Cosmic Directions.
The signs.

The spirits are constantly trying to communicate with us, but many times we do not realize it, but they always try to send us messages through dreams and signs, like when in reality, suddenly a white butterfly follows us, case in that it means that an angel is near. In ancient times there were books that talked about it, such as the Sibylline books and there was also a Tonalmatl of signs, although today there are still vestiges of them, as in the Popol Wuh, which is the sacred book of the Mayans, but which is actually the summary of several ancient books, for example, in it it says that if we hear an owl sing, it is because we are in danger of death, and although they are Just two or three lines of text are fragments taken from a complete book of signs, which contained a considerable number of signs. Although for a sign to be true, first, we must pay attention to them, otherwise, the angels will stop sending us signs, and the other point is that not everything we see is a sign, since it must be a fact. unusual, something that is rare to happen, for example: a spider can represent that someone is trying to set a trap for us, but if where we live it is very common to see spiders, then in reality it does not mean anything (because it is not an unusual occurrence ), but if we suddenly see a brightly colored, rare species of spider, then the meaning does apply.