Cosmic Directions.
The Ouija.

The Ouija was invented by spiritists, although similar things already existed. Actually the Ouija is a wooden board with letters and some words, so that two people must hold an indicator, the one that moves with the help of some spirit, usually a soul in pain or some demon, if there is a bad present sign, such as a pentacle, some ancient symbol or someone pronouncing the name of some evil Being. The fact is, it is not always known who is being called, since it is very common for souls in pain and evil spirits to pretend to be someone else to have contact with this world; The problem is that they generally mix truths with lies or give us mediocre answers and in some extreme cases it can cause some paranormal phenomenon, but only when it is played too frequently and somehow captures a too evil spirit or some criminal who has been killed. But the important thing is to be very careful with these types of games, since they can become dangerous, especially if we take the answers too seriously.