Water as an amulet.

The essential water so that the angels can reach us, since it is the means of communication and transportation to this world, so it is always good to have a photograph of family and friends who have already left this world, because they at some point moment they will become our guardian angels, but it is also important to have a glass of clean water so that they can reach us more easily.

Another way of using water is together with salt, since, for example, in exorcisms the victim is usually bathed with water mixed with grain/sea salt, so that the evil spirits that have been able to stick to their aura , are trapped in the water, with the help of the salt contained in it. Fountains are also usually very good luck, because they make water flow purifying the environment while helping the angels to be close to us, so a fountain in a garden is excellent for good luck, and if we can add figures of frogs and fairies, it is even better.