The sign and the offering.

In terms of amulets and talismans there are two essential points, which are the sign and the offering, so that the sign is what the amulet itself represents, it is a prayer said in the language of symbols, so if, for example, it is of an amulet for love, it must contain signs associated with love, such as hearts, be made in red or pink colors, and signs associated with courtship or marriage. The other point is the offering, because it is always important to give the angels a gift that help us get what we want, such as a prayer, incense, placing sweets or even a manda (like when someone asks the Virgin of Guadalupe for a favor and promises that when the miracle has been accomplished they will visit her in her temple who will bring flowers or leave an object as testimony of the accomplished miracle). As for consecrated objects such as paintings, medals, reliquaries, etc., they follow the same rules, as they are symbols that help angels to be close to us and give us special protection. In these cases they can be taken to a church to be blessed before using them or a prayer is pronounced and incense can also be burned. In the same way, if they were to break, they must be replaced immediately with an equal one so as not to be left without protection, unless, for example, it was a gift from someone special, in which case it should be taken to a jeweler or expert who can restore it.