Telepathic Hallucinations.

Sometimes, when we wake up during the night, we see people, animals, feel someone pulling the blanket, someone beside us, etc., and although most of the time these are spirits that bother us or try to steal our energy, there are times when it is something else, like when we see a person next to our bed or the face of someone right above us. Generally, it lasts a few seconds, sometimes it is someone we know, other times it is someone we do not know, but with certain characteristics (a witch-like appearance). This phenomenon is caused because at that very moment, a certain person was performing a strong ritual accompanied by strong emotions of hatred, revenge, envy, etc., so that this causes their telepathic waves to project an image in our mind, causing us to see their own image next to us, and sometimes their face, although there are times when what we see is the image of the witch they have hired to bother us. The fact is that telepathy is something that has even been proven under laboratory conditions, and it is partly biological and partly spiritual. It happens when our thoughts are very intense, which is when the pineal gland emits a pulse, similar to a radio wave, which can reach the brain of the person we are thinking about, causing them to hear voices, feelings, or images, as in this case.