Cosmic Directions.
Science and religion.

Science is actually a type of magic (and it is something so everyday that it seems very normal to us, however, if we analyze it, it is not as logical as one might think, because it always seems to have a way to solve any problem), but the fact is that science always seems to have a detailed and precise explanation of all things, while religion has a lot of mysticism, that is, it does not always give precise explanations, so, by far time it seemed that they openly contradicted each other. However, science is a Divine gift, so if we analyze things, it can be seen that in reality the spiritual is not as against science as one might think, but rather complements, for example: Parapsychology can give accurate explanations of many paranormal and spiritual phenomena,

from what concerns the soul, to spiritual energy, as well as many psychic processes, especially when the spiritual interacts with this astral plane, such as when an evil spirit tries to attack us, but we deprive it of its energy by means of sodium chloride (table salt), and that way, it can't bother us anymore. It is also worth mentioning that politicians, for a long time, have been given the task of attacking religions, hence, many times the media and many books try to contradict everything spiritual, but we can always check things with Simple experiments, because just as you can check the roundness of the earth with simple observations, you can also check the spiritual with simple observations and some experiments.