Good luck in money.

A good tool is equal to a good job.

Good luck in money and work is generated with the effort and dedication we put into that we do, so that if we work hard and do things well, we will generate good luck sooner sooner or later. But there are people who can steal our good luck, from people who steal a good idea, even people who try to use a ritual to do it, for example: There are people who pretend to be beggars so we can give them a coin and thus steal our good fortune, so that when giving coins you can lose good luck, but if the other person does something to earn the coin, from helping us carry something, to parking ... then they can not steal our good luck because it is one thing in exchange for another. Added to the above, there are other things that help us to do everything well, such as cleaning, that the facade of the house and/or business is in good condition, avoid leaks, and so on.

Nelamoxtli Magazine/ November, Year 06.