Cosmic Directions.
The experiences after death.

Many people who were dead for a few minutes say they saw a light. But the truth is that this is just a kind of mirage caused by the brain. Since in reality, it very seldom happens that someone notices the precise moment, since most of the time we think that we are still alive, until we begin to notice things that do not add up,

like the one we never sleep or the clocks don't work. Because, the truth is that, what happens outside the body, is not registered by the brain, more only when the soul continues in contact with it, through the silver cord, which is like a thread of energy, as happens in Astral travel, since this plane blocks audio-visual memories, and although there are always memories of previous lives, there are more, like feelings and some flashback when we come into contact with something from a previous life. So the most reliable source about what happens after death is astral travel, as well as the information that we can obtain through them, things that we could not have known otherwise.