Cosmic Directions.
The passage to the other world.

When we leave this world, an angel usually comes for us, unless we have died before time, either due to illness, accident or suicide, although also when someone does not have enough merits, they can stay here for a while. Sometimes they realize when they have died and even go to their own funeral, trying to comfort his own, but they don't listen, and so the days go by; other times when someone dies before their time, they do not always realize that they have died, and think that they are still alive, they do not see other ghosts or souls in pain, they only see the living,

they think that they are angry with them, until they begin to notice strange things, such as the lack of density of their body, that the clocks do not work, that they never sleep and cannot communicate with anyone, then the situation becomes desperate, because loneliness and sometimes a feeling of cold is disturbing, as for the living, they only hear them sometimes, while they sleep, and they think it's a dream, but it's a call for help to pray for them, until an angel comes, from So if they don't have many faults, they go to Heaven, but if their bad deeds were too many, then they reincarnate in another person or even in a pet, depending on the case.