Psychic attacks during sleep.

Sometimes, when someone does a very strong witchcraft ritual or a neighbor has been doing rituals constantly, strange events usually happen during sleep and most commonly in the middle of the night, at three am or during the early morning, shortly before Sun comes out. Since these are the most common moments in which people who engage in witchcraft do their rituals. The most common is when we barely wake up and see someone next to our bed, when something does not let us wake up,

until we see an animal above us breathing our breath (Stealing energy, in this case it is perceived as a vapor that comes out of our mouth and it is absorbed by the animal, in which case we usually wake up coughing, in addition to experiencing a lot of fatigue during the day). However, it can easily be counteracted with a psychic weapon, since those spirits do not resist sharp metal objects, such as scissors, knives... What happens in these cases, is that they are generally souls in pain that are manipulated by rituals, to harm us while we sleep and the most common is that they try to steal our energy so that we cannot fight our enemies or so that we canīt perform in the work/study, but the psychic weapon moves them away and prevents them from returning.