Extremely long dreams.

Sometimes we tend to have long dreams, but we can easily divide them into three scenes, cases in which each scene refers to a time, starting with the past, then the present, and finally a probable future. But sometimes it is only one or two scenes, added to the fact that the dream is too long, to be able to consult the meaning of everything we see in it. In these circumstances, we must begin by analyzing the most important events, such as water, animals, unknown children, bed, road, bridge, vehicle, etc., since that will tell us what the message is about or what it is related to. then we must analyze the dream as if it were a literary work, in which there is a plot, main character, outcome, and so on. But above all, you have to find the moral, or summarize the story, but paying special attention to the plot and outcome, and then look for the meaning of it, for example: If we can draw a moral, then the meaning will be precisely that; Another case is when a whole series of things happens, but in the end we conquer the person we like, in which case it means that we can see a series of obstacles, but in the end, we will manage to conquer that person.