What does it mean to dream of gays.

In dreams, gays generally represent dishonest behavior or are frowned upon by society, although if the dream is repeated frequently, it represents personality conflicts. And it is that, although the media, especially Hollywood films, try to convince us that it is a good thing, that does not change reality, because although we know that the growing overpopulation is leading the world to an alarming situation, and that if we continue like this, we will run out of natural resources (such as oil, drinking water, among others), the truth is that there are more civilized ways to solve the problem, than trying to induce people to become gay, abort or spread viruses like covid. Well, it would be enough to modify the law, so that only one or two children per family is allowed. But, since certain Freemasons (especially the Illuminati who have so much influence in the United States government) believe themselves to be of a superior race and usually have 10 or more children per family, they do not want a law like that, the matter continues same. The truth is that homosexuality, in most cases is caused by trauma, when the mother mistreats the male child when he is very young, or the father mistreats a daughter, added to the cases of rape, however, they are traumas that can be easily treated by a psychologist, there are even many books about it, although it is more likely that it is increasingly difficult to find them, because of the hostile freemasons.