Nightmares at three in the morning (part two).

Another point about the nightmares from which we wake up at three in the morning is that they can be very disturbing, although sometimes, if we analyze them, they usually even show us the type of ritual used by the witch or warlock who is treating us. attacking, for example: if we see ourselves trapped between two glass barriers, it means that the witch put our name inside a glass bottle as part of her ritual; If we see one of those ball-shaped badges, stained with menstruation blood, it is because the witch used that type of blood in a ritual so that our affairs took a negative turn;

If in the dream we see someone signing on a bill (of money), it means that there is someone who is doing witchcraft on us so that we do not have money (and in some witchcraft rituals they usually use signs that they call signatures). And no witch can do something without leaving a trace of his misdeeds, but the important thing is not to show fear, because if we show fear to an enemy, we will have lost half the battle, because fears only feed more evil spirits. The important thing is that if we wake up at three in the morning from a nightmare, it is because our guardian angel woke us up to prevent evil spirits from stealing our energy, hence the ideal is to stay awake for about fifteen minutes or up to an hour. In extreme cases, because in this way they will not be able to steal energy from us, or if they are continuous attacks, we must take into account that evil entities steal energy from us through the mouth or nose, so place a mirror prepared at the head of the bed, The closest to our mouth and nose is excellent protection, because even if we do not wake up, the mirror traps any evil entity that approaches.