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Normally when we have a nightmare, it is because there is a important message to we need know, or because there is a difficult problem that we affecting, sometimes nightmares occur repeatedly, either exactly the same or a different nightmare, but usually has the same meaning as above. In these cases the most convenient is to understand well the meaning, for to solve the problem and stop repeated nightmares. For this is advisable to consult the meaning few things and remember details, and that it will be easier to understand the message. Then knowing the meanings, we must try to understand the whole picture. In these cases to interpret the message is to be a bit pessimistic when search for meaning, because sometimes there are things that it is difficult to accept.

For example, if you dream that a black butterfly flying in our bedroom, while causes fear us, we must seek the meaning of butterfly and bedroom, so that the meaning of a black butterfly is that we must avoid doing things immoral or prohibited, and the chamber represents the sex couples, in this case we can see how it relates to our current situation, a case could be that we were trying to have intimate with a married person, or who are married we tried to be intimate with someone else, in which case the dream warns besides being something wrong, there is a danger in it, and it is a nightmare.

Harmful nightmares
A second type of nightmares, which are not exactly messages important, but a disturbance of our dreams, and can be caused for several reasons.
For example, one type of dreams that are induced or caused by several circumstances, particularly because there are people and companies who do not care harm others with their messages or their attempts to manipulate us.

To better explain, normally, there are times when after watching a terror movie we go to sleep, and that we can even cause nightmares, what that is within normal, but there are movies that besides being of terror have a high content of subliminal language and hidden messages, which damage our mind and we can cause nightmares even several days later, the the same can happen with the news that are sometimes little responsible, and we show disturbing images and messages.
In these cases you can just stop watching such films, and see other of news, or not seeing them for a while.

There are movies that, although some say they are very mediocre, are famous for causing nightmares for some people, such as Chucky.

Here is a picture of a Ouija board thar is a ritual based on a pseudo-religion inspired by the underworld. Normally these are not official religions, but they exist and can become very dangerous. It manifested through games or invocations to spirits who are known too little. Such things may come to disturb our mind and our spirit, the same as using amulets evil, as is the pentacle. And those rituals sometimes become constant nightmares.


The Malignant nightmares can be caused by various reasons, from seeing and murder and real exorcisms movies to psychic attacks.

Normally nightmares can be caused by several reasons, such as watching scary movies before bed, guilt complex, memories disruptive to psychological issues, but there is a kind of nightmares which, although rare, do exist, and are evil nightmares. By in previous sections we have seen through the dreams we visit the various cosmic directions and even see our loved ones who have departed this world.
But sometimes our dreams can not be nice, for reasons such as use evil talismans, invoking the underworld beings, because constantly have bad feelings and not stop thinking about how harm others, or even because someone makes a sorcery. It can happen when an evil spirit visit us in our dreams, or that leads to an underworld.

Here we see the image of a malignant nightmare.

Such nightmares are very unpleasant, can sometimes reach constantly repeated in some extreme cases, can reach cause disease.
In this type of common nightmares come to feel paralysis, or even feel there's someone lying next to us.
To end such nightmares the first thing is not to be afraid, because, remember that evil spirits become stronger when they we are afraid.
Secondly, there are things we can help, like putting a silver coin within our pillow, say a prayer before sleep, burn an incense stick, put a picture of our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) at the head of our bed or on the wall above the headboard our bed.
But if the case is extreme and still having malignant nightmares we can do the following:

1. If we are evil talismans and objects as a Ouija board or a pentacle, We can burn them and then throw the rest away. In some cases there who have been constantly invoked by witchcraft or what makes things difficult, but we can counter it by cleaning depth to our house, getting rid of all evil and objects final paint or change the wallpaper, as appropriate, in preference to choose colors blue and green.
After finishing cleaning the house, good order all (or at least the much as possible) in 4 and 5, for example, 4 or 5 pictures on a wall, 4 or 5 furniture in each room, 4 or 5 ornaments, 4 or 5 plants, and so on.

2. get a dog, and if possible to let him sleep in our room, but as long as the well educated, because we are dirt not will benefit.

3. Besides having an image of our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) in our bedroom, it's also good to have pictures of our guard angels, for example of our ancestors who have already match this world, but who in life loved us very much.

4. Before bed, we say a prayer before an image of Our Divine Lady and we ask you to watch, then do the same with photographs of our Guardian Angels, to whom we speak as they did when they lived with us so that we recognize immediately and help us more, even if in the past we had a dog and has departed from this world, we must also ask you to watch, as they become our angels guard-dog, who have at mission to take care of our dreams, plus it can also ask help of the archangels.

5. Another thing that might be useful is to follow the instructions for a prophetic dream or any of the rest in the first section of: “Dictionary of dreams”.


In children, the things that appear in dreams and nightmares, usually have the same meaning as in adults, with some exceptions.

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In general, the nightmares may be caused by many reasons, but if repeatedly, so much that we are causing anxiety and difficulties, must do the following:

- Good to orient the head of the bed to where the Basilica of Our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe), another option is facing the rising sun, then it is advisable to place a picture with an image of our Divine Lord at the head of the bed can be of any size.

- It is also desirable to keep within our pillow an amulet of a silver clover to avoid psychic attacks; can optionally, place two sharp knives in cross-shaped under the mattress, which is an excellent psychic weapon.

- Having a small light on help, such as a candle, or if may prefer a small lamp.

- If the problem is difficult, we can avoid watching television after four p.m., and avoid watching news very impressive, at least for a time.

Here is a picture of a magazine that features news very impressive.

- The burning of an incense stick in our room, we can help avoid nightmares, in this case we must ensure that the aroma remains permeated the room.

- If in the past we had a dog and left this world, it is good to have a photograph of him near, to look after us in our dreams, as the dogs also have souls and leave this world to become our Guardian Angels, who are dedicated to take care for our dreams.
Otherwise, we get a dog and let him sleep until about the door of our bedroom, so that when you sleep, join us in our dreams and we take care of any wrongdoing.

- In some cases, can also help our nightmares scoring a paper, and after we have consulted their meaning, we must break the paper and throw it away. In these cases after having done the same in several occasions, the nightmares are fading slowly.

Finally, it is important to note that the anxieties and problems daily, they can cause nightmares, but the Divine aid request through our dreams, it helps us that they are not disturbed and that what we see are true messages from Heaven, so they help us to solve our problems effectively and not only are we annoying, so we can refer to the section of "types of dreams", or If nightmares continue to repeat, in addition to the above, we make the following prayer before falling asleep.


Oh Racna (God)
Oh God
you who give movement
and give life,
to all that exists

to see you
just look
the order is in
all things;

I ask
I pray
you restore peace
and prosperity

Oh God
Oh Racna
Let my guardian angels
inspire me
good things

I ask you let
that Quetzalcoatl
grant us wisdom
and prosperity
and Bastet keep us
always safe
and grant us
joy and happiness

They both help me
to reach you
and keep us from all
pest and disease

I promise to be
Loyal and faithful

Because only you
are God no matter
call you Brahma,
Great Spirit, Allah or Racna
because all are you,

Because you are Omnipresent,
because you are Universal.


Sometimes it happens that we have nightmares or see a psychic-disturbance, what makes us wake up, if not already are, but every time try to sleep again and woke repeated again, in these cases it ideal is to have at hand a psychic-weapon, which can be a metal object sharp as a folding knife (try folding it to prevent accidents), then we must moisten your fingers with saliva and rub the handle of the gun, even then we can deploy a time and rub the handle with the fingers of both hands, then fold it again, what is an excellent method of defense, because metal attracts scurrilous spirit and the edge it hurts, causing severe pain and if we have a young son who suddenly awake at night and leaves to mourn because of the same, we can be with him and do the same, until all is back to normal, so this method is an excellent exorcism to combat the worst nightmares and psychic-disturbances.
(The metal of the knife, works similar to that iron oxide content in the blood and that is that makes the soul be united to body, but in the case of psychic-weapon, being rubbed on the handle and by be a gun, pulls the spirit scurrilous and hurts its edge, so that the invader seek not back.

Here we see the image of a folding knife.