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- If in our dream we see a pack of cigarettes, it means you need to zone out, or vacation.
- To dream about a golden color cigarettes pack, and see one side of it: Coins, means that with a little Divine help, our problems will end soon and we also advised that after they finish the problems, we take a vacation .

To understand the meaning of this dream, we must pay attention to what is contained in the pack or what we see on the label and then we find the meaning of this, for example, if we see a pail of clean water without getting wet, it means that our feelings are good, and we'll have a long and successful life, because that is the meaning of seeing clean water without getting wet.
- If you see an empty container, means sorrow.
- If you see a broken container, means disappointment.
- If in our dream we accidentally dropped the glass bottle of soda and breaks, it means that our problems are likely to end soon, but then create others.
- If in the dream we break the bottle of soda, but then pick up the broken pieces with your hands and throw it away, it means that despite the risks we have taken the right decision.

- If in the dream we pact SOMETHING WITH SOMEONE, it means that we can make mistakes, which will favor our adversaries.
- If we dream that we sell the soul to a DEMON, it means that we feel anger and frustration.
- If we dream that we say we will NOT SELL THE SOUL TO A DEMON, it means that we will be free or we are getting rid of frustration; and if we dream that we say that we will not sell the soul to a demon in exchange for a love, the dream is more precise, and tells us that we will get rid of a frustration or something that caused us frustration and that is related to love.
- If we dream that someone we know has pacts with MOBSTERS, and we also notice that he can not see well, it means that this person has dealings with evil spirits or that he has dedicated himself for a long time to the practice of witchcraft (and although witchcraft for the most part is superstition, the truth is that it exists, so we should not trust ourselves too much about that kind of people). r

This dream advises us to be more discreet.
- If we dream that a friend or family member who has already left this world gives us a closed padlock means that he(she) could not enter Heaven, and with this trying to tell us that the gates of Heaven are closed like a padlock, so he(she) gives it to that door opened, that is, he(she) is telling us that through our prayers and for those who loved and appreciated when he was in this world can make doors of heaven are opened for him.

- Feeling our pain is associated with pain in our pride. Sometimes refers to the fear of an illness or have an accident.
- If we dream we beat up a young man and he feels great pain, means that one of our adversaries or enemies this wounded pride for our cause.

- If in our dream, we painted silver our house, says that we are safe or that we have a good defenses. But if after, see that paint peeling, tell us that we are not protected well enough.

Painting (Painted canvas):
Normally this dream is interpreted looking meanings of the images we see in this.
- Dreaming of old paintings means that we must not forget our past experiences.
- If the painting is beautiful promises us happiness.
- If we see a religious painting, it means that we have peace in the soul, at least in the painting there is a crucifix, because then means, confusion or suffering.
- If it is a sad painting it indicates that live in unreality.
- If the painting overlooking the blue or green, it means: Good fortune.

Pair of compasses:
- If in our dream we see a pair of compasses, the message tells us that we are thinking too much about a subject for which there is no escape.
- If in our dream we see a person trying to assault someone with a pair of compasses or that he will try to defend with a pair of compasses, it means that someone wants to impose their ideas by force and if that person is someone you know, is because it is precisely that person.
But if we, in dreams that try to attack or defend with a pair of compasses, the dream tells us that we should not try to impose our ideas by force.

- If the palace is in good condition, means that our projects will be made unexpectedly.
- If the palace is neglected, means we will have some difficulties before achieving complete success.

- If the dream we see an outstretched hand with the palm up, then there is someone willing to help.

- Dried indicates misfortune.
- With branches broken disease.
- Filled with green leaves, profits.
- Get on one, honor and fortune.
- Fall, loss for our superiors.
- If the fall is from a low height, ridiculous.
- If the palm nesting birds, success and fortune.

- Full and on fire portends interesting news.
- Empty or unused, tells us that we need security.

Panda bear:
Represents our instincts.
- To dream pursued by a panda bear and reached us, it means that there is grave danger that our enemies destroy us.
- To dream pursued by a panda bear and we escape, it means that we will avoid the danger successfully.
- View a female panda bear, means an infantile fixation to the image of our mother and means that we want to be pampered and encouraged.
- Dreaming about a plush stuffed panda bear, means we need an amulet to help us protect ourselves from those around us.

Its meaning is related to the type of information containing, for example, if it is propaganda, then, we must seek the meaning of propaganda; whether it is an offer, meaning bid .....
- If we dream that we are facing the house of someone we know, and that someone gives us political propaganda means that there is a danger not get to see fulfilled our wishes because of that someone who we know.

A panther represents courage and the ability for war. It can also represent aggressive and combat aspects.
- For a woman, it can symbolize a jealous enemy that is dangerous.
- It can also mean sexual desire, when the panther is presented as a rapist who carried out the act with violence.
- If a woman dreams two panthers, one that moves away and another that attacks and bites, then you have a jealous enemy that tries to hurt you or is hurting; but at the same time the dream, advises defend their interests may seem that this being bad or too severe.
- If a woman dreams that there is a white panther in his bedroom, is a friend who at any time could come to feel jealous of her. This dream advised to act prudently.

- This dream augurs success professionally and good fortune; at least we see it empty or that it has anything in particular to call our attention and that this has a bad meaning.
- If in our dream we see two hard breads (old breads) in the cupboard, tells us that to avoid financial difficulties, we must save and prepare to defend our interests.

The pants are related to the security we have in ourselves, we trousers fit well, means we have confidence and determination, but if we are not well placed or pants are not in good condition then it means the opposite.
- To dream that someone or we, bring pants that is too BIG for us, it means that there is something we must correct or do well.
- When the most notorious in the dream is to bring in a pair BLUE JEANS that are our size and we look good, means we have the courage and determination to deal with difficult cases.
- To dream of we wearing a BROKEN PANTS, tells us that we are doing takes courage and courage to face the situation.
But if we dream that we bring because trousers or gray pans and also noticed that it's broken, it means you are suffering from depression and anxiety, and this is because of our lack of determination and courage to do things.
- Dreaming about traveling on the subway or train, but we DO NOT BRING PANTS, means we need to show more courage and determination. But in addition to not wear pants, we also do not bring underwear means we feel powerlessness and helplessness, but what happens is that you simply need to show more courage and determination to get out of difficult situations.
- See that we FALL pants, means that we need security. But if we see that we rise pants means we will soon have enough security, which will bring us good luck in solving our issues.

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- To dream about a paperclip, means that soon we may have problems and advises us to be more thoughtful in what we do.
- If we dream of a book which has fastened with a clip on one of your pages a form of mathematics, means that we have the formula for success, or a way of doing things that can give us the victory, but we have not put into practice because we think that is wrong or that will not work, which advises us to be more reflective and put it into practice.

Papers/ Documents:
Most of the time, the papers and documents in our dreams relate to our concerns, at least concerned of blank pages, and then tells us we will not have concerns.
- If in our dream we see a paper in which we observed DEBTS of money, it means that if we are not cautious enough, soon we can get to see financially strapped and numerous debts.
- If in our dream we see documents that say, that even have debts, this is a tip that tells us to pay our outstanding indebtedness.
- If in our dream we see a PAPER BALL, or make a paper ball with paper that had something written or drawn, tells us there is something we have not done well enough, so that it is best that we return to do until it is perfect.
- If we dream that SOMEONE WE KNOW, MAKES A PAPER BALL and then we threaten to hurt us, it means that person has tried to harm us in some way (either by jealousy or by rancor ) but have not done well , why has not managed to hurt us , but still we must not be complacent, as it's likely they keep trying.
- If we see papers FALL OR FLY, means there is a coming danger so we need very careful in our affairs and do much more, if we are to succeed. In some cases it happens that in addition to seeing flying papers in our dream we see a book of any subject , then dream gives us some more details, for example if it is an economics book , tells us that we must expand our knowledge in that matter to achieve avoid failure.

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Paper Ball
- If in our dream we see a paper ball or do ball a role that had something written or drawn, tells us there is something we have not done well enough, so, it is best that we go back to do until perfect.

Paper, toilet:
- If in our dream we see toilet paper with poop means that our economy will improve.
- If in our dream we see a roll of toilet paper, or paper to clean, it means that we must be prudent and fix what is wrong.

See a parade in our dreams, it means that we have many sincere and faithful friends.

- If we dream that suffer from paralysis or we can’t move, it means that we are mired in a severe indecision. It may also be a loss of what we believed to overcome but has not been, in any case advised us to not resign.
- If we have a nightmare and wake up feel that there is someone next to us (when no one on our side), means that a Being from the underworld, this disturbing us. In this case, the first thing is not to fear, then, it is appropriate to light a blue candle to our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe).

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- If we dream that our parents, in reality ARE NOT OUR TRUE PARENTS, it means that we are upset with them or that lately we are puzzled by the way they behave.
- To dream that we ARGUED with our parents, means that we must avoid doing things that could lead us to that situation.

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If in our dream we see a parishioner, it means we will have a little Divine help, but only if he not carry a crucifix, because then it means confusion.
- It can also be a comfort, good money luck, good luck in the spiritual or in the familiar.

Parking lot:
A parking lot is a waiting period (As the bench at a football game), so that we get out of the parking lot, it means that we will have good prospects for the future as it amounts to the ability to act, but if we parked a car and down it, then it means that something that started well, can end badly, as we will have little chance to act or do something.
- To dream that we parked on a street, but instead of a car, we do a BED WITH WHEELS, means that for now will have very little chance of succeeding in the sensual or family issues.
- If we enter to the parking and we GET LOST, marks a period of reflection.

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This dream tells us that we are victims of gossip and gossip of all kinds.

The parties in general relate to hard times, but if it is a Baptism, Baby Shower, Wedding, Birthday, etc., we must consult the specific meaning.
- BE IN A PARTY tells us that hard times may come, in this case it is important to pay attention to other signs that may occur in the same dream, to know that will relate these potential hard times.

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- If we dream that we want to access our website, twitter..... But all that we see around us, is a one computer with an insecure connection and for that reason we avoid doing so, especially for hackers do not steal our password, it means that we have got rid of a risk.

- If NICE TO EAT indicates promising developments. But if pasty are bitter: Anguish and solitude.
- VERY HOT: Nervousness.
- VERY COLD OR FROZEN: Discomfort health.

Patent leather:
- If in our dream we see a person who we know or someone who looks like a person who we know, and she wearing black patent high heels, it means that this is a person of bad habits.
- If in the dream we see a patent leather armchair, tells us that we are not being sufficiently loyal to someone.
- If we dream of a woman who's wearing white patent leather shoes, the dream speaks of a person (Woman) of bad habits, but we can be useful and can help us in a matter.
- If a man dreams of a woman's legs, and note that wears white patent leather shoes, means that there is a woman of bad habits who wants to be his girlfriend; in this case the dream says that although she is a person of bad habits, it would still be a suitable courtship

- If in our dream, we stopped a patrol, means that we feel guilty about something.
- If a patrol chasing us, means that we feel that we have done something wrong, can also be advice to telling us that we should not do good things that look bad.

by letter.

- To dream that we pawned anything, it means unpleasant news.
- To dream that we pawned a clock, it means probable setbacks caused by unpleasant news.

If in the dream we are paying something or someone will pay us anything, it means that there is the possibility that a person you know, abuse your trust.

It represents: abundance, prosperity, love, sensuality and good fortune.
- The wood of a peach tree provides Divine protection.
- A peach tree predicts that we will have help and protection.
- If we see a peach tree, flowering, it augurs love and happiness.
- If we see a peach tree full of fruit, it means that we will achieve protection and assistance to achieve prosperity and happiness, the same if we see ourselves eating peaches.

Represents fertility and renewal of things.

It is a warning that we are moving away from natural laws.
- If we dream we are sowing indicates that we must prepare to acquire knowledge that will be useful later in our work.
- If this pruning is that in us there is a lot of superfluous.

If in our dream we see another person pedaling is because we are not masters of our fate. But if we're the ones who pedaled, shows the ability and desire to become independent.

Pederast/ Pedophile:
- If an adult dream that he is a pederast means resentment or who is attracted by people much younger. This dream advises us to be more realistic, but if repeated constantly advises us to seek help from our guardian angels to not get out of the track.
But if the dream is someone young, who is attracted means for seniors.

- If in the dream, we are making pedicure, means that we are doing well. It may also mean that we want others to recognize our merits.
- If in the dream we see someone making pedicure, plus your feet look good, it means that, that person wishes to recognize his merits, while dream advises us that if we are to recognize its merits and if possible give a gift or recognition.

See: “Urine”

- If in our dream we see nuts peel, means we have stormy relationships. If it is eggshells, means it is very likely to lose a friendship.
- If in our dream we see a glass full of lemon peel (As when we squeeze a lemon and is only the peel out of juice), it means somebody is doing something that no one loves us, for example: Someone who is using rites of witchcraft to anyone near us or we find it not couple.

This sign represents something that is not well enough protected.

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- Dreaming of a Pegasus promises us success and good fortune.
- If we see our dream to fly a pegasus, means success and good fortune. It may also mean that soon we will achieve a higher spiritual level.

- It means we have few means to deal with things that come our way.
- If it is a black pen with gold or silver detail, tells us that we have little means to confront our enemies, which advises us to defend our interests in the best way, even though they might think that we are being bad or too severe.

Penalty fee:
This dream augurs us difficulties with judicial authorities.

- A pencil means that we have few means to deal with certain things.

- If it is an amulet, means we will soon have a comfort or protection.
- If it is a gem, see: "jewelry".

Dreaming of a penguin, meaning relationships (Love, friendship, business, labor, etc.) inconvenient that we do not bring anything good.

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- View a penis in our dream, means that soon we will receive money.

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- The pentagram is an evil sign, (Never mind that this upward or backward), its meaning is related to difficulties, and sometimes tells us that there is a person who is doing witchcraft, or simply have us ill will.

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Sometimes the pentagon relates to pentacles, because in the middle of a pentacle is the figure of a pentagon and has to do with difficulties and misfortune.
- If we dream a key with the figure of a pentagon and is black, it means that we are taking a bad attitude.

See: "Pentacle".

- If you look between many people without the possibility of moving, it means your inability to face future challenges or your little opportunity to control the situation, because of your weakness of character or your shyness.
The same means if you see before you a lot of people, so if you can not pass or stop, means the difficulties, but if you can pass, means to master the situation or achieve your future challenges.
- If you see someone else with many people, and are unable to get close to it, means you want to achieve their friendship and fear can not succeed.
- If the dream you see a lot of people, without being part of it, and they look sad or wear black, you are warned that a disaster could happen or who receive bad news.
- If you see a lot of people celebrating, means an economic or political change could come to affect the whole country, or even several countries. And so it means if you see many people walking by going to celebrate.

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This dream tells us that there is evil around us, can also refer to probable ridicule.

Person in charge:
- To dream that we come to a store and the manager of the place tries to rip us off, it means that we must be wary of those who we believe are on our side, because they can complicate our affairs or business.
- If we dream that we are in charge of a work, promises us success in our future projects

Pesky spirit /Nasty ghost:
- If in our dream we see a pesky spirit, means poverty and difficulties.
- If we dream that a pesky spirit bothering us, means that a person is causing us problems, or tries to provoke, either meddling in our affairs or making witchcraft, which advises us not allow it and or get an amulet, such as four leaf clover silver.

- If you dream we feel, that the body of your pet watching us, it means that things could go wrong if we trust and stop striving, which advises us not to trust us and strive as much as possible.
- Dreaming of a pet's body, warning us of the likely end of something, such as a business, project, love, friendship..... depending on the meaning of the other things we see in sleep.
- Dreaming of your pet's body, warning us of the end of something, such as a business, project, love, friendship..... depending on the meaning of the other things we see in sleep.
- Where once we had a pet cat whom we appreciated, and I left this world, and we dream and when he was with us means that we have visited in dreams to give us an important message that relates to the meaning of Other things to see right there (Remember that our pets also have souls.) In this case it is also advisable to consult: "Cat" and "Dog", as appropriate.

Petting tumblr:
- Means sexual desires.


The phallic, that is, things that symbolize or represent a penis, for example, a long cylindrical vessel (Usually placed in advertising images), are associated with sex or with economic prosperity, depending on the context of the dream.
- An exotic sweet phallic-shaped, tells us that if we do something different and original, we will make a lot of money and good luck in love.
- If we dream of packing box or a bottle of wine and noticed that is cylindrical or phallic shape, plus we note that has the image of a bill, it means that if we act irresponsibly, we got to have money problems.

It symbolizes our parents or from whom we depend in some way, but if we dream that we are a pharaoh, it may mean that we have achieved our important purposes or that we are being too ambitious.

It means that the difficulties we are going end soon.

Dreaming of a pheasant means good luck.

- If you dream that we use perfume with pheromones, means that we are attractive to the opposite sex.

- To dream of a good philosopher it means that we are doing well.
- To dream of a malignant philosopher it means that we must change our attitude.

It represents health problems.

- If in our waking life have a phobia and dream of something related to it, it means that there is an issue that concerns us. It can also mean that we are afraid to happen a situation that we fail to control.

- This sign is related to communication.
- To dream that we seek someone's phone in the phonebook, it means that we are being too timid.

- This dream tells us there is something we should check.

- If we dream that we're going to take a picture at an ACTRESS OR ACTOR, but she(he) face flips to we fail to take the picture; represents a person who does not feel sufficiently recognized. Can also represent someone who thinks that we are not taking into account as an important issue or we do not care what happens to him.
- If in our dream we see a CHILD POINTING OR VIEWING PICTURES OF OUR FAMILY, tells us that in the next few days we should be very cautious , and proceed in the most responsible way possible, as there is an enemy that can get hurt , either on purpose or making it look like an accident.

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- Dreaming of this bird, it means that we will manage to get a good job or economic achievements.

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