The fairies

Fairies are an Order of angels, who usually fulfill wishes that seemed impossible to fulfill. They can also bring us excellent luck in matters of money, and they only ask us to believe in them, as well as to take care of nature, starting with our gardens and parks. , because they are always where flowers and nature abound. It is also important to keep in mind that fairies dislike metals,

unless it is gold, so if, for example, we have a pendant with the figure of a fairy, it should preferably be made of gold or at least gold-plated, otherwise we should look for another material that is not metal, such as wood, glass, fabric, etc. And it doesn't hurt to have a unicorn figure, since unicorns are the favorite pets of fairies. As for offerings, the ideal is incense with the aroma of wood or flowers. Also, it should be added that the queen of the fairies (Queen Maib) is the sister of Santa Claus, so we must not forget to place the figure of a fairy on our Christmas tree so that it brings us luck these days and we do not forget to give it a special gift to those people we love and appreciate the most, because fairies like gifts and surprises, in addition to sweets, so in our special celebrations, we must also include sweet things.