More of lucid dreams.

A lucid dream is a dream in which, in addition to realizing that we are dreaming, we can control it at will. Sometimes they happen by themselves, it happens that suddenly we are dreaming, but something seems out of the ordinary, moment in which we realize that it is a dream and that we can even control some things. Although it is also possible to use a special technique to have a lucid dream, the ideal is to start by getting extremely tired during the day, such as exercising for hours and/or working extra shifts, and then going to sleep late, preferably without dinner, although when we already have practice it is enough to get tired until extreme, even if we eat dinner and go to bed at the same time. The next thing is to manage to wake up at dawn, since it is the time when there is more psychic energy, and then imagine the scenario in which we want to appear in the dream and go back to sleep in less than half a second, which is the most important part. Well, if we take just more than a second, it won't work, but once the last step is done, we will appear in the dream and we will know that we are dreaming.