Dream of ice.

Ice can be interpreted in several ways according to the context of the dream, since ice can have several characteristics, on the one hand it is cold, so if we dream that we walk on ice, it is because we are distancing ourselves from someone (Like when we say that someone is too cold to imply

that departs from us or that is unfriendly), since walking is equivalent to heading somewhere and heading towards something cold, it gives us the idea of being cold or distant with someone. Another characteristic of ice is that it is associated with frozen things and at the same time the frozen is associated with things that remain detained, such as when we watch a movie and say that the image was frozen (stopped), such as when we dream that we put a thief to a freezer (The idea is to freeze the thief), so in this case it means that we will prevent someone from stealing something from us. In other cases, it can also represent health problems, since very cold things can sometimes cause a cold.