Sleep paralysis and spiritual attacks.

Sleep paralysis is often confused with a spiritual attack, but each has its own form and explanation. In sleep paralysis, it happens when we have not slept well for many days, and it happens that when we wake up, we cannot move our body, until a few seconds later.

What happens because our brain has already woken up, but our body has not yet. While spiritual attacks usually happen at midnight, at three in the morning or at dawn, which is the time when sorcerers perform their rituals. In addition, it is common to feel tired the next day, since evil spirits often rob us of energy. Therefore, an attack of witchcraft is always focused on provoking fear, as when we wake up and see someone next to our bed or even an animal sucking our breath. The important thing is to pay attention to the details, to know when it is sleep paralysis and when it is not.