If in the dream just see a cop, means the following: If we are young, it means we need someone to help us navigate our lives or tell us good advice on an issue that is important. But if our waking life we are mature, then, means that we must be more careful when choosing our friends.

- To dream that we ARE POLICE means that we are being too strict with someone.

- Dreaming a police ARREST A FRIEND means that we are not happy.

- Dreaming about a cop CHASING US UNFAIRLY, it means that something is being hard to get us, plus we felt a little guilty; which advises us to be firm and defend our interests may seem that we are being too severe.

- Dreaming about a cop CHASING US BUT we managed to escape, means that we soon succeed despite the difficulties that may arise.

- If we dream that CORRUPT POLICE STOP US or that we are victims of a corrupt police; means that recently suffered an injustice at the hands of law or arbitrary authority.

- If in our dream we see ex-girlfriend(ex-boyfriend) DRESSED AS POLICE, means she(he) was being too strict with us (which was exceeding strict, guarding us, repressed, That is, that acted as police).

- If an officer of the opposite sex, FALLL IN LOVE TO US, means that we can soon get to be lucky in love, but only if we stop to repress both ourselves.

- Dreaming about a cop HELP US IN A DIFFICULT SITUATION means we have the ability to correct problems or to fix the situation.

- If we dream that police officers HITTING US, means that we are having trouble getting our purposes because of our guilt complex, which advises us to change attitude.

- Dreaming about a cop tries to stop us, but we KILL HIM, means we want to free ourselves from a guilt complex that does not leave us in peace. In this case the dream tells us that if in the past did something wrong, we should try to fix it and if not possible can compensate by doing something good for someone else.

- If in our dream we see a police KILLING PEOPLE means there is a risk that things end badly because of troublemakers.

- If we dream that police officers KILL US, means that we are in danger because of revenge or retaliation.

- If in our dream we see a policeman, for example black RACE, tells us to be more cautious in choosing our friends, and in this case is referring to a black person who is unreliable; otherwise, it would be if it were a police Asians, because then we would be talking to someone Asians is unreliable (unless we live in a country where the majority are of that race, and would then have the same meaning police).

- To dream that police officers SHOOT US BUT DO NOT HURT and we managed to escape means that we have saved from revenge or retaliation for something we did

- If in our dream a cop STOP US mean that we feel guilty about something.

- If we dream that we're in a car and suddenly a policeman STOPPED US AND THEN he get up to our car to drive, means we have a guilt complex.


- If in our dream, we stopped a patrol, means that we feel guilty about something.
- If a patrol chasing us, means that we feel that we have done something wrong, can also be advice to telling us that we should not do good things that look bad.

This sign is usually related to changes in our lives. But if there is an arrest warrant (this is, the written order of a judge to catch someone and take him to jail) relates to prison, so that if the arrest warrant is against us, tells us that is likely to apprehend an enemy, but if the order is against an enemy, then who we are in danger of going to jail, either by demand or by a reckless, but if a cop stops us ( without a warrant), for example, because we do not respect a road sign or see us doing something wrong, then, means that we feel guilty about something.

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