The bites.

If someone bites us in a dream, it is because we feel attacked by that person, since the idea is that bites are a sign of aggression, however, this type of dream can have many nuances, Because if an animal bites us, the meaning can vary, depending on the type of animal, for example: If a poisonous animal bites us, it means that there is a person who wants to get us into gossip, because the animal's poison is compared to gossip.

But if it is another animal, it represents a danger of an aggression that is related to the meaning of the particular animal, so that if a dog bites us, it represents a treacherous friend or someone who wants to get away from our love, since that dogs are related to friendship and sometimes love. Finally there is the case of being bitten by some fictitious Being, cases in which the meaning of the Being, its characteristics and context must be analyzed, for example: If a zombie bites us, it means that someone is trying to separate us from someone. who we love, since zombies are related to separation and isolation, because nobody wants to be bitten by a zombie and hence the comparison with separation.