Comparisons with moods.

When we dream of getting sick it means that there is something that makes us too angry, since it compares the act of getting sick with the feeling of anger, for example: In some regions, when something bothers us, we say that it makes us sick.

If something makes us too angry, it is also often said that we are well enchilados (that we ate something very spicy and that is causing us irritation), compared to spicy with the feeling of anger. For its part, the color purple is also compared with anger or with the idea of being angry and hurt (it is the idea of being purple with anger or with bruises (hematomas) that are usually purple spots that hurt when touched), of Hence, that color is related to something that hurts and angers us, as well as infidelity, deception or betrayal, since they are the things that most tend to anger and hurt.