Cosmic Directions.
The world overpopulation.

There is a theory that says that when there is overpopulation, wars immediately arise, until technology advances and the population decreases enough, which is an atheistic theory, but what is true is that, when the population increases and Resources are running out, there is no shortage of irresponsible politicians who, to get out of the problem, wage war on other countries in order to reduce the population. Although, today, as there are many countries that possess nuclear weapons, politicians flee to war, for fear of a destruction of enormous proportions, so they are resorting to supposed diseases such as coronavirus, among other things, to try to reduce the population, since for example, the coronavirus was not a disease that came from bats as they tried to believe at first, but a synthetic virus developed in laboratories in order to eliminate certain sectors of the population, in this case people with diabetes, cancer, elderly people ... In order to spend less on pensions and medicines, all planned by Freemason politicians from the United States, although it is most certain that in the not too distant future, either the United States or Russia, they will spread more deadly viruses.