Dream with a car.

The car is like a second body, so that, as the car looks, it is how others see us, so that a sports car means that others see us as young athletes; if it is a Ferrari or a Rolls-Royce, it means that they see us as the best in something, since, although there are more expensive cars... The idea persists that the

Ferrari is the best sports car and the Rolls-Royce is the best luxury car, either because of its history, quality, cinema, etc. On the other hand, those who get in with us in the car are those who are close or who will soon arrive/return to our lives, so if, for example: Our ex-girlfriend (ex boyfriend) gets on, it means that it is very likely that Soon come back with us. Although the road can also tell us many things, so if we go on a highway, it means that we are doing well, but if we fall into a pothole it means difficulties.