in a different way.
- To dream of MILK POWDER or with an advertisement of milk powder, it means that it is important to be firm in our decisions, even if it seems that we are being bad, or otherwise there is a risk of losing money or even our assets.

Powerpuff girls:
- To dream about a cartoon of the powerpuff girls means that we must defend our interests so prevent someone laughed at us.

Power Rangers:
The Power rangers is a TV series of superheroes that fight against terrible enemies, but the special effects and costumes are really bad (Which is the most notorious of that television series), however the children liked it, since They did not look so hard at those aspects. So dreaming of the Power rangers means that we have the possibility of overcoming a difficult problem, however it is necessary that we begin to act less immaturely.

- To dream that we DEFEAT ANE VIL SPIRIT or a monster by throwing a power, means that a pesky spirit was bothering us, but we managed to defeat it and take it away, thanks to the fact that we have a strong soul and the help of our guardian angels.
- To dream that we have DEMONIC POWERS, means that we have a special talent for spiritual things, but we do not have the experience, so sometimes we do not understand it and we may even think that it is a bad thing.
- To dream that we HAVE POWERS, means that we will soon achieve a higher spiritual level.
- But if it is parapsychological powers, then, it means that we have a talent that we did not imagine or that remained repressed.
- To dream that we are acquiring NEW POWERS means that we are learning new things that will help us reach a higher spiritual level.

Pozole (Mexican dish):
- If we dream that we eat a pozole and its taste is pleasant, it means that promising events are coming.

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