Nightmares and trauma.

There are times when someone is the victim of an act of great evil, for example: Pederasty, murder of someone close, etc., it usually happens that their emotions explode in such a way that they end up attracting evil spirits, who see the opportunity to feed. of those overflowing emotions, and this causes an explosion of psychic energy that can be used by a psychic parasite, hence that sometimes, they begin to have nightmares, followed by apparently psychological disorders, but in reality it is a type of oppression (one of the phases of possession) and the more they remember the event, the more frequent are nightmares and psychological episodes, that are frequently confused with schizophrenia and other disorders, so that although the medications and drugs prescribed by psychologists can mitigate the problem, since the drug keeps the person calm, and in this way the spirit cannot cause them to explode their emotions all the time (since the parasite commonly explodes the emotions of the person, in order to steal energy, but when the person is high, it is difficult to carry it out), however people cannot be permanently drugged, for what the disorder usually resurfaces at times. So that does not solve the bottom of the problem, and it is that psychologists want to attribute a mental cause to everything, but things are not like that.