In ancient religions it was thought that whoever knew someone's true name had power over them, either to bless or curse them, but everything has an explanation, and the point is that the name is used to identify and find someone, however , to attack someone spiritually through their name, can only be done through evil spirits seeking the person with that name in question or through negative telepathy, even both. Hence, many famous politicians and heroes invented pseudonyms or even changed their names, as was the case of Pancho Villa, whose real name was Doroteo Aranda, or that is what is thought, and like him, there are many other cases. But not only by changing our name can we protect ourselves from spiritual attacks, since we must keep in mind that these work through psychic energy, but that type of energy can be affected in many ways, for example, through the mirrors that They usually encapsulate it, however a simple mirror is generally not enough to repel such an attack, but an amulet mirror can do so, so by having it close to us, in extreme cases, close to our head, preferably on the left side. , we will have greater protection, since these types of amulets capture psychic slings and evil spirits, which can be captured or sent to another astral plane. In the illustration we show you the Protection Mirror, one of the most powerful amulets that exist to be protected from all types of psychic and spiritual attacks.