Dreams with water.

Water is one of the most common signs in dreams and is generally related to purification and our emotions, so that if the water looks calm, it means that we are calm, but if it is agitated, it is because our feelings are agitated ; if it is very hot, it means separation or divorce,

since the comparison is that if someone drops very hot water, it immediately moves away and hence the similarity. As for purification, if we are wet, it is because we need to purify ourselves, so it implies that we have had difficulties, and we need to cleanse ourselves. The same if we get into a pool. And its colors, can give us other data, if it is yellow water it represents disease; if it is white it is because we are being too good or too condescending; if it is black, it represents bad feelings around us; if it is red, aggression, and if it is green, it is immaturity.