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Zionism, Protestantism and communism.

A few centuries ago the Church forbade its faithful to lend money because it was considered immoral, but sometimes a loan was needed, so they allowed the Jews to do that work and with the passage of time the freemason Jews became bankers and today they are the owners of the main banks in the world. But not satisfied with that they want to rule the world in one way or another. For example, the Illuminati in the United States have many positions in the government and have invented countless sects, so that on the one hand they allow the traffickers to sell their drugs and then offer the drug addicts a way out through therapies of self-hypnosis disguised as religion. But in Latin America what they do is on the one hand monopolize as much as they can and cause serious crisis through the banks and then offer people a solution to the problem that they themselves caused, through communism, which promises them that prices do not go to climb and that everyone will be rich, although in the end they end up worse than at the beginning. As they are trying with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who ran for president of Mexico, but who is actually a puppet of Jewish Freemasons, who even abound in his party and there is even one of them who ran for governor. But there is always a way out without having to sell to our country, such as avoiding having credit cards, avoiding getting too carried away by advertising, which only makes us spend money uselessly, avoid drinking too much and instead invest in a good books and tools added to savings, hard work; because they are the only sure path to prosperity.

Nelamoxtli Magazine/ June, Year 07.