Salt as protection

There are certain things that, due to their special properties, absorb negative energies, such as charcoal of vegetable origin and salt, so having a wooden box full of grain salt is a very useful protection, since, for That an evil spirit can influence this world (such as causing depression, anger, anxiety, accidents ...) necessarily needs energy, either the residual energy

of someone who died young or the energy provided by a sorcerer, but either way, salt tends to strip those spirits of that energy, and without it, they have no way of influencing this astral plane, hence salt is very useful as protection. And if we are very ill due to a psychic attack, we can take with us a small cloth bag full of salt, it can even be placed a little next to the affected part, as when it comes to a ringing in the ear, in which A few grains of salt wrapped in a cotton ball placed in the ear can easily end the problem (but as long as it is due to a psychic attack, such as when medications do not work).