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The book of Truth

Chapters and Sections:


The True History

Creation of the Universe

Universal History

Form to count the time

Use of The Sacred Calendar



Prophets and false prophets

History of the Prophets guide


Jesus (Seth)




The Archangels

Creation of the Universe:

here are many worlds but all that life has had its origin in one place and at the same time, so we have every individual living beings are at the same time part of a single Being.
In the beginning there was a vacuum, and the energy that is a substance that has always existed, today we perceive through the movement of planets and atoms, that is something that clearly exists but we do not see directly, However, we noticed their presence.
At the beginning of the existence of some form that energy by accidents or by chance began to change awareness of themselves, forming the first to be called Ometeotl this be grouped into energy fields, invented shapes, colors, textures and contrasts everything was ordered following the way that today still retains the universe because that's how God Ometeotl it ordered from the beginning. We see that everything continues that way since the particles smaller than atoms to things larger than planets.
Be the first: Ometeotl lived in solitude in an infinite, so I choose to split into two beings, one being female and being male, with women who keep Being the biggest heart and the two formed the highest heaven.

They are those we see today, represented in what is known as the Divine image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, where the image of Our Lady represents the feminine and the angel that is down represents the being male. Including two continued creation of the universe, inventing new forms, colors, sounds, textures. As in a place that remains invented constantly refine all creation. God transmits the movement to the whole universe is God who governs the time (because if there is movement there can be no time), is the one who sustains the universe, and keeps the order of all things. The couple had four children Divine twins, four couples each with a son and a daughter who are twins. They were his first collaborators who helped them and their creations remain after completion of forming the heavens, one of his first child, a rebel turned away and formed the sub-worlds. Then, God had other children but wanted to be free and therefore I believe the material world, to go to that place and live there after a series of tests could go to Heaven or somewhere else according to their choice of ordered that the universe remained in four regions. This Heaven, then the material world, down to the underworld and among each of these sites: limbo, but each site ordered from a central point and then headed towards four directions. Being God throughout the universe, his conscience and thought to be at the top of the Heaven, and their children live in both good and bad in her, because God is everything.

With regard to this material world also continued to be created, but to be busy in the sense that this world is another reality. Therefore it was necessary to a vehicle or body that may be occupied by their children. The animals were first trained to God who gave life to their Divine breath and then created the men (and bodies), after several attempts. Then the body materials were occupied by the children of God.

Given that there are not only people on this planet, because the material world is bigger than it can be seen with the naked eye. Therefore, there are other people in various parts of this reality that not even know or even those who have no news. Regarding the term "god" with a lowercase d, it is good to remember that this word refers to a prophet but not a Divine Being.

To send their children to this new world, also brought to their first child for the new guide. But like their children were good that the rebellious son. Because humanity needs to know what is right and wrong, as only they can be free. But others with God's help their first child to choose between good all mankind by those virtues can be a guide for others. But before the case must go through a series of tests to prove they are worthy of it. Most manage to overcome the evidence has become the prophets of many religions good, they are like our brothers and help us find the way to True. In the case of the test does not become false prophets who are dedicated to try to confuse humanity.

All this is part of the natural order of things, which dual universe, where there is good and evil, and the close distance, high and low, sunrise and sunset, et cetera.

After the prophets and false prophets are based on the material world, like all souls, and as appropriate, will live. Sub-worlds whether or Heaven for the good, and then their souls come to this world to help the people entrusted to them when they were in the material world. In the case of the false prophets, who will inhabit the sub-worlds, sometimes come to the material world to try to confuse people by his followers. What appears to be a constant battle between good and evil. But in the end the good always prevails over evil and confusion, but it is necessary that there are several regions in the universe, because God wants to free their children.

Universal History:

t first no one knew anything about God, because to reach this world does not remember anything besides things were hard, the weather was not always benign, and when they died they thought it was forever, but people could either receive an order constant in nature, seeing that everything had to have been created and ordained by some, especially to see the movements of the sun and moon. Then there was a young man in his dream saw a Being creating the universe, and in the dream called “Racna” sometimes saw it as one and sometimes as two Beings, then Racna said

"My little Om, my son, which is what afflicts you."

And Om said:

“Oh Racna, the life is hard and short, is that here all die forever”.

Racna then said:

"Do not be afraid this difficulty or any other distress the people you knew now they are with me.

The death is only apparently and difficulties disappear when you pronouncing my name."

The next day Om told all that he hear in his dream.

And onwards when someone had a problem calling Racna and the difficulties would disappear; that was the first news of God, but like all the times then people tried to find the Truth of the Universe and the Being who created everything, and one or the other way God has always inspired somehow Truth, so that Racna either as one or as a partner created the universe has been called in different ways: God, Allah, Brahma, the Great Spirit, The Law of Karma..... In the Americas, was named Ometeotl, it also was learned that he lives in the higher Heaven or Omeyocan, with Ometecuhtli and four children who had helped them to continue creating the universe. As there are four directions of the universe, four climates (Seasons), four points, four ways in which the substance to be seen are: Air (gas), water (liquid), fire (as regards incandescent light , lightning, electricity, and the fire itself), and soil (solid).
They also saw their bodies were no more than vehicles, and within them there was a substance that does not die. Then built the ancient holy city called Tomoanchan, was built to record the four changes in climate and the general movement of the universe, as though the city recorded the movements of the solar system, which apparently is only a part. Truth is that the order of movement from subatomic particles to the macro material universe follow the same order from the beginning of creation, where everything was ordered in four and a central region. So the holy city of ancient records the order of movement through a series of temples that continuously record the time. The main temples were dedicated to Omecihuatl and Ometecuhtli (Totahtzin and Totahtzin), likewise there are still two main temples, which is currently in the Holy City of today, the Mexico City and the two sanctuaries are: The Basilica of Guadalupe and the Church of Divine Providence, which is near the Basilica. Both churches are distinguished by their architectural style.

The people of those regions, initially lived with difficulty, but then looked for the presence of God, and could find peace and prosperity, since it was transmitted from things like science, and art, to the most important things like are: justice and unity.
But there was a time in a nation where they get to govern a young king named Yayontzin, who was born in a year Tecpatl near a mountainous region. It was a good king, who seemed, was to become a prophet, but over time began to protect the service and soon became a lover of war, leading his people in a series of battles against other nations. Yayontzin was a terrible war and every battle along with his army took prisoners as it was possible, after which sacrificed in honor of Tezcaltipoca. That was the name they knew the rebellious son of the couple Divine. Tezcaltipoca Being a loving war and destruction, it dominates the spirits and rebels who governs the sub-worlds.
At that time the abuses were committed were many, because it is not respected at all freedom and justice prevailed since slavery, and the law applied only to the powerful. It was when God sent a message through the good priests, but people did not want to hear, then a large volcanic eruption just being there with all covered by lava and volcanic dust, and memories of those events. This happened in the year 2198 B. S. / 186 B. C. It is important to see that while there is freedom, this does not mean that it may violate the freedom of others. For that reason the people who were punished Yayontzin.

While there is freedom, is also good at least to give thanks to God for the material and spiritual. While some are simply faithful to God and their prayers can save all the others.

Many years later was born in another kingdom that was in the Pacific Ocean coast, a prince who called: Yopi but unlike Yayontzin, became a guide for his nation, was an honest man and devoted to things God, that is why there was always plenty: harvests were good, and trees were always abundant fruits. Yopi was much loved by his people, where people often came from other regions, where life was sometimes difficult, however, were well received upon arrival, all the people are happy to help.
Yopi always worry about the welfare of its people. Sometimes, when there came a big storm, the ocean is shaken vigorously, threatening to raze the small nation, but then Yopi raised their prayers to heaven and everything returned to calm.

The young prince married a beautiful maiden named Xochiquetzal together to govern with justice for several years. Until an evil king who ruled a nation in the north, Xochiquetzal met during a party attended by several leaders of the region. So to see the beauty of the princess, came in great envy and some months later, I hope the opportunity for Yopi were absent. When the kingdom was invaded with his army, abducting beautiful Xochiquetzal.

When the terrible news reached the ears of Yopi, immediately left the country from north to rescue his wife, was an uphill battle. But achieving defeat evil king of the north; Xochiquetzal unfortunately died during the battle. Yopi disconsolate, took the lifeless body of the beautiful Xochiquetzal and took him to the top of a mountain, and put the body there, kneeling by her side, with great sadness at not being able to withstand the departure of their beloved, soon after, everything is covered by snow. The last thing was it was two butterflies floating in the air, rising into the sky, then it was when both left this world in the year 1522 B. S. (490 B. C.), and there was a big storm hard for several months. After those events, the kingdom of Yopi, was led by his sister called Yoztlamiyahuatl, who ruled with justice for many years.

One of the first Divine collaborating partner was the priest-king known as Topiltzin who had the soul of Quetzalcoatl who speak both ancient history books, especially in countries Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Belize, et cetera; although it was known by their high priests as Kukulkan (In the Maya area) and Viracocha (Inca in the area) without being weird they were white-skinned it came from Tulane today: Teotihuacan. where he lived, and that is, because many Toltecs were white-skinned as narrated in the Popol Wuh (the mayan sacred book) where it says Toltecs had brown skin and white skin.

Although Quetzalcoatl liberally speaking the history books, the truth is; that the real history was changed by conquest intentions to serve of the early Church, and as Topiltzin (The incarnation of Quetzalcoatl, who was one of the first four partners of God) were white, occurred to them to invent that Christ and Quetzalcoatl were the same person thus to Christianity be accepted without much problems; lie changed with time, saying that Quetzalcoatl had been saint Thomas.
The fact is that history was being changed little by little with an evil purpose.

And that is, since they arrived bad priests to the American continent, wanted to destroy all traces of culture as a way to end with the memory of history. So after destroying the sacred books, threatened to kill anyone who refused to accept the lies their evil god (Jesus). but it was not enough tried to rewrite history inventing deceptions for any form achieve its objectives, partly by force and partly by deception. Is how we see to Topiltzin was a white male and blond hair. but then by orders of the early Church will change history and said that Quetzalcoatl, had been a white male black hair, virgin and bearded.

And it is not difficult view the imposture if you look carefully ancient inscriptions stone found in archaeological sites, of ancient cities that were abandoned prewar conquest and subsequently discovered long after the wars of independence. That was to associate to Jesus, because the characteristics virgin male, white with black hair and beard; correspond to Jesus as it is not difficult to deduce. For Topiltzin while it was white, did not have black hair and the beard is in some codices is a sign to represent old age and not a habit. Thus at first of the conquest even it came to writing falsehoods of false facts who told that Jesus, after the alleged resurrection (Event to spoken in the christian mythology) appeared in America preaching his gospel, and was known as Quetzalcoatl.

The story of Quetzalcoatl was handled in principle by the early Church, as of old manuscripts and historical sources Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl I knew that being a messenger of God, teach to the people the virtues, banned all barbaric practice that many tried to come in those days, because of the rebel god. What was not unique to that time. Because there are times when trying to revive barbaric practice of various forms, as is now the death penalty or abortion in some countries. The example of Quetzalcoatl as a servant of God was followed by the priests of his order despite many difficulties, Order that existed even before Quetzalcoatl Topiltzin come through.
Topiltzin teach many good things, but I get to do wondrous things, such as making the nine wind bring rain so that crops were good, as even seen in some ancient inscriptions, could also cure people using his own vital energy, (Now known that is possible to heal others through our own psychic energy, which is stronger in some people who have a special gift). And that was the sign that Topiltzin, along with her mother Quetzalpapalotl were the reincarnation of Quetzalcoatl.

Representation of Quetzalcoatl, note the conical cap and the cross, which he has in hand, which are signs that the priests wore long ago.

Then the conquest achieving its objectives, burned these writings to leave no trace of the lies of the early Church, both served to confuse the ancient Americans but before being burned other frauds were invented to serve somehow transition as saying Quetzalcoatl was Saint Tomas.

An example of this was some ancient manuscripts and books were falsified, then these falsifications were destroyed to make new counterfeits, in order to achieve greater confusion, and thus missed out the true history and doctrine. And is that when a lie is repeated many times, we come to believe that is true, but like any other lie, sooner or later come to be discovered.

The True history of Quetzalcoatl is the following: Many years ago even before the arrival of the Europeans to Americas; in one place located close of today is known as Mexico City; there was a beautiful kingdom ruled by a king called Mixcouatl who knew the beautiful Queen Quetzalpapalotl (Mean: Feathered butterfly, or sacred butterfly) a few days later they married, but never had material contact led a life as dedicated to the priesthood.
One day when Quetzalpapalotl praying in a temple came a ray of light who came from sky, and at the same time, happened that Quetzalpapalotl, got pregnant by a wonderful miracle. By knowing what happened, no shortage who did not believe in this prodigy, said that she was making and even made plans to treat to kill and nobody believed her. During five days the queen was afflicted; as the child kicked in her belly, until the birth on the fifth day. All this happened In the year one thousand two hundred seven B. S. (805 A. C.) Was when he was born in the City of great Tulan who was called: Topiltzin.
At birth the baby happened a wonderful marvel, then was in the sky a sign from Heaven; Venus that a long time not seen, at that instant then appeared again which sign of renewal; and then people finally believed

Here we see Quetzalpapalotl.

The prince was raised by Quetzalpapalotl, who taught the virtue and good example; she started on religion, the True God for whom we live, owner of Heaven and Earth; (Whom he knew: As Tonacacihuatl and Tonacatecuhtli, Mother and Father of all); and in the study of peace as well as justice.

The Divine doctrine, and the knowledge of God and of his first four children, as it is: Quetzalcoatl, was broadcast in Americas from ancient times, long before the existence of Christianity. As shown in archeological sites such as Xochicalco. Quetzalcoatl's name has two meanings and these are:
First .- Feathered serpent, which the serpent symbolizes the earth and the feathers the Heaven; this means a link between Heaven and the Earth, and Quetzalcoatl is one of the messengers of God who comes into this world from time to time to convey a message from Heaven.
Second .- Admirable twin, it means that Quetzalcoatl are two Beings:
Being male and a female Being, ie one pair of children of Tonacatecuhtli and Tonacacihuatl by those who transmit their Divine message, as was the case of Quetzalpapalotl and Topiltzin, to teach people the right path: The path of peace, and justice.

The good king Mixcoatl many things to teach little prince. Beginning with the most important things, and on one occasion he said: “Beloved Son is important to listen councils of elders, because, they have long lived on this Earth, in this world; and why his teachings are as valuable treasures” .

Prince Topiltzin also learned the trade of war since he was very young, because in those days there were many wars. Mixcouatl, fought against the kingdoms to master other unfairly, he also try to end with the trend, some people professed to the rebel god but it had earned the enmity and hatred of many who finished to kill him by treachery. It happens when prince, was twelve informed him that his father had died. Topiltzin was very gloomy and went to dig the body of his father, and then took him to the top a sanctuary it seemed to the sacred mountains. There, the prince incinerate the body of his father; from that day Topiltzin saw what terrible and grave that can be war. Topiltzin he loved his parents always respected and tried to follow advice but when died his feather much was his pain, and found that this world merely a transit, as he explained his mother: Quetzalpapalotl, who also said: "My son, one day be king and then you have to govern this people; so it is very necessary to look for what is True for you know teach everyone else” .

Topiltzin then realized that the advice of his father Mixcoatl had been very useful and important, but there were still things that needed to learn.

Then Quetzalpapalotl led to the village; after over time Topiltzin grew and became king. But it was not easy, since then; but God was worshiped, were some they preferred to honor the rebel god.
Topiltzin rose much prayers to Heaven; one day in a dream discard achievement its material body and travel the highest Heaven. Being there God showed him the Truth to be transmitted all peoples; and said he had to build a new city Where to find, where to see, Divine signal consisting of an eagle they were looking to the sacred mountains; upon return to this world to get started on your package.
Topiltzin spoke to the people and told; first we must worship God who is trainer and Creator, who is mother and father of all exists (Divine couple) and while it's good to worship noble Beings that contribute to God, they should not be considered Divine by any reason. God does not want sacrifice either the war. Therefore it was necessary go live somewhere else; where not revered by anyone the rebel god or any false god, because then he said, the True Creator.
Then Quetzalcoatl with Cihuacoatl (Quetzalpapalotl) gathered all the people of Cholula (Today, archaeological site of Cholula, where is the biggest pyramid it has ever built), to convey the Divine message, but in that moment everything is covered with clouds, and the sky darkened; with what began a strong tempest. All this, as a sign of opposition of the rebel god, but Quetzalpapalotl using Topiltzin; rose singing, and a prayer to Heaven, then came a strong wind driven by the angels that made the clouds disperse, and at that moment the storm ended. After those dealings, Topiltzin led the people to another place to found a new city, because, even before that the people had lived by wars and some even came to make human sacrifices the rebel god. All this happened in the year one thousand one hundred sixty three (849 AC) where the lives of those people would change radically.

They left still night of the Cholula city. (Chollollan city). The road was long, and before reaching its destination had to stop in several villages where used to stay some time before proceeding the trip. After some time, at dawn able to see an eagle with his eyes pointed toward a sacred mountains. That was the signal, suddenly saw and right there built the great city. So that was how he told the Lady and the Lord of Heaven (Tonantzin and Totahtzin) during a dream Topiltzin.

When they reach the right place, all rejoiced and immediately began construction the new city (The current is known as the Teotihuacan City) despite the difficulties, specially because it was difficult to have enough food since it was a time of drought and crop did not produce much. So Topiltzin seeing the suffering of its people came very early in the morning in one day of the year: 1157 B. S. (855), to the sacred mountain where the sun rises which was then called Tonacatepetl (Meaning: Mountain of the maintenance). Upon arriving there began to rise toward the top, was when he saw door or entrance marked by a white light around her. Topiltzin decided to cross that door, and without realizing exactly what happened, managed to reach the Omeyocan (Highest Heaven), where was Tonantzin and Totahtzin, being surprised al that event, kneels.

So Tonantzin said:

“Which is what afflicts my little Quetzalcoatl”.

And Topiltzin said:

“My Lady, my Queen, your children suffer, because there is not enough provisions.”

Tonantzin then gave him some seeds and said.

“Do not be afraid this difficulty, or any other distress. Take these seeds and carry on my name. Tell everything you've seen and admired, you who are my envoy very trustworthy, to enable sowing and so, do not miss the food; to meet my will, and convey my message, my word. You've heard my son, my message, go, has what is on your side.”

Finally Topiltzin said: “Thank you Lady and Lord of Heaven. I dismiss you”

Topiltzin return to the material world, took the road leading to Tulan (Tollan).

Upon arriving with his people told him all the wonderful event and planted those seeds he said as the Lady of Heaven, also Topiltzin and Quetzalpapalotl together with the help of many faithful and devotees built a temple on top of Tonacatepetl. In a short time began to end the drought, born a bigger corn and better than any other had been met. In gratitude for this miracle, all the people went in a solemn procession to the top of Tonacatepetl to give thanks to the Lady and the Lord of Heaven for all those blessings received. When the temple was at last completed, all the people went to the scene, and being there Cihuacoatl burn incense, spreading in the a shape of a cross towards the four cardinal points beginning with where the sun rises, in sign of prayer for all peoples of the world. Then all the people took the first corn born that year, as an offering for the abundant harvest. Thereafter began to heal people who suffered of disease.
In the new city King Topiltzin together with the assist his mother Quetzalpapalotl, try union of nations; always entrusted in their prayers to God, who transmitted the order and move the universe, and everything is translated into a calendar marking the days and ages, so it has been taught by God. In addition, Topiltzin preach and teach by example, the correct way to live; inspired by our Divine Parents, always trying to find what is True. As his mother Quetzalpapalot taught him.

Although at the time and knew how to place different Ages, Topiltzin using Quetzalpapalotl pointed out in a more precise timetable, which was followed by many nations, and a similar one can see in the atrium of the Basilica of our Divine Lady Tonantzin (Virgin of Guadalupe).

The King Topiltzin boost science, art, philosophy and Justice. Caring for the people and teach honesty, loyalty, respect for others, and love family. Furthermore achievement inspire all the neighboring towns. For in those days nations of regions constantly living in conflict. Topiltzin that achievement was to reconcile all of them, being king helped and shared what they had, in a few years forgot the bitterness and was the unity, and fraternity. The message conveyed during their passage through this world continued to spread to many other nations, where they abandoned the old practice. Was only allowed to puncture the right lobe of the ear and tongue with a thorn of maguey. What does not cause any sin to the teachings and it was good sign to hear the Truth and speak of the Truth.

This was done after fasting for four days, then after the fast, after, on the fifth day, only took a little water in the morning and then before the religious ceremony, which we know as Mass, is twinge lobe of the right ear and tongue.

In his time, Topiltzin made important discoveries, such as alloy metals. This brought peace and reconciliation for many people. to ask God's help, Topiltzin get to perform many miracles to help different peoples bringing agreement to many nations. The union of the people is very important. These are the power to teach different nations, by means of reason and good intentions: to avoid prosecution or to discriminate against others for whatever reason. Truth must be transmitted through peace and good example, without seeking to provoke the other, nor do any less people.

Topiltzin was always loyal to his friends and his wife Itzquely; since Topiltzin save the people of Tollan but also save the people of the other nations, because he did not hesitate to share the corn and science.

One day meeting Topiltzin many priests to leave the east, and thence other countries, to teach to transmit, the inspired message by the first author everything on earth and in Heaven; so King Quetzalcoatl leave the comforts of his kingdom in Tulan to go and teach the Truth other nations.
Many people of Tulan both ordinary people as priests accompanied Quetzalcoatl but some remained in the City. Which since was ruled by King Huemac.Thus it was Topiltzin along with many faithful to preach the Divine message to other nations. and although Topiltzin did not live here forever and departed from this earth during one afternoon promised to return in future because this world just a place of way. For its part, priests continued to spread the message by many nations.

The point is that Quetzalcoatl was also known as the lord of the dawn, and as Venus, star of morning, and afternoon. Since it is in the late afternoon, but always returns morning; meaning is that Quetzalcoatl is the messenger of God that is sent to this world to bring a message then from this and come back another time. Then, telling the history Quetzalcoatl Topiltzin left to Tulan but promised to come again in the future. Although the early Church twisted history to associate Quetzalcoatl with christian saints.

Form to count the time.

he measurement time is very important; since it is God who transmits motion to the universe and therefore time. So that counting the time in a different way as happens in nature is something wrong.

The time occurs through Cycles of five Ages. Each Cycle begins with the Age of the movement, and then follow one of the following four Eras that are related to one element: Fire, Water, Air and Earth, so that at the end starts a new one, so, the count begins again with the Age of the movement.

The last Cycle began only recently, in the year two thousand and twelve of secular-calendar which was when start the new era, to be precise it was from the 20th of March of that year, which was the time coincided, the galactic equinox with the beginning of the Toltec year, as we mark each year ancient pyramids, as the pyramid of Kukulcan, which year after year shows the start of the new year (Natural year, marked by a small movement in the trajectory of our planet, thus begins again the cycle of the seasons) during the spring equinox.

The demonstration consisted of earthquakes that were recorded, worldwide, during the day, thus began the Age: Nahui Ol'lin, as well as a new Cycle

As for the way of counting time, we can do it in that year to the Sun as we are, being the current Sun: The Sun Nahui Ollin (Age of the Movement), for example: If the secular-calendar says we are in the 2014 really is the year two Nahui Ollin, since the year One began on March 20 or 21, 2014 (depending on which day the spring equinox happens), initiates year two and so on until the time was start a new Sun.

(Previously we had count in years before and after of our Divine Lady (Before and after 1930), but from the beginning of the new Sun, we must count as mentioned above, and to refer to years before the year 1 we say: x years before our Sun or x years B. S.).

Knowing the Cycles of time has been transmitted by God since ancient times. As in Hinduism, where they are called Yugas. At the time of Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl they called Suns. Because the Divine order is present everywhere.

Another important point is that when completing a century of 52 years, it is good that all the families from the fast four days earlier and kept turned four candles of colors: white, blue, red and green, until the day they are met 52 years, these is for five days. Even more when this nearly complete a full Cycle when it is important to make many pilgrimages to Tepeyac, the sacred sites and most important, to not come to be natural disasters or battles produced by the negative forces.

Use of the Sacred Calendar

Until now describe how the Cycles are going on time, as to the count of days, if you want you can make a count of the days under natural calendar, which was engraved in stone by Quetzalcoatl and Quetzalpapalotl ( Quilaxtli Cihuacoatl), and by Divine inspiration, which is a schedule consisting of 20 characters and corresponds to a lunar calendar that coincides exactly with the solar calendar every 52 years. At the beginning of this chapter (Above) shows a representation of the natural calendar date, which like the first contains an equal number of signs, although different to be more commensurate with the time we live in today, and are as follows:

1.- Ol `lin (Represents the movement of the universe)
2.- Dawn (Represents the dusk and dawn)
3.- Earth (One of the manifestations of matter)
4.- Moon (This sign depicting the prophet Mohammed)
5.- Owl (This sign is associated with the archangel Athena)
6.- Xochiquetzal (Archangel of beauty and love)
7.- Wind (One of the manifestations of matter)
8.- Fire (One of the manifestations of matter)
9.- Kukulcan (Prophet Kukulcan)
10.- Snail (Represents Yemonja)
11.- Lotus (The Lotus flower is associated with the prophet Rama)
12.- Rain (Represents the prophet Yopi)
13.- Water (One of the manifestations of matter)
14.- Kami (Represents the Kamis)
15.- Buddha (It is a sign related to the prophet Buddha)
16.- Road (Represents the right road)
17.- Archangel (represents the dawn archangel)
18.- Tepetl (Represents the mountain and the sacred tree)
19.- Yin-Yang (Represents the duality of the universe)
10.- Cal `li (Represents our house from Heaven)

Are as follows: The signs are combined with numbers from 1 to 13, starting with the one Ol `lin in the order shown above. So that at 1 Ol`lin follows the two Dawn, then three earths, four moon, to reach 13 Water (The number thirteen in the previous paragraph), then follow with 1 Hummingbird (the fourteenth sign). It must be combined with numbers from 1 to 13, so that the sign 14 (above), must be 1 Hummingbird, to follow the 2 Buddha, 3 Way, 4 Archangel, 5 Tepetl, 6 Lao-Tzu, 7 Cal`li, which is the last sign. But in the account will continue with the first sign, ie: 8 Ol`lin, 9 Dawn, 10 Earth, 11 Moon, 12 Owl, then as we got to 13 Xochiquetzal, we started again with one more sign that follows, which is 1 Hummingbird and so on. So the same number and mark will be repeated until 260 days have passed. Since 13 per twenty (20 characters) is equal to 260 days. The signs of antiquity, among other things were used for naming children as well as the name of the day was the name of the child.
This calendar (Lunar) is combined with a solar calendar consisting of twenty 18 months plus one week than most of the time is 5 days which is almost always equal to 365 days. (The 5 day can vary, because a year always lasts exactly 365 days, can sometimes be less days, then to know the exact count is always taken into account the equinoxes and solstices as they are the ones who make natural time, then the end of the year can be for example: Nine days before winter solstice or before the spring equinox, as in some places is considered the spring equinox, which is also correct, the important thing is to be done as early in the season). ). The fact is that both the lunar and the solar calendar must exactly match a century of 52 years, so that gives the same result: The 260 days multiplied by 73 which equals 18,980 days, that 365 days multiplied by the 52 years, which equals 18.980 days thereof. Since 18.980 is equal to 52 years 365 days. Apparently, however, this account is not completely accurate because in addition to no-one years 365 days lasts exactly be lacking because we have some more hours, the problem also appears to be greater, because besides the number of hours that apparently does not count, will vary with age so that a year can exceed 365 days for several hours and as the years add up to days that are adjusted while the last 5 days of the solar calendar that does not count, both must comply with the lunar calendar, but both must match according to the equinoxes and solstices.

With respect to the account of 365 days (Solar calendar) is done through 18 months who have the following names: 1 Atlacacauallo, 2 Tlacaxipehualiztli, 3 Tozoztontli, 4 Hueytozoztli, 5 Toxcatl, 6 Etzalcualiztli, 7 Tecuilhuitontli, 8 Hueytecuihutli, 9 Tlaxochimaco, 10 Xocotlhuetzin, 11 Ochpaniztli, 12 Teoleco, 13 Tepeihuitl, 14 Quecholli, 15 Panquetzaliztli, 16 Atemoztli, 17 Tititl, 18 Itzcalli, and week of 5 days is called: Nemontemi.
Under this count there is also an important conclusion, which is celebrated in the month Tlaxochimaco, which makes a special prayer to ask God to send his prophets.

In ancient times to know exactly when it initiated the solstices and equinoxes to through some of the temples that also functioned as a clock that marks the beginning of the solstices and equinoxes, ie the beginning of each season. This with the aid of visual effects seen in the major temples, as even today one can see in Chichenitza and other archaeological sites.

Some words have been written in Nahuatl, which is given to indicate its


ome words have been written in Nahuatl or come directly from the Nahuatl, in such cases, it is more appropriate to say them according to how they were in classical Nahuatl, because Tonantzin speaks to Cuauhtlatoatzin (Juan Diego) in that language. Even today is spoken but variants of the Nahuatl language, which is not exactly the same. Furthermore, since the time of the conquest, the classical Nahuatl spelling was given according to the Greco-Roman script, and it is agreed that although some words are written under that spelling, however, the spelling is not accurate, because some sounds replaced by others that you think of the Spanish. Therefore here transcribe some of the most important words with their more rough and easy to pronounce.

Ehecatl ........................... says ay-hay-cahl.
Cuauhtitlan .................... says coo-ah`-oo-te-lan.
Cuauhtlatoatzin ............. says coo-ah`-oo-lah-to-oo-aht-Seen.
Chollollan ...................... says Show-lo-ool`-lan.
Iztacmixcoatl ................. says iz-Tack-mix-co`-ooahl.
Mixcóuatl ...................... says mish-co`-ooahl.
Nahuatl ........................ says nah-ooahl.
Nelamoxtli ..................... says nay-lah-mosh-Lee.
Nezahualcoyotl .............. says nay-sah-ooahl-co`-yol.
Omecihuatl .................... says o-may-See-ooahl.
Ometecuhtli .................... says Oo-may-tay-clee.
Quauzáhuatl .................. says Coo-ah`-oo-sah-ooahl.
Quetzalcoatl ................... says ket-thahl co-ooahl.
Quilaxtli Cihuacoatl ...... says kee-lash-lee See-ooah-co-ooahl, And it means: twin woman and rich in food.
Tenochtitlan .................. says tay-nosh-Tea-lan.
Teocaltzin ...................... says ti-o-cahl-Tseen.
Tepeyac .......................... says tay-pay-jack.
Teteoinan ....................... says tay-ti-o-E-nan.
Tezoquitl ....................... says tay-so`-kill. and is the name of the uncle of Cuauhtlatoatzin.
Tollan ........................... says to`-ool`-lan.
Tonacatépetl .................. says to`-oo-nah-cah`-teh-pay-l.
Tonantzin ...................... says to`-oo-nan-Tseen.
Totahtzin ....................... says to`-oo-taht-Seen.
Xochiquetzal ................. says xo`-oo-She-ket-thahl and means feather flower rich.
Xochitl ...................... says xo`-oo-She-ket-thahl and means flower.

In the case of the "LL" in hahuatl is pronounced as twice "L", for example in the word is pronounced Tollan: To`-ool`-lan.

In the case of the "TL" is more difficult to pronounce, as in the classical Nahuatl "TL" is pronounced like English, but with sounds more together, as if it were one, so that some words sounded more like a "L". And in other a little more like "TL" when at the beginning or when the preceding syllable contains an "L", as in the word: Ocelotl, that pronounced: O-say-lo`-tl, in these case the sound “TL” is similar as the sound “TL” in the word turtle.

The case of the "O" is pronounced as "O".

The case of the "CH", sometimes well and sometimes as a "SH".

The Sounds: "D" and "G" does not exist in Nahuatl.

The "TZ" is pronounced as a single sound, but with the sound of "Z" a little stronger than the "T".

The "X" in most cases, when it sounds like the beginning, the sound is the same, in other cases, usually sounds like a “SH” .

In the case of “LL”, (“L`L”) is pronounced by a very short suspension without aspiring sound. The accents do not exist in Nahuatl, so that words are read to run.


arly Church.- It is the primitive part of the Church in a manner similar to Protestantism, he insists on maintaining the imposture of christianity, the early church is now the Vatican and its ambassadors, who although the obvious Truth, insists with a sham to prevent its economic and political empire is dissolved.

Universal Church.- It is the set of religions that preach the Truth that we are all brothers and that there is God who is universal soul, which governs the order and movement of the universe.

Earth or Land.- Means this world in that we live and where we step.

earth.- refers to one of the four elements: water, fire, air and earth.

freemasons hostile.- unlike the common freemasons, are secret organizations were formed by people of different nationalities who profess faith in a false prophets, mainly Christ-Seth who called with a different names, to conceal their real purposes.
These groups are dedicated to finding ways to implement a world government through control of secret sects, such as communism and protestantism.

Prophets and false prophets.

s stated in the beginning there was only the first Divine couple: Tonantzin and Totahtzin, then had four pairs of twin sons, who were his early collaborators, who helped the Divine Couple to remain the universe. But at a time, one of the collaborators of God became rebellious and left the Heaven, creating the first underworld. Other pairs of children, continued to be good, working with God and are sent to this material world to spread the word. They are messengers of God. After them are the guide prophets who help the people, being light and guidance to humanity. But we must bear in mind that God's message conveyed to us in that we are all on Tepeyac about all are their children and all gods too. Since then the messengers of God and his prophets guide his staff, who are a light to the nations but the most important message is transmitted in the Tepeyac.
As a guide prophets, as well as with the first four partners of God in one of them became rebellious and chose the wrong road. The same happened with some guide prophets guide. As for those who have followed the path of good. It should be noted that although they are very important, only God has the perfection, but the prophets guide will help you find the path of Truth.
On the other hand, sometimes coming to a religious battle between good and also good, but not because of the prophets, but in most cases because of the Beings who come to cause others to the same religion .
The good gods have been sent to the material world. Among them, many still do not know, living in various prophets who have led many people, teaching them civilization and the track. The prophets faced a series of tests before transmitting a doctrine. Some of them have brought good to the nation and serve as a guide to God, these is to the highest heaven. The souls of the good prophets-guides, live up to the Eighth Heaven. With respect to the prophets rebels, they inhabit the underworlds.

Generally many gods have taught the various doctrines are known as religions. Any good religion, is far from True. Although in some cases may seem a little different, but this is for various reasons, the lowest of times, because sometimes there have been people who have tried to modify a little. But generally the message is the same, namely the case is interpreted correctly.

The gods have taught doctrines and laws, the arts, architecture, and sometimes the union of several villages, forming what is known as cell lines. The gods helped by archangels are also embodied. The archangels are angels or people whom for various merits, his soul has grown. We must bear in mind that the prophets good, never to promote or cause human sacrifices, that is, people sacrificed to others. The prophets teach moderation always good. The good prophets and the good archangels never proclaim themselves as supreme Beings, because it is only God, She is the only one that can alter the course of time, as when our Tonantzin Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe), amended winter solstice. The good prophets never to promote the establishment of empires absolute.

Should be noted that the term "god" can be interpreted in several ways. In this case the term is used to call those prophets who have made doctrines or convey a message, but not in the sense of Divine Beings. There are two cases, that is the case of the gods are good to those who intercede before God for the people and the gods of evil that seek to impersonate Divines and may lose due to the people. It is only Divine Tonantzin and Totahtzin. As regards the former collaborators of God, although they are very important not become Divine.

When the civilizations encounter with other civilizations. On occasions it can be battles, but that is usually for reasons unrelated to these religions. Although it seems that the religions are the cause, this only happens when there is a religion that is not good. In cases of religious good, the battles come to be caused by people trying to change the religion to serve their own purposes. But usually it does not last long. That is why at times there has been some rivalry between religions good. So when it does happen like that, it is important to ask God to help us, to return harmony to the people.

Must distinguish between what is a god, and an archangel. For example in countries like India are called gods, for many people, but all of them only what are Buddha and Rama, in their absence their reincarnations, as far as others are archangels.

It is necessary to note that all people are important to God, so that does not mean that She loves most to the gods. Because like a family we must all work together, but it is always necessary that older siblings give the good example, but not always happen that way. As time passed some gods has not been able to fulfill their task and have been arrogant, being defeated by their desires. In those cases when they become false prophets.

Among the gods who have come to the material world we know today, we can mention a few, including: Buddha, Moses, Muhammad, Rama, and so on. They have been sent to all regions and at all times. But like all the messengers of God, has always existed in all cases, the presence of the sacred mountain, or the sacred tree. Thus God is present through its sacred mountain or sacred tree, while all regions in the known and unknown, as has been: El Cerrito's Tepeyac and Cypress in the history of the prophet Cuauhtlatoatzin (See: History of the Divine Miracle), Himalaya mountain in the history of the prophet Rama, Mount Sinai in the history of the prophet Moses, the Mount Hira in the history of the prophet Mohammed, the fig tree known as Bodi tree in the history of the prophet Buddha, and so on. It is therefore very important that the prophets reach the sacred mountain or the sacred tree and then begin to preach, because that is a universal sign that has been passed the Truth.

There are two types of prophet, and therefore two types of messages delivered by God through them. One: The first partners of God, these is, the four pairs of twins being formed by a male and a female Beings who were born at the same time. They are sent by God to convey a message to people in order to know your Divine will. as to all Her children, except of course the son of a rebel who has already spoken.
Two: The prophets guide, they are spiritual guides whose mission is to guide people to different strains of God, teaching the virtue and the proper way in different regions of the material world. But as there is freedom and there is therefore good and evil. Not all prophets are good because there are some who came to choose the wrong path at some point. They are false prophets because they are trying to convey impostures contrary to the Truth. They know them by their arrogance and because they convey the doctrines entail the establishment of empires absolute. It is important to consider these aspects to avoid the traps of false prophets, so that knowing the truth can opt for freedom.

With respect to the prophets guide, to be sent to this world, they have to go through a series of proofs. Those who manage to overcome them have been guides for many people, but who have been unable to overcome such evidence, this has led many countries to the suffering.

Usually the wars that were carried out by land or by other causes, respected countries conquered to some extent, because they are not attacked their identity, customs, prophets, and their cities. But the rebels have used the prophets religion to satisfy their ambitions. It is therefore important to know the history of some of the prophets that were mentioned. Because this is how you know if a prophet who has chosen the right path or a rebellious prophet.
The prophets have led to good religions good, which we consider as Celestial Order, whose headquarters is Heaven.

History of the Prophets guide:

After God created the material world and rise of humanity, God sent various prophets. What happened long ago, long before we think. Then the prophets were sent, even to nations that have not even news. But among the prophets that we know are: Buddha, Rama, Lao-Tzu, Muhammad, among others.

Throughout the history of the known world (The material world we know today), there have been many prophets, including previous incarnations of the best known prophets now, here we tell the true history of some of them:


The history of Lao-tzu, begins in ancient China, around 50 century before our Sun (Among the VI and V centuries B. C.), His real name was Li Er, as Lao-tzu means: Old Master, which is the way they used to call it.

The history goes that he was born under a plum tree in the province of Ho-Nan, elderly, working for some time in the imperial library, but realizing the needs of his people and feel the Divine call, undertook a long journey to the Kuan Han mountains, In order to find the true wisdom, the first thing he learned was that there is order in nature, and in all things, was so fail to understand the principles of Yin and Yang present throughout (day and night, light and darkness, water and fire, man and woman, noise and silence.....), in addition to the Cycles of time, was so understood the way God transmits the order and movement to all universe (express your Teachings in one book called the Tao Te Ching or Tao Te Ching), so that the creative force (Racna) God, call it "Tao" and even describes it as a force that resides Yin and Yan, and not just as a person, the fact is that there is no doubt that he is speaking of God, for that reason, we must consider Lao-tzu as a good prophet.

Lao-tzu tells us to learn from nature, for example: In all of nature we can observe the Yin and Yang, and the same way in our lives we must seek harmony, so that if we are too good just provoke that others take advantage of us and if we are too bad, only achieve that nobody loves us, so that what is important is finding the right balance in order to be happy and live in harmony with others.

In another of his teachings Lao-tzu compares the words of God with the water through an interesting metaphor that says: "The supreme Truth, comes as water, the water comes to all things and favors." And this is the word of God, as it is in all things and when we understand we favored.

JESUS (Seth).

Jesus really is the reincarnation of an Egyptian god who lived long ago, so much that his legend is very similar to that of Seth. Which happens from time of ancient Egypt came to perform some rituals dedicated to pagan gods, and had a special ritual was involved in several of these gods, including Seth, which consisted of:

Made a kind of theater, where a man was disguised pagan god, who was pretending to die, then the assistants were beaten in the chest, to signify they felt sorrow for the death of god, and while it was like by which a prayer asking god that the dead returned to them.

(In some part of Christian ritual, it is also common to see people give blows to the chest while saying "for my fault, for my guilt," the reason is that christianity was in its infancy Based on the ritual to Seth).


Said that god was dead, then his followers buried the body, but a few days, they said that someone had seen it, but then fled by jumping into a river, where they became fish. After that, presumably, to know his followers were to dig up the body, but upon arrival they saw that he was born wheat, and the dig, could not find the body, since then, the myth that people used to eat the wheat rituals that god, as a kind of ritual magic, because in those days, there were those who thought that the death of the body, was dying forever, then they believed that if they ate wheat, would like to resurrect than the god.

There is also a story (Story has been told only in part, because the Masons have tried to hide at all costs) that tells, that in ancient Egypt, an evil prince named Seth, jealous that his brother had been crowned as pharaoh, the evil prince wanted to usurp the throne by deception and machinations. What achievement with the help of some traitors in the kingdom. He soon discovered everything, and Seth was driven out of Egypt, then, the impostor tried to take revenge and launched a terrible curse, causing a plague of rats entering the cities, those which were brought into the barns, causing great losses. With the passing of days, the Egyptians were in a desperate situation. Because if stored grain were lost, they should not eat until the next harvest, which were in danger of reaching starvation, and were unwilling to yield to the wishes of the evil imposter. In desperation, all raised their prayers to Heaven, then, to fight evil, was sent a goddess (Archangel) called Bast, whom God commissioned her to banish Seth. Bast, to combat the scourge, sent hundreds of lynx to Egypt, where he soon ended up with the mess. Then, as time passed, the bobcats were domesticated and became cats. Since then they began to be highly valued in Egypt and who saved that nation from dying from the terrible plague caused by Seth. Reasons, in the bible appointing all kinds of animals, but not hand is mentioned, even once the cats, and the reason is the great fear that Seth feels towards these felines.

Later Jesus reincarnated at the time of the Roman Empire in Judea nation. In those days there was some division between the ancient Jewish nation, where various sects had emerged. The Aramaic sect and others. Jesus wanted to become a rabbi, as they were known to the priests in that place.

In the history of those days; Israeli or Jewish people as it is commonly known, had been subdued by the Romans. But there was a strong dissatisfaction; by then, Jesus was leading a group that strongly opposed the Romans called the group of Arameans, who at first they handled very well to the Romans, for example, always sought to pay their taxes, albeit at the hands of the Romans, and teach people not to refuse to pay. His doctrine seemed to encourage peace.
What is not of concern to the Romans, in part because they benefited. So Jesus and his teachings and healing people through strange brew together with prayers, could soothe the despair of the Jews. Appearing as an alleged father concerned about their children. So if on one hand the Roman Empire was oppressing the people, Jesus as rabbi skilful healing their illnesses and consoled with the idea of a paradise after death, to which the rich could never enter.

Over time the ability of Jesus began to change. In an episode of the christian bible, although some signs of it survived, such as where the story come to a temple and see within that the presence of many traders, suddenly begins to violently remove them. Think the issue is whether the violence was necessary. It seems he wanted to indicate the intention to expel the Romans. Well, well, there was the old prophecy that spoke of a liberator.
Shortly after, it appears that he intended to bring together people with a purpose. During another episode also told in part by the bible, which comes to a happening city where you are greeted by large crowds waving palm leaves with their hands, that events were beginning to worry over the Romans.
It should be noted that Jesus had begun to change the ability of the people gradually. There comes a time when people wanted to expel the Romans, no matter what.
Jesus and his disciples decide to gather a crowd and head for the palace of government, for what appeared to be the expulsion of the Romans, presumably in keeping with an ancient prophecy.

Eventually the Romans controlled the situation smoothly.

After that event, the Romans are concerned about future rebellions sought to capture those responsible for the organization of this apparent attempt at rebellion. They have sent more troops to Rome, because of their concern. In addition to the Roman empire was in a difficult situation because they thought that there was a danger of losing that part of the empire and especially that his pride would be affected. So that was to attack those areas where there are rebels who think the empire, and especially trying to catch the organizers of what appeared to be an attempt to dislodge them.
The Romans led their troops to places where they thought that they could hide the rebel leaders to the rule, going into houses and killing those who were. Taking into account that at that time, Israel was an occupied nation, these is, it existed in Roman troops and administrative representatives of Rome who were responsible for collecting taxes and taxes from the conquered people to be brought to Rome. Not that this was an absolute rule. Hence, the observance of the Jewish temples with their priests, as well as some of their representatives who were like pseudo-authorities to meet the task of being the intermediary between Rome and conquered nation.
The priests and the Jewish pseudo-authorities were concerned because the Romans were killing many people because the leaders found to be wanted, that did not end. So, even offered rewards for the capture of those leaders, in addition to that they were pleased not much fitness of Jesus. Since he was proclaiming himself a divine being. What was considered a blasphemy.
For its part, the false prophet carried out their own plans. While the bible does suggest that people are fickle, it is certain that it was not so much that people are no longer seduced by evil or outside fickle. So even in such cases there must be at least a modicum of common sense in fact. Because even for someone to let seduced by evil, need at least a pretext, and in that case there was something more than just that. It is clear that there was a reason for people are moving away from the leadership of Jesus.

In other words people were outraged. Well, people can become very loyal to their leaders, most, if religious leaders, to the extent that up to handle serious offenses from them, especially because somehow they feel protected. But there are always certain limits, that Jesus had already exceeded by far. Well, those people no longer felt protected by him, but betrayed by him. So that the security of the Jewish nation was in danger because of the fury of the Romans. It is clear that the bible omits many important facts and details, as these stories really are a mythology which has been exaggerated what really happened and things have changed. As you can see without much difficulty that the biblical texts are not very clear whether they are analyzed in an objective or spiritual.
Following the history,Jesus was led by the Romans for trial and punishment for murder in the events, being nailed to a T and not on a cross. Because the cross was added later as a symbol by the early church. Since the cross was even for the Romans of that time, the four cardinal points. So the death penalty was not nailed to a wooden symbol of an honor, but a penalty for rebellion against the Roman Empire. Nor is it very rational thinking that has been nailed to lumber up a hill, as the Bible recounts. Well, a mountain represents the path to Heaven, as told in the history of Israel when Moses ascends Mount Sinai to give thanks to God. It is clear that the facts were distorted and they add several symbols that did not happen in reality, these is the New Testament of the Bible mixed with fabricated facts (mythology) by the early church.
What really happened was that Jesus was led up to the edge of town, where he was not nailed on a cross, but in some wood in the form of "T" because the Romans actually what they wanted to do was get rid of and not pay him honors. After attending to the fact that many Jews were still very upset and felt betrayed by a liberator who had believed, especially those who lost a relative during the revolt failed, because what they had accomplished was to encourage the Romans to kill many Jews.
Then the Romans flogged Jesus, and then nailed in a timber, then it was night, and the Roman soldiers had already beaten a lot, but still remained alive. Moreover, the apostles had bribed a Roman soldier to kill him faking, because at the end of the torture that the accused used to kill by the sword. It was at this last moment where the soldier pretended bribed nailing the sword in the body of the false prophet. This coupled with herbal drugs contained in that he had eaten earlier, helped him survive because he was not really killed, and the drug helped some. After that scandal, the apostles they managed to take the body with life and even cure it before submitting it apparently resurrected. But in principle his apostles only knew the fact, such as concealed, and then present it as if it had risen to the occasion time for their plans.

The Jews, although in principle had been found in two groups: those sadducees and other Aramaeans. Subsequently were joined by Jesus, and in those days generally were outraged because they had not released as expected. So repudiation towards him was almost absolute.
The Jews in general were disappointed, while keeping a great hatred for the Romans, who tried not to show hatred. Above all, because after the pseudo-Jewish authorities surrendered to Jesus, they had made the promise to the Romans that they would not have more troubles. To do this, especially the rabbis tried to appease the people, which made for a short time. Then shortly after, began to appear some agitators who do not conform to what happened, tried to prove against the Romans. The truth is that the actions of Jesus beyond the Jews to lead to peace, all we really had achieved were the worst violence it has seen in a long time.
This brought serious consequences for the Jews. Because the Romans tired of the continuing difficulties faced in the region inhabited by the Jews, and decided to take them as slaves to Rome the capital of the empire.
This was a clever maneuver carried out by Jesus, because he intended to lead to a large number of Jews who were his followers at some point, the center of the Roman Empire. Thence to begin spreading his new cult. As it was in another era, when some Jewish leaders and others who spread communism in Germany, handling many to carry out its purposes, resulting in the death and persecution of many people, regardless of the suffering they might cause. Especially to many innocent people.

So under the guise of the dispersion of the Jews, when they were brought to Rome as slaves. Jesus had to go in the center of the empire along with his apostles. Back in Rome began to show apparently risen compared to many Jews, showing that their injuries appeared to be just cauterize, that the Jews regained their confidence in him. And gave them confidence that, having endured the torture of the Romans and then having made the alleged miracle, and that the lead to something better.
From that time was dedicated to propagate his sect with the help of his apostles. And christianity started to spread from the center of the Roman Empire.

Also, it should be noted that, although intended to suggest that Jesus had conquered death, trying to see death as something terrible. Must be considered that apart from not really being able to resurrect, the death does not really exist, since the body is only one vehicle and the death of that, is the only travel to another site, because the only thing real in this world, is the soul and what comes from the soul. Therefore we can not destroy death, as we can not destroy what does not exist. On the other hand, if it were true that Jesus went to heaven and then returned to this world, must bring proof of this, which can be in any way the scars of a violent act, only because it teaches violence, not the peace.

In the Roman authorities do not like what happened, because from that time began to see the strength of the christian imposture, and that the alleged resurrection of Jesus gave him some credibility.
At that time there was considerable superstition surrounding the alleged resurrection of Jesus, as many thought they had not only risen, but appeared and disappeared as if by a miracle, with the idea that somehow was omnipotent, like untouchable. But he had not permanently, but only for short time.
The Romans consulted with priests non-christians, to know what was going on, with the days they realized the deception and carried out by second time the crucifixion after to finding and capturing the false prophet. But this time the Roman authorities so mutilated and made sure to kill him either, so there is no question that he had died. His remains being buried in Rome, and after these events, the false prophet and not re-appear. Although several centuries after it was said that he had been crucified in Rome was St. Peter. The Truth is that after that event and not re-emerge, as evidenced by more than a historical source.
Despite these events the christian doctrine was so seductive that I know continues to spread throughout the empire through his apostles and a few followers. But they changed the facts to make them credible, including the alleged crucifixion of St. Peter.

It happens that when the Jews first came to Rome, and after the alleged resurrection of Jesus, the cult began to spread at the expense of anything. After the second crucifixion, many Jews still continued to disseminate false doctrine by slaves and poor people of that time. Since it was still a very attractive doctrine, and only a few knew what had actually happened. As the apostles said that they simply had departed to Heaven.
As this sect was still spreading. The Roman authorities were annoying. Because they do not like the idea that the false prophet was proclaimed as a supreme divine Being. As the Romans began to strongly punish those who try to spread the teachings of the sect.

The Jews were actually carried away by their passions, which take the false prophet, so that the Jewish people ended up being manipulated by political and religious interests that do not even understand clearly, but it brought serious consequences. This is where we see how dangerous it can become a false prophet.

And in those days to be emperor of Rome: Nero; began to persecute Jews and subjected to all kinds of deaths.
Since being thrown into the arena with wild animals to be used as living torches that were displayed at the entrance to the cities. In these circumstances the Jews survivors began to flee towards the edges of the empire.
With these events added to the suspicion that it had all been a sham, given the evidence, led many Jews began to realize the falsehood and decided to return to their old beliefs.
Even with all that christianity continued to be disseminated by the apostles of the false prophet, and later by those who convert to christianity and their descendants.
The Romans never really interested in spreading what really happened because they thought they had ended the threat, after a number of years, and though most Jews had abandoned christianity. There were some not, who had gone to the banks of the rule or had been going through Romans, but that was forgotten when the events began to return toward the center of the empire, where christianity continues to spread, with the aid many converts to the cult.

It is seen that at some point the Jews were angry with Jesus for a while and stop believing in it, because otherwise they would not have rebelled against the Romans. What led to them being brought to Rome as slaves.
Later at some point it is clear that once again believe in the false prophet, because the same common history, and other remains more credible, as we tell the Jews were killed for their faith. The fact is that this sudden faith had been caused by an apparent incident or major event. Then at some point when the false prophet is supposedly resurrected, gives a high credibility and security in the Jews into thinking that they will be saved and thus brought to a better life. For that reason they do not mind being burned or thrown to wild beasts, even when they knew that if left to spread christianity was saved from those terrible ways to die. But it happened that when the course was presented seemingly resurrected prophet in Rome and thus to regain at least for a time the faith of the Jews.
For their part the Romans began to look for to avoid carrying out its purposes. In the end the Romans succeeded in capturing and killing him, making sure that this time failing to escape or trick again pretending to be dead and resurrected. This is killed by the Romans. Until then the faith of the Jews does not diminish. But after being persecuted by the Romans with such violence, and to realize that the number of Jews diminished day by day, came the moment when they realize that everything was a farce and stop believing in the alleged prophet .
Thus, as we see now the great majority of Jews today are not christians. And here you can see that the story was twisted and that the body supposedly said Rome is San Pedro and is buried beneath the basilica of the same name, are actually the remnants of the false prophet. While some protesters at present, advocate, arguing that Jesus had said that his people would to repel must be seen that the bible was rewritten by the Romans, just as there are a considerable number of contradictions, as in the bible protestants.

While it was all part of an elaborate political strategy on the part of Jesus and his apostles. Even within that strategy, we can observe the social attitude of the sect. And it is that christianity has caused more violence than any other teaching. First through the early Church and today through Protestantism. Established in the country that has more influence over others, which is a United States where they have moved more aggressive sects have emerged and others of the same, because the United States is currently the highest power, so a somewhat similar the Rome of antiquity.

Another aspect of the false prophets of these is the arrogance, and violence that are able to cause either directly or indirectly. These things are important to note, in order not to fall into the trap of false teachings.
In the crucifixion of the false prophet seeks to carry out a fake ritual, which appears to be murdered by their alleged child, and then apparently resurrected to blame for having killed. It should be borne in mind that God teaches us what is the principle of peace, and this principle is not only about something we should always seek, also refers to the fact that all education be taught in addition to respecting the freedom of others must be within the path of peace. Why teach something, you should start by putting a good example. That is why God wants to speak his True message and is transmitted by means of education for peace and not violence, for this, try that one religion is taught by means of martyrdom, brings in itself implied violence. What is worse when that is achieved martyrdom causing to others.

Becoming important to note that God sends Her envoys to save the people, not condemn them. Israelis or Jews awaiting the arrival of a deliverer. But Jesus was not, and instead of saving Israel, condemned him to the wrath of the Romans, through the doctrine of the scandal reflected in a full act of violence resulting from the provoking the Roman empire in the worst circumstances. Unfortunately, the Jewish nation has come to follow the false prophet and his followers in more than one occasion. Producing the persecution that nation which has suffered since the time of the ancient Roman empire to the terrible persecution that he suffered during the Second World War, caused in part by the rise of communism, pseudo-doctrine secretly headed by the same successor of Jesus. As lessons that can only be inspired by a false prophet who has brought only suffering and humiliation of many people. So that good things come good things. On the other hand, are good only in appearance, bringing great suffering, because the false prophets mysteriously end up with everything, which in reality is no longer mysterious, if we think carefully and freely. we can see, as ever, that the Jewish nation turns away from God, to worship Seth(Jesus), came to suffer many ills to be misled by false guides.

Jesus really is a rebel from god before appearing in ancient Israel, the rebellious god was already known in ancient Egypt, was a lesser god reincarnated in a pharaoh who caused the violence and destruction. After it became known as Suti and later as Seth.
As we all reincarnate each given time, except those who make it through their merits to the highest Heaven, Seth reincarnates under a certain time. By refusing to take the path of good, look impersonate a prophet or a messenger of God, to confuse people, but only succeeds in carrying out their plans when people are allowed by their hatred, resentment, ambition or its excessive passions.
Seth is one of the forces of evil, and the constant battle between good and evil, and usually do not know where the nations will see a false prophet who is or used to mislead people.
When the false prophets reincarnate, initially did not remember their past lives, and have a new opportunity, but when his fitness is still negative, can cause great evils, so it is always important to seek the path of Truth, not to be confused by the false prophets.


Around the year 1432 B. S. (580 A. D.), was born who to be a prophet guide. Born into a tribe known as the Koreischitas, in what is now known as Arabia. Muhammad was orphaned at a very young, since he was educated by his closest relatives. Growing up working in the camel caravans of a widow who had by name Kadiga, later, he married with her. And from that moment began to devote to the study of religion.
In those days in there regions were there several temples. Where coexisted abundant pseudo religions to worshiped false gods or archangels rebels. Then go to Muhammad in the religion he realized the situation. But among those beliefs were some that were good.
From them, Muhammad began to understand some things about the universe. A few years later Mohammed passing by Mount Hira hear a voice that called him, and decided to climb. They saw God, who gave it an important mission was to teach the way to good people. At first he did not understand the importance of that event, but after a while managed to overcome many doubts understanding its important mission. This was to guide the people of those regions, because they had begun to corrupt the worship false gods, and in some cases came to practice human sacrifices.
His teachings were to show people the existence of a higher power that governs the universe and protects us from all evil. For this the wrong way away, showing some obvious Truths, saving many from being dragged into subworlds those false gods. At higher power governing the universe, call it Allah, this power superior is Racna. Muhammad became an important prophet. Preached moderation and teaches the importance of the number five, with five daily prayers to God. Here it is important to show the importance of the number five because it is associated to the order of the universe.

Hence we see that Muhammad beginning of an essential Truth, this is, a higher power for all who come.

The doctrine of Muhammad is good. Find restraint is never so arrogant, because Muhammad was never proclaimed as a supreme Being, is able to remove many false gods, fighting all forms of racism, and so on. And although there is some confusion with respect to that in Islam, which is like calling the teachings of Muhammad, said that Jesus was a prophet. The Truth is that in Islam it says that Jesus is not God also said that some believed that Jesus was resurrected, but it just appeared, these is, that Jesus was not resurrected, as christianity has sought to have people believe, Muhammad recognizes who really is God who calls to Allah and to see clearly that Jesus is not God. Moreover, did people see the bad and wrong in some things that existed in those times, such as racism and human sacrifice, so in general, made an important job helping many nations, despite some difficulties.

Muhammad spent ten years to dedicated teaching and to reunite devotees since your home town: Mecca. Muhammad was later forced to flee the city, as the authorities in Mecca do not like his teaching as well as some residents. In their flight arrives in the city of Medina, where he was received by a considerable number of friends, many of them were people in that city and with its aid brought together many followers who helped him to disseminate.
Muhammad launched a war against neighboring peoples, then expelling the main idols of the temple was known as Caaba. Although the temple was a sacred place and some people had committed a foul. The Truth is that war is not the right path, however, God forgave Muhammad, as he has forgiven the faults of other prophets such as Moses, who, during his pilgrimage came to fight some battles. Because although on occasion they have not done our best, then abandoned that path, to seek the brotherhood of all peoples.

The tempo Caaba in principle had been a sacred place where paying honor to God, these is, the Being that gave birth to the universe and is in the highest Heaven. But over time to that holy site were introduced false gods. So it was a foul. The worst case is that there are even some worship gods who are used to offer human sacrifices. So Muhammad was sent to guide those people, although on one occasion has fought in a war. The important thing was to leave this path, to seek the brotherhood of peoples, that is, the important thing is to seek the Truth, and although sometimes it do not fit. That does not mean we should give up and change the way, but insist on good and return to the track.

Because after the battle Muhammad never use threats or deception, to spread his teachings.
Islam is known as the teachings of Muhammad and means submission to God. equally for all good religions, contains the most important Truths, these is, the teachings of various prophets, may seem a bit different, but the essential is that all of them speak of God in one way or another, and that we are all brothers. For example, in the teachings of Muhammad as described in the most important book of Islam that is the Koran, in part or section under the title: "The Night Journey", speaks of several Heavens and said that Allah is in the highest Heaven and around him, live the angels. This design as shown is very similar to the teachings of God transmitted by Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl, who speak of a higher Heaven, where God is a central point and around the four directions of the Heaven represented by the numbers 9, 10, 11 and 12.
Also in the teachings of Muhammad said: "Only Allah is God" and still referring to the fact that there are no more divine Beings. these is, in the Koran refers to this evil worship different gods, but in the sense of gods as divine Beings, (referring to those gods and archangels that are presented as if it were the supreme Being of the universe. Being clear that only God is above all Beings).
So in most cases, the apparent differences between a teaching and another, are actually more a matter of interpretation rather than an essential issue.

Muhammad in the West do not is criticized with impartiality. True it is that even if the prophets are not perfect, it should be borne in mind that Muhammad did important things and if one side is true that his teachings have become the basis of several empires, they never became absolute.

After Muhammad left this world, Islam continued to grow significantly in Asia and Africa especially, it succeeded in slowing the progress of the christian-Roman Empire.

Although later Pope Urban II, who ruled until 913 B. S. (1099 A. D.) organized what is known as war crusades, which were a series of battles that joined several European countries influenced by christianity, to achieve territories recover it once was of the Jews, then territories that were under Arab domination. That the Roman Empire in those days known as the Roman Church, sought to expand into the east. And while at first seemed to be successful at the end was repelled by Islam.


Rama's history begins in ancient India. Then they practiced Brahmanism, this is a very ancient religion or teaching that was born in this country, around 4012 B. S. (2000 B. C.)

In Brahmanism, taught that Brahma is the Universal Soul, the creator, from whom everything comes, the sole principle of reality, the greatest spirit. Brahma is the name with which many Indians named God also taught in Brahminism, that there is only one reality, but the wise call it with different names, these is, that God is known by all the True prophets, no matter with that name it is called. As it is Racna(God) who transmits the order to the entire universe and everything necessary.

In Brahmanism is said that the universe moves in relation to four Eras or Yugas, following these, there was called the fifth great Yuga which Brahma again creates the universe, These Cycles continue indefinitely.
This concept is associated to the order of the universe, because time is going through Cycles of 5 Eras, with the principles of the movement was then followed over four Eras, associated with each cardinal point.

In Brahmanism after Brahma, speaks of two gods, Vishnu and Shiva, who are spirits of prophets guide. He was one of them who came to this world through the prophet Rama.

Rama's history begins with the year 3962 B. S. (1950 B. C.) is said to have a king called Dasarta brings to form a great empire. But it had not been possible to have a child. He decided to do a ritual to obtain a heavenly favor. Dasarta was heard, and therefore had four children who were: Rama, of his wife Kaosalya, Laksmana and Satruña of his wife Sumitra, and Barata of his wife Kekeyi.

In those years, having several wives was common, as in other sites, which for various reasons it became possible, but today is not something that is correct.

Dasarta entrusted the education of his son Rama to a religious called Visvamitra. When Rama was an adult he married with Sita, the daughter of a king called Djanaka.
Rama thought that getting to know the Truth was better than boarding the royal throne. For his part, King Dasarta, wished to Rama become a successor to the throne because Rama was honest, do good taste, was appreciated by the persons, knew how to talk to people.
Over time Dasarta decided that Rama was to be king. But Kekeyi mother of Barata was jealous of it. Then Kekeyi machinations persuaded by the king. It happens that on one occasion Kekeyi save the life of the king and gave him two favors this, but Kekeyi refused to accept at that time and told Dasarta being sought in another point in the future. Taking advantage of that old offer Kekeyi, asked the king, he promised to give at that time those two favors, and Dasarta to loved Kekeyi accept. Then ask your child Barata was his successor and the second for that to banish Rama for nine years, followed by five others. The king was unable to fulfill his word and although it causes great sadness having to go to those two requests, agreed at the end, because he had given his word.
This was communicated to Rama, despite the fact that the king had told him before he was appointed his successor. Then Rama told to king in the presence of Kekeyi as follows:

“I am not a man that makes of the wealth the main purpose of life, not yet a crown, not up, but I am man of faithful word.”

Before leaving, Rama spoke with his mother and said: Kekeyi has asked the king, the scepter to Barata, as she had promised my dad before by an oath, the king could not refuse.

Here Rama teaches the importance of a promise, because if something had been committed, it was important to honor it.

The king has ordered me to go into exile for fourteen years. His mother but grieving, accepts the fact. Thus departed with Sita Rama and Laksmana that insisted accompany it. During his travel after leaving the city behind. Rama saw on the horizon, the Ganges river which rises in the Himalaya mountain, on whose priests live and where the water purified that is put in his contact. Rama saw this beautiful vision from the scale where you can reach the sky. That day, spent the night under a tree and at dawn continued their journey in a nearby province. Rama then went to live in a hermitage. During each morning Rama went to the sacred mountain (Himalaya Mount) to pray every day, and it was there where God taught him the Truth.
Shortly after in the city that had left, died Dasarta; their wives to realize what happened, they sent a cheap call. Barata even then did not know everything that had happened, so they sent his brother to tell him that Rama was in exile and that his father had gone to Heaven. But before the message arrived, Barata came to the palace and did not see his father, he asked to his mother Kekeyi, which was what happened. She answered “Your father has bequeathed to you the kingdom, before going to Heaven.”, count all the details of what happened. As Barata, listen to the words of his mother, he blames what she did and told the ministers: “In my family from Manu, the throne has always belonged to the elder brother is also the most virtuous Rama, no should choose one that is not him.” , and went looking for him along with a small army.
Barata went to Ganges with his infantry in the way it was reported that Rama lived in a hermitage. And it was there where Barata went accompanied by Satruña which was another of his brothers. On reaching the chapel he saw Rama and said “For my sake, my brother is in exile”. Then Barata afflicted him released to Rama the death of King. Said: your father is dead because of the shame that it causes your exile, giving this grace; until devote to the throne of your father. To which he replied Rama: “When my father ordered me to leave the provinces, could not be otherwise, but more importantly, I saw a wonderful vision of Heaven, and I know why I stay in this site for several more years”. But Barata stressed that the branch should be the king.
At the end made a deal that was to Barata govern until Rama returned.

Some time later near the province in which Rama lived, there was a kingdom led by a king named Ravana, the king and before he had wished to marry with Sita, but her hand was never granted. Upon learning that Rama was far from the city and who lived nearby with Sita. Thought Ravana abducting Sita. What he did shortly after, and when Rama had left for a moment.
Some time later, upon learning Rama of what happened, asked for assistance in the province where they lived, and was assembling a small army to fight Ravana. At the end Rama achievement defeat the forces of Ravana and rescuing Sita.

Rama as well as some other prophets came to see a battle, and while looking for a purpose of justice, this is not the most appropriate way, however, Rama returns to the best way, focusing on seeking what is True, these is, sometimes can make something that can not be entirely correct, but the important thing is to insist on the path of Truth, to achieve it.

In the following years, Rama continuously seeking what is True, following a life of fasting and prayer as he did from beginning to come to the hermitage where he lived in those days. After several years back and took control again of the kingdom, and the first thing he did was to build a chapel on top of Himalaya Mount. This chapel was built facing where the sun rises, and its realization helped many people of the ancient India. In the following years, Rama ruled with wisdom and teach the virtues of its people.

In India the predominant Brahmanism, religion can be considered as good as this supports the existence of a higher power represented in the entire universe and the Cycles of time, representing the order of the universe, these is, a religion he preaches the Truth. Subsequently the Brahmanism in India gave birth to Hinduism that while it is a bit different, retains the essence of Brahmanism. In Hinduism it is said that the universe is a vast field in which there are many Heavens, what is Truth. In Hinduism also says that when people die or reincarnate into another in one animal. Regarding the latter, it is True that there is reincarnation, but beyond the details about it, the important thing is that if you look carefully the history of the various prophets, we can realize that God is present in the lives of all .
The most important is that Rama was never proclaimed as a supreme Divine Being, and always seek what is True, it is a prophet Rama respectable since devoted his life to convey the Divine message.


Buddha was born north of what today is India. The son of a king whose name was Gautama Sakyamuni and his mother was named Maya. Buddha was born predestined to become a prophet, the wisest of the places he saw signs that became a great sage. The birthplace, in those days was known as the land of the Sakya Kapilavastu and this happened around 2575 B. M. (563 B. C.). For 29 years he resigned to all material assets, leaving the palace he was born, leaving his wife and other relatives, and was to travel across the country, living with common people and dedicated to the search for Truth. This was done for about thirty years.
So that on one occasion, Buddha came to where it was a fig tree, and then began to meditate sitting under that tree where he began to achieve at times separated from the influence of the material world, and began to see beyond the obvious. Then God who is referred to as Buddha: The Law of Karma, he showed the natural order or universal order; and then God made the earth tremble, indicating that the Buddha was sent. For these events is said that Buddha attained enlightenment under a tree when they meditated.

In future Buddha meditated constantly on the same site, but during his time in meditation began to experience the struggle between good and evil, between their passions and virtue.
Yet Buddha does not stop seeking the Truth and therefore continued meditating, so in that struggle to find the Truth, to find the Divine inspiration. Then they built a temple at the side of the sacred tree where Buddha find Divine inspiration.

During his life, Buddha was dedicated to travel different places, preaching and bringing together a group of disciples who had attained a monastic community that was known as the Sangha. Buddha transmitted his teachings orally, and its doctrines were collected long after his departure from this world, through advice where they met several followers of his teachings, and these were reflected in a collection of texts called "Tripitaka".

With regard to the teachings of Buddha. They are talking about 4 Truths and 5 realities. This sequence is associated to the order of the universe. Well, this is arranged in 4 and 5, thus achieving Buddha see the order of the universe like the prophets who have been devoted to the pursuit of Truth. In those we see in their teachings, especially as the number four and five, always have a special significance.
On the other hand with regard to the Truths taught by the Buddha. This says that there is a suffering that can be defeated through the eradication of desire and longing, that is, our passions to be controlled.
What Buddha passed through his teachings is that if our passage through this world let us bring our passions, which is the go with desire and longing for the things of this world, this can only lead to selfishness and that suffering. That is, our passage through this world is not a constant pain, but if we put material things as more important. So the only thing achieved is the result of selfishness and suffering caused by our ability. Also difficult as we move toward the highest Heaven.
In his teachings, Buddha spoke of a number of ways to end the suffering, that exposes it as a path or road that consists of 8 stages, which consist of performing good works, have a healthy lifestyle, seek a positive , good thinking, and so on.
This is associated to the fundamental rights of every individual, which must be considered as good, because it tends to unity and therefore harmony. Subsequently spoke about 5 realities that called skandhas and described as: the material body, feelings, perceptions, bias or karmic tendencies, and consciousness, explaining the subject to constant change.
In terms of Karma or Karmic tendencies, Buddha said that this is based on the acts of individuals, are moral consequences that follow from human actions, and these determine later reincarnation or destination, so that good deeds are rewarded and bad actions are punished.
Then, within these teachings, the Buddha points out two things to note:

One.- If you look carefully, we realize that Buddha speak of Karma, is talking to Racna(God), and that says everything is a product of universal justice, these is, that everything is subject to an irresistible natural force. So the force that determines the natural order of things is God, because there is an order, there must be someone that makes such an order exists.

Two.- Speaking of gods, describing them as Beings living in a Heaven where they have a long life and quiet. Although states are subject to the same problems as any other creature can have such as going from one state of existence to a certain lower, so it says: They are creators of the universe, nor control the destiny of mankind. On this second point, we see that the Buddha spoke of the gods, as Beings who are not creators of the universe, these is. that is not the authors of life. What is right, they said they can move to a lower level, it refers to reincarnation, which is also correct, because they each come to this world some time.

The teachings of Buddha are good, and though they may seem a little different. What we need to see is that is a good religion, and it is important to interpret correctly.
With Buddha, is a True prophet and who cares about teaching: moderation, coexistence, it is not arrogant, his teachings inspire peace.

After that Buddha left this world and after many years, there was an emperor named: Asoka, who was born in the year two thousand, two hundred and eight-two B. S. (270..... B. C.). Asoka was a ruler who at some point decided to change his fitness and begin to choose a pacifist character based on the Buddhism. This emperor was called the apostle of Buddhism.
Asoka thought that his duty as king was to teach his subjects the duty of fair life. Based on the teachings of Buddha, and helping to Buddhism, he try to teach not to hurt anyone, even used to be forbidden to kill animals that were not useful or edible, he try to avoid exploiting the weak, established shelters, try protecting widows and orphans, among other things.
Asoka preached the idea that the substance of all religions had a universal morality. And how the king was merely fulfilling what he calls his duty to help all the teachings. He had the idea that all religions have a common purpose. It is dedicated to the enforcement of a universal moral law.
With regard to the latter. It is true that there is a universal order which is the same one who inspires moral universal, so that all religions are trying to find the best universal morality, which is God. Asoka respect to all the teachings, and the identity of all persons. As from this world to become an archangel by their good works.

You could say that Asoka is a continuation of Buddhism. He always tried to respect the customs and traditions of other peoples, did important things such as requiring physicians to assist patients in need, also, command to build the first public hospital. Over time, Buddhism spread to other countries in peaceful ways. These is, was being adopted on a voluntary basis, because it is a good religion.
To preserve Buddhism was held in is today Patna a general council of all Buddhist temples. In this council will collect coincidences of Buddhist faith in the Tripitaka.

Buddhism and the predominant religions of India have inspired the peace, and we can even see that India won its independence from England through the pacifist doctrine based on these good religions.

Today Buddhism is fragmented into several branches, notably Indiana and the Mahayana. Important part in these branches of the teachings of Buddha have been modified by various causes and in some cases even present the Buddha as a supreme divine Being. But that is contrary to the original teachings of Buddha, as is always presented as a teacher and never said to be divine. So Buddha that only looked like the supreme, the Natural Law.

Natural law is God, these is, Racna. Who can take various forms, and to be present through the order of the universe. And everywhere there is talk of Racna, that is the all universe. Because His heart and Her presence is everywhere.
Today Buddhism is mixed with other doctrines both religious and non religious, giving rise to various interpretations. But despite this, still retains much of the original teachings of Buddha.

Must be considered that all the prophets are God's children, and She loves them all despite the fact that sometimes there are prophets who have chosen the wrong path.

With regard to the various prophets, it is not wrong to ask a favor of a good prophet. But it is important that before this request God's help and then the prophet, because the prophets serve God. Why should not offend or attack any of the various doctrines and their prophets. In regard to the false prophets, even if his teachings are not good and not is good ask any help, they should not be attacking, because it is contrary to peace.

As to the sacred texts of the various good teachings are: Dharma, the Koran, the Tripitaka, the Popol wuh, as long as it is considered that the universe was created by the Good Spirit, that is, God. Here are some of the text which can be respectable. The important thing is knowing the correct interpretation, because they all seek the same Truth. That is good religions may seem different, but it is only in appearance, because the essence is the same.

The archangels.

GHANDHI.- One of the best known archangels recent years was Gandhi; an Indian leader who achieved the independence of his country by the year 65 B. S. (1947).
By the time he lived Gandhi, India was under the dominion of England, which caused great sorrow to India. On the one hand there is no autonomy of Indian country and that the English rule was causing excessive poverty in the population. It was then that Gandhi began to unite India, for this would achieve the desired independence. In the case of Gandhi, he would not seek violent confrontation with England. On the other hand look at how to achieve their aims in a peaceful manner through simple but very effective, as a blockade that was organized with the population, to prevent British goods that are consumed. While traditional companies promoted in India, starting with this set the example. Gandhi chose to use a simple tool that was used to spin, so that could be applied as shown in traditional industries, so as not to resort to the consumption of products produced by the British.
At first things were not easy, because his teachings were not fully understood, and some Englishmen came to kill many Indians, and in response were also killed some English, so a bit disappointed that Gandhi decided to withdraw from the struggle that had begun.
But some time later in the year of 82 B. S. (1930) decided to return to their peaceful struggle. In the recently joined India, so that people refuse to pay taxes, and other bold steps. The British annoyed Gandhi arrested but eventually had to leave in freedom and accept the independence of India, because the peaceful struggle does not stop, until they achieve full independence. For all its merits, in this world from Gandhi became an archangel and his spirit help to God to take care of those who helped so much during their passage through this world.

QUEEN MAB.- Some descendants of the prophet Om travel through the world, giving rise to great civilizations like the Toltec, Arabic, Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, to name a few. In ancient Ireland, they lived several kingdoms, including the Celtic-Elv, which was founded by Queen Mab (pronounced Meib or Mei). At first The Elv were a nomadic people, led by King Kerk, who was loved and admired by all Elv, however during a battle was seriously wounded and left this world in a few days. The fact is that to leave this world the king Kerk, the Elves needed a new leader and the throne should be occupied by the first son (Male son), but it happens that the first son was Prince Claud, who was still very small, so until he was at least 15 years, the kingdom was to be directed by someone else, so that the position was occupied by the then Princess Mab, who at first was not very well accepted because it was a woman, but as she proved to be brilliant with bow and be a great leader, added to her royal lineage, is as Elv eventually accept her as queen and absolute leader. Mab took good care of Elv, and protects them from the savages, she used to command the army of the Elv, riding a beautiful white horse carrying a helmet with a horn in front, it was covered with gold (The history of unicorns hence arose), Mab accumulated many victories as it was brave and a great leader. It was in those days that began to hear from Ulster who commanded a huge army that whipped the region, Mab thought he would win easily but then, Fedelma who was her trusted counselor, had a dream in which angels was warned her that Ulster was very strong and difficult to overcome, so that Mab, asked her subjects to go with the great smith Vulcan to fabricate them strong and powerful weapons, it was like a few days later when Ulster tried to attack the Elves, was defeated by Queen Mab, and thereafter the Elv settled permanently in Ireland, was then able to live in peace and harmony above all because even though sometimes the weather was difficult, Queen Mab, did not hesitate to help their neighbors; and so God blessed Ireland, with abundant crops.
So who did good things for others, like today, they became angels and archangels, was when Queen Mab became an archangel, and was described as a small good fairy, who is always willing to help those in need. r

Here we see an image of Queen Mab.

QUEEN SELENE.- She was queen of Bubastis, and her true story is this: several thousand years ago in the kingdom of Bubastis lived a beautiful princess with white skin and dark hair called Selene, in those days all the princesses used to wear long hair and fringe, But Selene did not like the fringe but did not hesitate to fulfill all her duties as a princess, at the death of their parents was not candidate for the king and his brothers had died a few years before, so that one side was the successor should be a man but on the other hand should be the king's son and of the principal wife, however Selene by her intelligence and daring achievement be recognized as absolute queen, while married to, what at first was not very well regarded but Selene with his intelligence make people accomplishment.
At that time Egypt was composed of several kingdoms which in turn formed a sort of confederation, and in the center of Egypt had a battle because an evil prince named Seth, jealous that his brother had been crowned Pharaoh, and he did not, wanted to usurp the throne through deceit and machinations What he achieved with the help of some traitors of the realm. But he soon discovered everything, and Seth was expelled from Egypt, then the impostor wanted to take revenge and launched a terrible curse, causing a plague of rats to come into the cities, which were introduced in the barns, causing great losses, the problem was compounded and all the kingdoms of Egypt is in danger, people raised their prayers to the Creator Spirit (God), then was sent a archangel to prompted Queen Selene, who quickly became Bobcats bring to cities of Egypt and soon the Bobcats ended the plague, at the end Seth had to flee into the desert with all the traitors who supported him.
After the disaster, the Egyptians gave thanks to Heaven and to Queen Selene. And thereafter the Bobcats were welcome to Egypt and over time became cats, which even today are still prized for their pleasant company and because we get rid of the annoying pests.
It was for this great act of heroism along with others, that the Queen Selene came to be regarded as a goddess (One archangel or prophetess) and was depicted as a woman with the head of a cat. r

Here we see an image of Queen Selene.