Nightmares with demons

Resultados de traducción Resultado de traducción Nightmares with demons are quite common. As for its meaning, there are several cases, for example, dreaming of the devil means that we have a guilt complex, it could also be because someone is trying to make us feel guilty about something, so that in this way we lower our guard and they can manipulate us. easily, so this type of dream tells us to analyze the situation well, because sometimes when you we did something bad to someone, it's fair to try to make it up somehow, but inside unreasonable, because there is no shortage of very cunning people who, as soon as they detect any weak point in us, try to use it to take advantage of it in some way. Another case are the nightmares that are too disturbing, as well as those that usually wake us up at midnight or three in the morning, cases in which it is an evil spirit that tries to instill fear in us in order to steal energy from us, and that is, for a spirit to evil can steal our energy, it is essential that our emotions explode, be it fear, despair, etc., since it is the only way to radiate energy and that an evil spirit can absorb it, which for them is very valuable in the other astral plane, although it can cause us tiredness and depression during the day.