Nightmares with Rottweilers

Rottweilers are military-type dogs that have a very powerful bite, added to their hook-type fangs that get stuck when biting, it can be said that they are designed for attack, added to the fact that if they are not educated well, they can become dangerous. But on the positive side they are excellent guardians. The fact is that their characteristics help us decipher their meaning in dreams, so that on the one hand they represent courage and protection, That is, it tells us that we are well protected. But in the negative aspect, like when we dream that it bites us, it means that a commitment is in danger, or that there is a danger that we will not be able to see our desires of marrying the one we love fulfilled, even as a sign it has a similar meaning, For example, if in reality we are walking down the street and suddenly a Rottweiler bites us for no apparent reason, it means that someone is trying to sabotage us in some way so that we cannot marry the one we love, either through dirty tactics or even witchcraft. So if we have that dream or that happens in reality, we must take all the necessary precautions to prevent our chances in love from being ruined.