- View a penis in our dream, means that soon we will receive money.

- If a man dreams of having a bigger penis how to have it in reality means you have self-confidence as well as being attractive to the opposite sex.

- But if a man dreams he is in his bedroom (or in the bedroom of his brothers) sees that he has a huge penis and he thinks that penis that is sure to please any woman, even to see the bedroom, he realizes that is empty, it means that someone who apparently likes, or he thinks he can get someone to like to be sexy, but not, or simply, the dream says that does not suit you relate to that person, because can be a trap.

- If a man dreams that has a small penis means he lacks confidence in himself, and feels that women are not interested in him.

- If a woman dreams that her boy friend has a very small penis, it means that she does not like her boyfriend enough, or that there is something in which you are not satisfied, but if you dream that your boyfriend or boyfriend has a penis too large, it means he likes and is happy with he.

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