Dream about pigs.

Pigs in dreams are generally a comparison, with a dirty person, that is, with someone dishonest or lustful, since pigs are usually very dirty animals, and dirt is compared with a dishonest, liar, lustful person, etc. ( For this reason, they have even been compared to demons, for being liars and dishonest, as it was in ancient Egypt).Although in the case of female pigs, it is generally related to fertility.

For example: If we dream that a pig attacks us, it means that a dishonest person is causing us problems. On the other hand, if we are chased by a white dog that later turns into a pig, it means that we have gotten rid of a marriage or commitment that did not suit us, especially because our former suitor was a dishonest person (already that the white dog represents marriage, and turning into a pig means that he was going to become a dishonest person, in the sense that at some point he would show his true aspect).