Dream of unknown people.

There are times when we dream of people we do not know and that seems strange to us, but it can be for various reasons, on the one hand, a mixture of several faces, a person we saw on the street, but although we do not remember it, it was recorded in our memory, since dreams take everything we see and sometimes combine it to generate a scene or even a face. But apart from the above, we must pay attention to the context

of the dream to know what the message is about, for example, if we feel that we are among pure strangers, it represents isolation and loneliness. On the other hand, if it is an unknown child, it means that we have a dangerous enemy. If we are attracted to strangers, it means that someone will offer us their friendship. Although there are also cases in which in a dream we can see someone we met in a previous life and it is likely that we will meet that person again soon, especially if a few days later we see the person in the dream . There are also other types of dreams that give us information about past lives, such as when we see ourselves in another family and it happens that all of them are strangers except one of them, which means that we already knew that family member from a previous life.