Nightmares about the end of the world.

This type of nightmares occur when something could end soon, such as love, a job, so that the dream is the idea of the end of our world as it has been in recent times, that is, of our life as it has been. In recent years, and the fear of losing that which we love.

Although it could also refer to the end of our way of thinking or how we perceive the world. The point is that sometimes it's a good thing, and sometimes it's not, so we have to analyze things to see if we should let it go or fight to prevent it from happening. Well, sometimes the end of a wrong way of thinking or a toxic relationship can be something very positive, but at other times, the end of a good relationship or a good job can be the opposite, and that's when we must analyze things and take precautions, to prevent it from ending. However, there are times that the details of the dream can give us information on how to prevent something from ending.