Dream diary.

Many people keep a dream journal, which in theory can be very useful for correctly interpreting dreams, as it allows us to remember dreams with complete accuracy, no matter how much time has passed. It also helps us know if we have correctly interpreted the dream, as we can see how the prediction came true. But there are important things we need to consider, for example: when a dream has a very bad meaning, it is not always good to write it down, because evil spirits could sabotage us in some way. Therefore, a good dream journal should be written in a special type of script that evil spirits cannot understand, like the type of script we usually use to create amulets: In fact, it is ideal to memorize this type of script well so that we can use it as well as the script we usually use. This way, it will be much easier to write and read our dream journal. The point is that it is like a field book, like those used by scientists to keep track of their research, in which we must write down the entire dream with all the details we can remember, then we can write its interpretation, and in the following days, if it came true as we interpreted, we mark it as: “Well interpreted”. Otherwise, we should try to correct the interpretation to keep track of everything.