Very long dreams.

There are times when we can have really long dreams, and even so, remember them in detail, although interpreting them is not always an easy task, as there are several cases. But the first thing is to identify the main signs, to see what the message is about, if it has to do with love, work, money, etc., which can be noticed, either by the context of the dream or some important symbol (School, work, a desk, a unknown child, kisses, an ex ...). Then you have to analyze the story, because sometimes the idea can be easily summarized despite being very long; at other times they have a kind of moral, and that's where the meaning is; Finally there is another case, which is when the dream can be easily divided into three parts, so that the first speaks of the past, the second of the present, and the third of a probable future, but that will depend on what we do today.