This dream gives us information about what we see in the image, or about the person we see in it, depending on the aspect of the photograph.

- If we dream that we're going to take a picture at an ACTRESS OR ACTOR, but she/he face flips to we fail to take the picture; represents a person who does not feel sufficiently recognized. Can also represent someone who thinks that we are not taking into account as an important issue or we do not care what happens to him.

- If in the dream we see a BLACK AND WHITE photograph, it means that there is something depressing and it is related to something that has to do with the image that we see in it.

- If in the dream we see someone's photograph (ID type photo) and we notice that it looks BLURRY, it means that there is something that is not entirely clear with that person, for example: His marital status, his intentions...

- If we dream that we take a picture with a CELL PHONE it means that we have a great interest in the person we photograph, or attraction to what we photograph, but at the same time it tells us that we need to talk about it with someone or seek more communication, and it relates to what we photograph.

- If in our dream we see a CHILD POINTING OR VIEWING PICTURES OF OUR FAMILY, tells us that in the next few days we should be very cautious and proceed in the most responsible way possible, as there is an enemy that can get hurt, either on purpose or making it look like an accident.

- If we are CONTEMPLATING OUR PHOTOGRAPHY, means that as we appear in, is how we like to be.

- If in our dream we are CONTEMPLATING PHOTOGRAPHY WITH NOSTALGIA, means that we are running in the past, so the dream tells us to look to the future.

- If we dream a picture of our DIVINE LADY (LADY OF GUADALUPE) OR AN ANGEL PLACED ON THE GROUND, means that a friend or family member, who left this world, is now in Heaven.

- To dream that we take a picture with someone we know and then try to place on FACE BOOK, means to that person has a great interest to us.

- To dream about an INVISIBLE GHOST stripe our photos, means that a person who is hurting us or plan to do so, but is someone that he acting with stealth to avoid being caught (doing everything possible to not know who it is).

- If we dream that we take a picture together with a FRIEND, and it looks good, it means that we have a good friendship with her/him.
But if the photograph looks bad, whether it is blurred, distorted, etc., it means that we do not have an affinity with that person (that we do not have the same tastes, interests, opinions, etc.).

- If we dream that someone ITCHES THE EYES OF our photograph, it means that there is someone who is trying not to let us know about something that

- OBSERVE THE PHOTOGRAPHY OF SOMEONE, means that we have interest in she/he.

- If we see photographs of PAST EVENTS, the dream tells us to remember an experience or something that happened to us in the past.

- If in our dream we PHOTOGRAPH SOMEONE, it means that someone has a strong interest for us and if we photograph is a thing, then, means attraction to it. But if someone photography us, the meaning can vary according to the context of the dream.

- If in our dream we see the photograph of a RELATIVE OR FRIEND that we know well he appreciate us, and we see the photograph hung on the wall, but in reverse, that is, the image facing the wall; means that this relative or friend will be difficult help us.

- If we dream that someone shows our picture, and we SAYS: THAT LET'S SEE THAT UGLY US; represents an enemy who wants to beat us and humble us.

- SEE THE PHOTOGRAPHY OF SOMETHING means that we are interested in that which is in the picture.

- If we take a picture of ourselves with our cell phone (a SELFIE), it represents something we want to show about ourselves.

- If in our dream we see SOMEONE SPITTING OR DESTROYING OUR PICTURE, it means that someone is trying to harm us in any way.

- If in the dream we see a TOILET and next to the lever we see someone's photo, it means that we must show more attention to our friends or girlfriend, to avoid losing them.

- If in our dream we see the photograph of two people we know (a couple), inside a TRANSPARENT BOX, either glass or plastic, it means that there is someone who has ill will and tries to harm them through machinations and/or witchcraft.

- If we dream that someone of the opposite sex whom we know WANTS US TO TAKE A PHOTO, it means that she/he would like us to show more interest in her/him.

- Dreaming about our pictures it WET means difficulties and disappointments.

- But if we dream that our photographs it WET BY THE RAIN means we will soon see free of troubles and worries.
Unless it be a rain storm, because then it means that many difficulties lie ahead.

- If the dream is related to our WHATSAPP PROFILE PHOTO, it represents how we see ourselves or how we would like to be. But if it's the profile picture of someone we know, then it means it's the way we see that person, the way that person sees themselves, or the way that person likes them. would like to see

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