Dream with fairies

Fairies are an order of angels that are related to the ancient Celts, whose patron is Queen Mab, who was known to the Romans as Minerva, goddess of wisdom and strategy, and is known today as the queen of fairies. , whose main attribute is to grant us a wish that seemed impossible, is also related to shooting stars, because according to belief, when we see a shooting star, we can make a wish. In dreams, a fairy promises us the fulfillment of a wish that seemed impossible, and the other things that we see in the dream can give us more details, for example, if in the dream we see a fairy in a flower, it augurs good luck in love, and the realization of a wish; If we see an obese fairy it means that it is very likely that a wish related to wealth, prosperity and/or good health will soon be fulfilled. Fairy tales are also very important in dreams because they are a whole source of symbols, for example, when we dream of a shoe of the opposite sex (only one), since it means that there is someone who wants to marry us, because this sign reminds us of the Cinderella story.