More about perfumes.

Many times, when someone does witchcraft to harm us, they tend to steal dirty clothes, a used handkerchief, or something stained with our sweat for the purpose of using them in their rituals, since that way the evil spirit they invoke can easily find us, Well, he knows our vibration well, which is something that we capture as aromas. But there is always a way to protect yourself from such attacks, How could it be using a perfume with a very strong aroma, even if it is difficult for us to get one, we can mix several perfumes, essences or colognes, until we achieve a really penetrating smell and then place it in an atomizer. The ideal is to put a little of that aroma on our backs, since evil spirits usually stick to our aura, but they do it from behind. In this way our vibration or aroma mixes with that of the perfume, managing to confuse the evil spirit. You can even put a little scent on our work tools, because when using them, they are often impregnated with our scent, but just the same, with strong-smelling perfume we can disguise our vibration and in this way they will also be safe from failures. unexpected.