Cosmic Directions.
The horoscope.

The horoscope originates from Egypt, where there was something very similar. It was believed that by a person's birth date, they could have a certain personality influenced by the gods presiding over that month, as well as a certain destiny in life. So, if it was a good destiny, there was no problem, but if it was a bad destiny, certain amulets were needed to at least modify it a little. Later, it was adopted by the Romans, although they modified it by mixing it with their own religion. Even the Egyptian gods were mixed with other gods, and thus the horoscope as we know it today was born, although it has undergone some changes over time. Currently, the horoscope is very popular, and there are even websites offering a daily horoscope. Regarding its credibility, the truth is that esoterically, the horoscope is based on the theory of history repeating itself, which is an esoteric belief that says all of human history eventually ends, at some point everything in the universe is destroyed, and everything starts over again but repeats in exactly the same way, as if we were mere actors in a movie where we can hardly change anything. So if someone's destiny is to be a serial killer, they will be one no matter what they do to avoid it, although some think it can be avoided with the help of certain amulets. But the truth is that this theory is not true, which is why we do not recommend consulting the horoscope. The only truly reliable and approved messages, even by all religions, are through dreams, but there is no predetermined history, as everything depends on our attitude towards life.