Cosmic Directions.
Artificial intelligence.

Today there are many fears related to artificial intelligence, the main one we see exposed in the famous movie: "Terminator", in which a supercomputer takes control of the militia and begins to kill humanity, however, that is very unlikely, Well, a computer does not have a soul, and therefore it does not have goodness or evil, it only solves problems and probably can even

design something new, but that's as far as it goes, unless it was an orgaciber, because in the movie we mentioned, control is taken by a supercomputer, although the orgaciber were only pawns, however in reality it would be the opposite, since a computer cannot have free will, however an orgaciber can be susceptible to being possessed, since having blood flowing through its robotic body, it can cause a soul to enter it, for example, an evil spirit or even a demon, which could cause a disaster, because in that case there would be a Being with free will that can influence the behavior of the machine.