Dreaming of passenger vehicles.

Passenger vehicles such as the bus, trolleybus, train, etc., are one of the symbols with the most meaning, since they are compared to our passage through this world, with our destination, with a stage or with the path that we take in life , there are even expressions about this type of vehicle, for example: "the bus has already left her" which is often said when a woman did not get married when she was

young and when she was older it was too difficult, besides that she can no longer have sons, as a metaphor about lost opportunities. There is also the expression that says: "It is the last train of her/him" to refer to the last opportunity. What serves as a reference to interpret dreams, because dreaming of something similar refers to the probable loss of opportunities. At the same time, those who travel with us are those who will be nearby, and what happens in transport is what awaits us. For example: If they throw us out of the truck, it is because someone wants to get us out of their life, such as someone who wants to end us, or a co-worker who wants us to be fired, to name a few cases.