Charms for new year.

Although the beginning of the natural year, it begins with the spring equinox (When spring begins in the northern hemisphere), since it is what marks a complete return to the sun, while the calendar year has a number of days and hours (No it is an exact number of days), for that reason there are leap years to adjust the calendar. But regardless of that, there are amulets that can bring us good luck at the beginning of the calendar year.

The ideal is to plant pink flowers to have a new love during the year, unless we already have someone special, in which case, the ideal is to plant red flowers. For money matters it is best to release something, but the best thing is that it is something that we like and original brand, so that it not only inspires us to be the best, but also brings us good luck all year. The golden piggy banks with a magnet inside, are also very good to progress. Another very good amulet is to place a suitcase near the door so that we travel a lot during the year.