Dream about mountains.

The sacred mountain is a very ancient sign, the idea is that the mountains usually reach the clouds, and since the sky and the clouds are usually associated with paradise, everything that reaches the clouds represents the path to paradise, especially the trees and very high mountains, added to the fact that in the history of almost all the prophets, there is a sacred mountain, like when Juan Diego climbed the Tepeyac hill to meet the Virgin of Guadalupe, when Topiltzin Quetzalcóatl climbed Tonacatépetl, Mahona climbed Mount Hira, Branch the Himalayas, etc. Reason why, When we dream that we climb a mountain it represents success, since all the prophets were successful in their mission, and hence the comparison. Unless we dream that we can't get there or that we fall, because then it means that we will not achieve our goals, due to our lack of character and conviction, however, if we change our attitude we can change that. Although due to the context of the dream there may be variants, although if the dream has a positive context it will be inclined towards success, while if it has a negative context, the opposite. As for other types of mountains, we have, for example: hills that basically have the same meaning as mountains, on the other hand we have the roller coaster (the mechanical game), which in dreams represents the ups and downs of life. Since the game consists of going up and down slopes, and hence the comparison.