Dream with smurfs

The Smurfs are the characters of a tale inspired by gnomes, since they are small and dress similar to a gnome, they are also influenced by the tale of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. According to the story, the smurfs live in a village with houses that are shaped like a mushroom, and each smurf possesses a skill or characteristic in particular, such as Hefty, Brainy, Joker, etc. being the head of the village, Papa Smurf, but there is also a woman named Smurfette, which has a certain

similarity with the Snow White story, since she is a woman who lives in company of various dwarves, each with a particular characteristic. In dreams, smurfs (seeing them as real Beings) represent good luck in love, but it can also mean that someone is trying to harm us in some way (since in the story, Gargamel's character is always trying to catch them to hurt them, hence the comparison). On the other hand, if we see smurfs as cartoons, then it means that there is a possibility that someone manipulates us and makes fun of us (since in this case it is more related to cartoons, which are like cartoons, so that when someone makes a caricature of us, it is generally compared to a form of mockery of our appearance and hence the meaning).