Cosmic Directions.
The names and dates.

Nowadays it is very common for there to be people who resort to some type of ritual to harm someone else, either by manipulating a soul in pain or invoking a demon, but for these spirits to find their victim, they need some information, as is the full name of the person and a date, since spirits see in the fourth dimension, that is, they need a date. The fact is that many politicians use pseudonyms, to confuse evil spirits, and sometimes they change their names,

And it is that those spirits listen when someone pronounces our name or they see documents that may be in view, looking for names and dates that can identify the person they are looking for, hence when we are in a difficult battle, we can use pseudonyms and avoid, where possible, clocks and calendars. Although there are also other methods to confuse evil spirits, such as wearing underwear backwards, which although some people might think it is superstition, in practice it does work, because like us we could be confused with camouflaged objects , spirits can also be confused, but for other things, as we have already said.