Water as an amulet.

It is said that water is present in all astral planes, in addition to tending to flow and has a high symbolic degree, so it can also be used as an amulet, from a source in which water flows constantly and helps our angels to be closer to us, in addition to harmonizing the environment;

even the glass of water that is placed next to the bed to protect us during sleep. On the other hand, in its negative aspect, the water leaks and the water that is wasted, robs us of energy, in addition to bringing bad luck. But it also has other properties, because it is even used mixed with salt in exorcisms, since being united with salt, it absorbs bad energies, in this case, the energy of the evil spirit, so that it is trapped in the water. It is also used to clean infested places. Water can also be mixed with activated carbon to remove bad energies from inside our body, as when someone has given us to drink a previously prepared concoction.