The pterodactyl has a meaning somewhat similar to the dragons, and often is related to the fight against our instincts.

- A pterodactyl AGGRESSIVE means an internal struggle against our instincts in order to free our soul. This dream we are advised to seek the truth of things beyond what our instincts tell us.

- If you dream that a pterodactyl CAPTURE US with their feet and carries us means we are too carried away by evil.

- If the dream we see a pterodactyl's NEST full of eggs, it means that our family is well protected or well we are protecting our families. And if we see a pterodactyl watching their nest (a nest full of eggs), has the same meaning.

- If in our dream we see the SHADOW OF A PTERODACTYL flying in the sky (pure shade), means that our enemies will try to make us despair or despair we are doing, what is causing us too much anger and we are wasting control. This dream advises us not get carried away by our instincts and remain calm, so that we can develop a good strategy to help us beat our opponents.

- If you dream of having a SWORD and fight with it against a pterodactyl, represents the struggle against our own instincts, and if we win the fight means to achieve a higher spiritual level, if we overcome, means that it is not likely to achieve; if no one wins, it means the future is uncertain, and if we run away and hide, it means that our insecurity is preventing us achieve a higher spiritual level.

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