Dreaming about spicy.

The symbol of spiciness is related to the sensation that eating spicy foods causes us, since the irritation they cause is a comparison with anger, there are even phrases like: “I'm well enchilado”, which is what is said when the taste of the chili is irritating us too much, but the fact is that that phrase means that we are very angry. And popular phrases are usually very useful when interpreting a dream, even if they are phrases from other countries,

since they are generally based on metaphors or comparisons. So dreaming about chili peppers or hot sauce is related to anger, for example: if we see our ex eating chili, it means that she is still angry with us; If we see chili peppers on an armchair, it means that we are in a situation that is causing us a lot of anger (since the armchairs are related to our current situation); If we see chili peppers accompanied by something that has a bad meaning, it means that if we do not take due precautions we will suffer displeasure; For example: If we dream of money in bills with chili peppers, it tells us that if we do not take due precautions we will suffer disappointment and loss of money (since bills mean money difficulties).