Amulets for health.

In these days when the coronavirus is spreading rapidly, and the plague is not yet controlled, it is good to have a good amulet for health. However, we must not forget that although amulets can help us, it is always necessary that we do our part. In this case, through prudence, in the sense that if there is a pandemic, at least we should avoid going to crowded places. As for the amulets, the most effective in this case, is the Health and Protection amulet, which consists of a silver coin that has the image of a tiger or an eagle and on it with a blue felt-tip , like those used for writing on CDs; We write the following prayer with the holy scripture, from right to left and forming a spiral, as shown in the image: "Oh Quetzalpapalotl, Oh Quetzalcoatl, I ask for health and protection for myself and for those who are close to me." And this is the link to see what letters it should be written with: charms.html The ideal is to bring it with us, although it can also be placed in a bookcase or on an altar next to family photographs.