Nightmares caused by a ritual.

There are people who use the manipulation of a banshee to try to harm us, either by stealing energy from us so that we do not have the strength to face them, and it is not possible for us to make good decisions, even so that we get to have accidents and money problems. So when a criminal dies in a settling of scores or in confrontations with the police, his remains are usually fought by sorcerers who they usually offer generous amounts of money to those who work in the morgue to provide them with human remains and objects used in crimes, murders and suicides, since they are the ones with whom they carry out their evil rituals, although, of course, if the spirit is released at some point it turns against them causing them the damage they wanted for another. The fact is that in dreams we can observe the elements of the ritual, for example: If we dream that the ghost of a criminal with a damaged eye attacks us, it means that someone performed a ritual with the remains of the body of a criminal who He died during a reckoning, and if we also see a knife or gun in the dream, it is because those were elements that were present in the murder of the criminal.