Reincarnation dreams.

Generally reincarnation dreams refer to stages of our life, be it childhood, adolescence, a previous love, our stage in school, etc., so that these types of dreams provide us with information related to the stages of our life. , or with the stages of the life of someone we know, hence we must pay attention to the details of the dream, to have more data.

Although there are also other cases, such as when we meet another family, but we notice that one of them is one of our current relatives, that is, someone we know; case in which the dream is telling us that we already knew that person from a previous life, even when in the dream we meet a love, and some time in the future, in our daytime life we meet that person, it may be because The dream showed us an event of a probable future, but it can also be, because it is someone from a previous life, who somehow tries to reach us, as could our great love from our previous life. And it is that sometimes dreams show us that kind of thing.