The teeth that fall.

First we must rule out that we do not have a damaged tooth, since that can influence, although if the dream is long or has many details, it can have a double meaning, on the one hand, the concern for the damaged tooth and on the other the danger to lose something In general, a tooth that falls represents losses, be it a fight, goods, a love, and so on. But if there is blood and pain, it is because someone dear could die. Likewise:

If we drop all the teeth on the right side, it represents the danger of a family member dying; if all the teeth on our left side fall off, it is because an acquaintance could die; if we drop all of the above, it is a danger that a relative dies; If we all fall down, it is a danger that someone known will die, but that is not our relative. Although there are cases that are not completely defined in the previous ones, so that we can add the meanings of left (means the bad) and right (It means the good), for example: If we fall, all the teeth below, but Only those on the left side, means that if we are too bad, we could cause the death of an acquaintance.