For Prosperity.

The ideal to have prosperity and good luck in matters of money is to start by avoiding leaks, making sure that the facade of the house and / or business looks good and even avoid wearing broken socks, in addition to never leaving a piggy bank or account empty bank The next thing is to have a good aptitude, starting by being optimistic and doing our job well, because if we do things right, sooner or later the money will arrive. But do not forget that to succeed in matters of money and work part is the result of the effort we put into what we do and part is luck, because how many times we work intensely without getting anywhere, other times we invest our effort In a good strategy and it is not enough either, so you need: Hard work, perseverance, a good strategy, study and a bit of luck. So a good amulet or talisman for money, can be very useful, such as a fret full of seeds, especially the foods that we consume regularly, it is also good to have many pure silver coins and symbols of prosperity, such as is the swastika (Remembering that the original swastika comes from ancient India and the Nazi swastika is black, in addition to being oriented to the left).

Nelamoxtli Magazine/ January, Year 06.