Cosmic Directions.
Possession and psychological disorders.

Although there are mental problems, not all cases of known mental disorders are for that reason, since they are often confused with problems of oppression or possession, being cases that are generated from a traumatic experience, in which the person suffers from rape, abuse, torture, harm to a family member, etc., which causes their emotions to explode, releasing a large amount of psychic energy, which is what attracts evil spirits, since they feed mainly on the fears, because only when a person experiences an overflowing emotion, is when these entities can steal energy. So they immediately attach themselves to the person like a parasite, causing them to constantly remember the traumatic event so they can continue to feed on their fears. Hence, although psychologists control these disorders, it is because they use drugs, which keep the person's emotions untapped, keep them calm despite the insistence of the evil spirit, but at the slightest carelessness, or when the drug is no longer strong enough, they relapse and return to the same, so these are diseases that must be treated both psychologically and psychically, and always helped with the information provided by the person's dreams affected.