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Dictionary of Dreams.



Common Dreams (As we can help).

Types of Signs in our dreams.

What are the Prophetic Dreams.

How do to have a Prophetic Dream.

Prayer to have a dream that will help us to solve a difficult problem.

Prayer to be able to see our loved ones who have departed from this world, in our dreams.

How can I do to find us in our sleep with a family member or friend who does not know where this or that such travel.


reams help us see this as our life in this world and give us substantial support. With regard to dreams, we recommend reading the first part dealing with the dreams that it is in the chapter of the good magic in the part devoted to dreams.
The dreams are essentially messages that may relate to all this good, this we missing something, an aid to take an important decision, a warning to stop doing something, a board ..... So that we can help solve problems very difficult, and we always tell the whole truth, but it is important to interpret them well for someone can help us in the dictionary and dreams of:

To better explain how the dreams, give some examples and explanations. Thus a dream was a message from a Celestial Being, it is as if our guardian angel knew not speak Spanish, then try to tell the message to mimic or signals, as in some games where someone makes some signs, and the other dealing guessing involved. Only in the case of angels, the signs are images.
And it happens that in our daily lives we are constantly making comparisons, for example, sometimes we say: "I had a setback" that means we had a problem or a problem, or sometimes make other comparisons, as someone who does not see, so that a blind man is someone who can not see with their eyes, but also sometimes call him blind to someone who does not understand or something that has not been realized something important. And those are the things that our angel takes into account, so if we see a dream in our blind, may mean that we should review our situation and our projects, because there may not be seeing an important detail, which advises us that we must put more emphasis on what we do and do not trust us.
Then the dream may be a bit more elaborate, for example, if you look at someone known to be blind, then, mean that this person needs our help to realize something that is important.
Below we cite some examples, to understand it better:

1. Think of a dream where we putting a red shirt, which happens in some places there is or is the common expression: "Get the shirt," as if we were to see a football game, and a friend tells us: get the shirt the team because we are going to the party to support him, so we prepare to go to support our team, then, in the case of the red shirt, the color in this case, it means: love, so that our angel tries to tell that we prepare for love, which means that we will be lucky in love.

2. Another example: Think of the expression that is used in some places, he says: "Get well the pants," which means that we have the courage to confront a situation, then, if we are to our dream pants accommodate our angel tries to tell , We have the courage to face the situation or we may have problems in the future.

3. Another case is the expression: "I can not leave the pit," in this case in our dream if we see a hole, it means a probable difficulty, because we could fall in, but if we go by in our sleep there, but avoid the pit, the angel, we are saying that there will be a challenge, but did not affect us because we're going to dodge.

4. Now think of the term "bread is eaten," which means that there is something that is very easy to do, then, if we see our dream in the middle of a bread, because it seems that someone was eating, it means that there is something we want to do, but we do not dare because they're unsafe, but our guardian angel, tells us through this picture: there is no problem, because bread is eaten, namely that we dare to do so, because there will be no trouble.

5. And sometimes the dream can stand as a metaphor, for example: If in the dream we are driving a vehicle and the pavement is wet so that our vehicle skid and collide, it is a sort of comparison with what we happening in our waking life, so that in this case the angel is telling us that in our waking life we are entering a dangerous situation as if drive a car on wet asphalt, because if we are not careful with what we do, a disaster can occur.

Sometimes there are even signs or meanings that we used in some expressions, such as when we tell someone: "I love you with all my heart," in this case means heart: love, so that there are cases where even the signs are very familiar and easy to decipher, even without help from the dictionary of dreams.

There are cases where the dream is a bit tricky to decipher, and use the dictionary of dreams, it's very useful, a case is if we had a dream where we see that we bring a credit card in hand, and then placed it on a blank paper, in this case, the meaning of the credit card is: difficulties of money, but as we place a white paper on top, seek the meaning of white paper, meaning that difficulties have disappeared, so to put something over it, it means, what it takes up more importance, in this case means that our difficulties of money will disappear.

This is the way to decipher a common dream, so in these cases, we recommend:
First. Keep a pen and paper beside the bed, so that wake us note as many details as possible, taking advantage that we have a fresher memory of the dream, but dreams that are more easily remember those containing the most important messages.

Second. We must find the meaning of each thing that we see in our dream, as it is: to whom we saw, or whether it is not known if there is: a table, window, door, road etc. If it is day; Everything that we see.
But beginning with those that have a meaning more important (water, houses, road, coins, Quetzalcoatl, rain, tree, fire, colors, earth, air, and wind) and then the meaning of the other things that appear in our dreams, give us the details of the message.
But if our dream does not appear in any of the most important signs, then consult the meaning of each thing and then be able to understand the full picture.
Sometimes you need a little practice, but it is not difficult, even, sometimes in the meaning of the word gives several examples and is no longer necessary to consult more meanings.


n this case is as already explained, the matter is remembered as much as possible of sleep, so if we have a dream we must point to as we can, because sometimes they forget easily, especially the details.
The first thing is to remember everything that happened in the dream, all the things we saw as objects, colors, climate, feelings, etc., as for example, feelings, et cetera., as for example, can someone who dream we get wet, and then it happens that we remove the shirt staying wet, in this case might be thought to be enough to find the meaning of wet, but not serve us if we do not take into account the details, in this case: that the dream we remove the shirt. The fact is that we have in the wet dream would indicate something bad, but then we remove the shirt wet, it means that this threat has disappeared.
In addition, there are occasions where, for example, in one night we can have more than a dream, in which case we must first try to interpret dream by dream, and then see it relates to each other, since most all of the time are part of the same message, even the dreams of a day with dreams of the next day. He also dreams that we have in the next few days we can say as we go.
If it is long and strange dreams, click the button below.

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o understand a little better how the meaning of the signs, can be classified into various types of signs, this refers to the meanings that appear in the dictionary of dreams:

1. PROJECT: This is when we see that we have a quality or a defect in something else or someone else, such as when we dream of a mansion, which is a sign we can see our projects made, so if we dream mansion with a well-cared means that our projects will be made and is among the most luxurious mansion, represents more successful, we see our success is reflected by an object.

2. SYMBOL: are things that mean things, for example, a white dog means something related to marriage, another example is the corn which means prosperity. In this case, everything is like a sign, the images signify certain things because they have a resemblance to that thing, as in the case of the dog: the dog represents the marriage, because the dogs are very loyal, and loyalty is a quality marriage, in the case of maize, it seems to prosperity, and that maize seeds are usually the result of a crop, such as when we say: reap what you sow.

3. CONTRARY: There are two types of signs contrary:
FIRST. The things that mean the opposite of what they seem, for example: dream bill does not mean wealth, but otherwise, as it is something we want at a difficult time financially. Another case is when our dream some things are too simple and explicit, for example: sadness means happiness, wealth is poverty, winning the lottery means losses, that someone takes our bookseller, means that someone gave us a new bookcase; and so on.

by letter.


SECOND. Sometimes in our dream, it may appear at the two things that have opposite meanings, for example: if we sleep in our clean water (clean water means that our feelings are good, and we have a long and happy life, if not mojemos us) and we also see dirty water (dirty water means: it means that they approach problems or moral problems). So what we should do is see what the primary meaning, so if we saw dirty water first, then clean water, the water is clean because it was what we saw at the end, and in this case the dream tells us that a bad approach, but all will be well and able to overcome any difficulty with ease.
But if the opposite, namely that we saw the water first and then clean the dirty water, which would dominate the dirty water, which would mean the opposite, namely that now everything is fine, but is about an evil, and to rid this danger must do much more.
The case is to see which dominates more, either because we saw the last, because we see it at the same time but in larger quantities, because this earlier, or because they feel more.
Finally, it is also possible that in our dreams we see signs against the same amount whether or not mixed, for example: You may see the same amount of clean water and dirty; another case that we can escape at night, in the latter case a moonless night is a bad omen, but escape is a good sign, so in that kind of dreams we mixed the two aspects. In these cases, we said that our dream at times to prevent danger, we need both the bright side of things, like the dark side, which means that sometimes we must be strong though it may seem that we are evil, For example, when someone scolds (without violence) because his son did something wrong, you may even feel bad about it, but it is necessary, or when reporting a crime, because we know that someone can go to prison, but It is preferable that these people continue hurting others.

4. MEMORIES: This type of dream, is based on our past experiences, for example, you may on occasion have made a joke that brought us consequences, then, we can see an image in our dream that we remember that event along with something that is related to one thing that we are doing in this case the dream warns us that if we continue forward, something can go wrong, as happened to us in the past with the joke. Also it may happen that we are forgetting something important, then, the dream may show us something of the past or that happened in the past, but not reminded that it is important to keep in mind.

5. SACRED SIGNS: There are signs that have a religious significance or that are associated with things of religion, such as an eagle, which represents the divine will. An example of such signs, is: like when we dream that climbed a mountain and we reached the top, in this case our angel tells us that we will succeed, reminding some of the prophets, like when Acatl Quetzalcoatl went up Tonacatepetl, Mohammed Mount Hira, Rama Mount Himalayas, Cuauhtlatoatzin the Cerrito of Tepeyac, and so on (In all religions mentioned a sacred mountain). Since all of them succeeded in their mission.

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Another thing in our dream, is how they can relate to two meanings, for example if we dream of a white dog, it means marriage, but if we are fleeing a white dog, it means that we have escaped a marriage that we do not and should run away, it means that we have escaped danger.
Another important thing is that sometimes the meaning of something we saw in our dream, can be a concern in these cases may mean that we can have a problem with that worries us.


here are two kinds of dreams, common and prophetic, even though both dreams and can relate to things in the future, the difference is that dreams can warn of common situations or things that may happen or not according to what we are in doing this, that is advice or warnings are like our guardian angels and sometimes directly from God. And in the case of prophetic dreams relate to things that will happen for sure, if you are good, no problem, but if they are not as good must take special care in the future to prevent that from happening, for example:

We can dream a scene where we see us doing certain things, while at the scene or image that appears in our dreams we can see a specific place or specific things that are signs that in time we can recognize, to give one more example Detailed describe a prophetic dream: on one occasion I had a dream about a car, the case is that the dream of buying a car brand that had some very good sound recording equipment, but then in the dream that I had been going off at that purchase. The fact is that some weeks after someone offered me a car for sale, then when I saw the car I realized that was exactly the same brand that he had seen in the dream, even had a very good sound recording equipment.
In that case the dream was telling me it was not convenient to buy this car. So that the dreams are prophetic dreams about things that are going to happen, even give us details of the future that do not even know it, so we can recognize the right time so we can avoid something bad. That kind of dreams we can easily understand at the time they are beginning to realize the warning, but sometimes may also contain some signs of which we can learn its meaning through a dictionary of dreams, those signs are rare details sleep, that is, as details that do not coincide entirely with reality.


his prayer must be done four times at dawn, then four times at noon, four times in the afternoon, and four times before falling asleep for four days in a row.

Oh my God
You who are:
the sunrise
and sunset,
the night and day.

I ask you let
that Quetzalcoatl
helps me to enter
in the waters
of the Heaven.

That there could me
You Divine Word
your message.

Oh my God
oh Universal Soul
from the City of Heaven
from the great Teotihuacan
see in my favor.

2. Since we do the first prayer at dawn, five red candles are lit in the shape of cross, with an image of Our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe).
3. It is important to the fast, which should be in this case, not consume any food or drinks from four in the afternoon onwards.
4. At the altar, that is where we put the image of our Divine Lady, we must also place: One. Two vases with five white roses each, Two. A glass with clean water, is important to change the water in the glass for every day that passes. Three. A picture of our guardian angel (Relatives or friends who already departed from this world), Four. One or two small mirrors, preferably circular in shape.
5. Place an offering to our guardian angels, which can be eg chocolates, and anything else that they had liked living in (our guardian angels in most cases are our relatives or people who already have left of this world and those who appreciate very much alive, that is, when you were with us in this world).


here should be the following sentence four times in the morning, four times a half-day, four times in the afternoon, and four times before falling asleep. So that every time we make the four prayers, we will issue our God, then our guardian angels (to understand the meaning of this dream, we can find the meaning of each thing that we see in).

Oh, my God
give me light of Truth
glimmer of hope,
Take me along the way
what is appropriate
let me hear your word
your message.

You are our guide
and protection;
advise me,
Guide me

Take me
by the way
of good,
Help me to see the Truth

You are our light
you are our hope.

This will help us have a common dream, of course, the important thing is to find the meaning of the things that appear in our dream, as this can tell us how to solve our most difficult problems.



his prayer (shown later) must be done four times at dawn, then four times at noon, four times in the afternoon, and four times before falling asleep, for up to five days in a row.
- Since we do the first prayer at dawn, five are lit white candles in the shape of a cross, before an image of Our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe).
- It also puts a photograph of the person who has gone from this world, if we have several persons who wish to visit us in our dreams, we must be patient, so that every occasion that we follow these steps put only one photograph of a person, and then if we go to someone else, we have to do the same but with a photograph of another person, it must be one for every time.
In addition, little before sleep It's good to start by remembering the best moments that we live with that person besides the last time we saw him(her) in this world, then, to speak in front of his picture, like when he(she) were with us in this world, and we can tell him(her) our problems. That way, it will be easier to listen to us.
- The place two vases with white roses next to the image of Our Divine Lady and photography of our loved one.
- It should also put an offering to the loved one that we want to visit, such as for example in the case of a lady who liked daisies, then put some daisies in the vases with white roses, trying to who has 2, 4, 5, 7 or 9 in each flower vase, as these numbers are sacred. Another example might be, put 2, 4, 5, 7 or 9 chocolates, because we loved him like chocolate. Finally, it is important to avoid wearing black clothes, ideally sleepwear red.
- After making the foregoing, it is possible that our family members or friends who have departed from this world to visit us in our dream and give us a message, if it is a prophetic dream, the message will be easier to understand (See: Prophetic Dreams ), If not a prophetic dream, you will see greater emphasis on the meaning of each thing that we see in our dream, but whether we have a prophetic dream or a dream normal, anyway this is our loved ones to us visited in our dream.
We must also take into account that our friend or family member can get to be in our dream several ways; sometimes as it was when we met, sometimes younger, older and sometimes as a different person but with a feature that reminds us of our loved one.

Oh God of time
and history,

From the City
to Heaven
see my help,
see in my favor.

You ask
let the Coyolnahual
I guide
by the cosmic spheres.

And who can guide
my (friend, dad, cousin, grandmother.....)
-- Name of the family or friend --
to me.

Let me speak.

NOTE: If we want to talk to someone who has already left this world and we must burn an incense stick or a cone, just before sleep, and one more when our desire is fulfilled during the morning. But if the dream tells us that our relative or friend is in trouble, for example this in limbo (Whether we say it or has one thing to mean that not even reached the Heaven), we must turn to do the same every time we want to talk to her (him), but if the dream tells us that it is OK, then we no longer burn incense, so if we want to talk to her(him) we continue the same instructions, but without burning incense.

CASES: Sometimes when someone recently departed from this world, someone we love and cherish, it happens that we begin to see that person in a dream, sometimes it happens, because she(he) is trying to telling us something, for example: Long ago, left this world my girlfriend, it happens that in the dream she trying to tell me something, like I was ignoring her, and she insisted on my attention (In those days She had not realize that she was not of this world). Sometime later I saw her in my dream, but then I dreamed that we was on a beach and hugged, it was then that she was trying to say through the dream, to not worry because she was already in Heaven.


n this case, through our dreams we can see or even talk to someone who is far, or we do not know where this, so it is that two people alive (this world) share the same dream, and to chat up the inside, is similar to telepathy.
Here we must follow the same steps as for a prophetic dream (The instructions from above), but with the difference that prayer is to do the following:

Oh Racna
you who are
the True God
you who animates
the entire universe.
(Racna, Brahma, Allah, Cosmic Soul, Law of Karma, also are names of God)

I ask you,
I request you,
let me
travel in my sleep.

Take me along the way
of the light
of the sacred.

That there could me
my friend: (you may say:
brother, dad, cousin, wife, et cetera.)
(Here: the name
with whom we speak).

only you can do
You just because
you are God
the Universal Soul.

In this case it may happen that we start to dream, and see the person you want to talk, either as it is in real life, or sometimes they are a little different, either younger or as someone who looks like to them. Then it may happen that we see a scene, and in some cases it is likely that we can control the dream, so that is something like a conscious conversation. This dream can happen from day one that we tried, but usually succeeds in the fifth day, having followed the instructions during the five days. It is also important that once you have achieved, we make an offering to thank you, you can take or burn copal incense in front of our altar and give thanks to Our Divine Lady.

Sometimes when we are too tense, we may be a bit difficult, achieving the dream we want to have in such cases can help us burn some incense before falling asleep (could be a stick or a cone), ensuring that the scent is impregnated into the room.

* * * * *