The constant nightmares.

Many times we have nightmares that are repeated, that is, the same nightmare, in which case they refer to an issue that we have not been able to overcome or to an urgent message that we must know, so we must decipher it very well, to know what it wants tell us

On other occasions we have nightmares at midnight or at three in the morning, but constantly, in which case it means that someone has been resorting to witchcraft rituals to harm us, in which case it is important to have good protection, be it scissors under the bed or a Swiss Army knife inside the pillow. But there are other cases in which, although it is not the same nightmare, we have nightmares constantly, and it is most likely that they refer to the same matter, but said in different ways, so we must analyze the ones that we remember the most. to find out what kind of issue it is.