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The book of Truth

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he prophecies relate to future events. It should be noted that in this world there is a constant battle between good and evil. At the same time it must be considered that not all people and nations always opt for the path of justice, so sometimes things get out of balance, so sometimes Racna(God) tells us something through their messengers through whom conveys a message or make us a promise, that is, tells us a prophecy, so that we know that he is there to maintain order in the universe and to guide us on our journey through this world.


the new temple will be the Divine image, and this temple is not built like the ancient churches, but will have a different architecture that best represents the Divine Truth and Our Lady and Lord of Heaven and will be called by its true name is: Racna and will be recognized by all nations.

SECOND PROPHECY.- THE PROTESTANTISM try to spread around the world using weapons of this time, that is, not only directly through armies, but also through the media, such as film and television , using marketing and advertising. In general, using the persuasive social psychology, trying to undermine the freedom of individuals.
Protestantism caused the violence in which case arises. There will be violence, even in countries with governments Protestants. But over time, the American continent will see freedom of Protestantism. And this will be followed elsewhere.

THIRD PROPHECY.- THE COMMUNISM will seek to emerge in many countries, both in the West as in the East. Seek cause coups, every time you have the chance. Communism tried to divide many nations. Many fall prey to the wrong political system, which is actually a cult.
The communist pseudo-doctrine trying to provoke violence and death, confusing to many people and confronting countries themselves, to try to combat any religion.
Communism will fall while China and Cuba, after the death of Fidel Castro.
Communism in Venezuela has sought to arise, but never reached and everything was put in a vain attempt by the false doctrine.

To better understand this, it must be said that a country that fell under communism, is one in which his government openly professes that pseudo-doctrine, build great monuments to communist heroes, destroyed large amounts of church strongly repressed any religion, no there is democracy, restricts freedom of expression ..... , These being the main features.
For example, in China during the past 470 years A. M. .... (2000 .....) already starting to notice more clearly as communism is beginning to disappear gradually.

In time the general communism, so will go extinct.

FOURTH PROPHECY.- UNITED STATES. (Your government) can no longer continue their advance on the Middle East, and that Arab countries will join.
United States will have to leave the occupied Arab countries, because these new strategies and techniques used in combat.

FIFTH PROPHECY.- THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY will strengthen a little, this is the European Union led by France and Germany. This alliance will become stronger economically and militarily, its political weight will be a bit higher, gaining ground in the United States, but may not move as the first world power over the next fifteen years.

SIXTH PROPHECY.- JAPAN also strengthened, rising to compete with the European community on many areas.

SEVENTH PROPHECY.- UNITED STATES after fifteen years and will not be the first military or economic power, but still remain an important power.

EIGHTH PROPHECY.- LATIN-AMERICA, The call will join in many respects.

NINTH PROPHECY.- THE VATICAN, The rule made by the Vatican, and the groups that run hidden, were revealed, and the truth will be known.
Truth be known about Christ, and the number of Christians at least to go away.

TENTH PROPHECY.- GUIDE-PROPHETS, In the future, other people and other known sites of the material world today are unknown.
Prophets come, some will be good. And others are fake, but the doctrine of God will prevail over impostors.

ELEVENTH PROPHECY.- FREEMASON groups will try to fabricate false prophets, twisting the history, attributing alleged miracles to a Church and politics figures, but in the end the lie was uncovered.

TWELFTH PROPHECY.- The world we know today will continue to evolve. Were to hear from OTHER PLANETS WHERE GREAT CIVILIZATIONS, but not all these civilizations seek peace there among them, seeking to religious-impostures based in war, and other defects in, but the Truth and the good will prevail.

THIRTEENTH PROPHECY.- In the year two thousand and twelve start the NEW ERA, to be precise it was from the 20th of March of that year, which was the time coincided, the galactic equinox with the beginning of the Toltec year, as we mark each year ancient pyramids, as the pyramid of Kukulcan, which year after year shows the start of the new year (Natural year, marked by a small movement in the trajectory of our planet, thus begins again the cycle of the seasons) during the spring equinox.
The demonstration consisted of earthquakes that were recorded, worldwide, during the day, thus began the Age or Sun: Nahui Ol'lin, which will bring climate change and the way we see the world, which will be giving themselves over ten years from that day, which is the time that lasts the galactic equinox (when our galaxy gives a small change in his career).

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