The details in dreams.

There are well-known dreams, such as dreaming of bills, scissors, wedding, teeth, and so on. The kind of meanings that never fail, but as long as there is no important detail that can change the meaning of the dream, for example: When we dream of money in bills, it means the opposite, that is, money problems, and it is a well-known dream, but the details are important, because if we see bills upside down, bent or broken, their meaning is generally reversed, so if we see bills,

but upside down and it is something that we remember well from the dream, it means that we will not have money problems, so that all the details that we clearly remember from a dream are usually very important to be able to make a good interpretation. There may also be other types of details, which although they do not change the meaning, they can provide us with more details, such as, in the same case of bills, when it is an exact amount, in case the dream He says that we could lose that amount soon, so we must be cautious in those days of dream.