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The book of Truth

Chapters and Sections:

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1. The Good Magic

2. Dreams

3. Things that can help the Magic

4. The different kinds of angels

5. A account of the Years

6. Numbers

7. To attract good luck

8. Incenses



11. To work in the field

12. For business

13. Big business



16. To attract the Justice

17. Welfare and union of the family

18. Friendship and Harmony

19. Harmony



22. Nature

23. Recommendations on the magic

24. Prayers


he magic is present throughout the universe and all cosmic levels:
There are two ways through which you can work the magic, the first is with the help of angels, who are able to act upon the elements and events, the other way is through the projection of our thoughts together with vital energy, which is divided into two types of energy: the subtle vital energy and universal energy.

An example is when we pray to the Holy Well (The Divine couple who created the universe and who is known by various names such as The Great Spirit, Allah, Brahma, Law of Karma, etc.), in this case with our prayers we help forces of good win the battle against opposing forces.

Another way is when an angel or archangel, we help with a problem, which can happen in several ways, from telling us to do in certain situations, for example, the messages contained in our dreams, to help attract someone to act on elements, scaring opposing forces, help us heal.....

To achieve activate the magic True, we can make proper use of life energy, positive mental telepathy, as well as make the angels help us, and to have God's help, mainly.
Then we show the best ways to help harness the magic:


To learn more about dreams,
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Usually the dreams do not always have spiritual significance, and are not entirely reliable, for example, sometimes we can be induced in several ways such as through the psychology, and to advancing the science of handling.
But that is not always the case, because sometimes God sends a message through our dreams. Also it is sometimes possible to our guardian angels send a message, what may happen in two ways or two types of dreams, which are:

ONE.- PROPHETIC DREAMS: These messages usually refer to things that can happen in the future, then it is important to pay attention to these signals is necessary to think that might mean. For example, sometimes it happens that a few days after we began to observe things or events of which we had dreamed, that's when we must try to remember those dreams. Because there can be a very important message that something may happen if something bad, then, is a reminder to be vigilant and avoid it, but if something is good, we must help that happen. Such dreams are not difficult to interpret, because they are things that can recognize at a future time, and messages are one hundred percent reliable, that is, there is no possibility that they may be induced, and we never know when they can happen.

TWO.- COMMON DREAMS: These are the dreams we have and are usually more difficult to interpret, and under normal conditions, we do not know when it will happen and are not one hundred percent reliable because they can be induced, however, to be totally reliable and can help solve a problem on days when they need it most, we can do the following:

1.- It is important to have an altar in our homes, with the Divine image of our Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe), two white candles and two vases with their flowers, and that we can add the image of Cuauhtlatoatzin (Juan Diego) and our guardian angels.
our guardian angels are relatives or friends already left this world, but when we were here was greatly appreciated, also can be represented by the figure of an angel.

2.- It must do the following sentence four times in the morning, four times a day, four times in the afternoon, and four times before falling asleep. So that every time we make the four prayers, told our problem to God, then our guardian angels.

Oh, my God
give me light of Truth
glimmer of hope,
Take me along the way
what is appropriate
let me hear your word
your message.

You are our guide
and protection;
advise me,
Guide me

Take me
by the way
of good,
Help me to see
the Truth

You are our light
You are our hope.

At the end of say four times, said: So be it.

3.- The most common is the dream happen immediately, if it does not have to keep trying over the next few days should not exceed four, so that if it tried for four days, you have to let four other before try again.

4.- Such dreams are not so easily interpreted as a prophetic dream, because they occur entirely from signs. Then we can help to interpret dreams by consulting a dictionary, which are readily available on the Internet or in books are also printed. So that we can find the meaning of each event and every thing is in our dreams and then try to understand the complete picture relating the meanings of all these things. As if we could be in a car, if we see a bridge, a ladder, window, et cetera..... Here are two important things. First.- not all dictionaries are the same dreams, because there are some who are much better than others, so we should try several and see which helps us better. Second.- meanings of the symbols are almost the same as a good dictionary of dreams except the following.

Currencies.- dream with respect to this element of the future and things related to the image or picture appears on the currency, or with other signs that appear on our dream. (images on the coins and other signs can also be interpreted with the help of the dictionary of dreams).
Serpent with feathers.- is that we have found the path of good, because the snake represents the earth (this world) and the feathers represent heaven, that is, this sign represents the union of Earth and Heaven.
Rain.- this sign represents the success and is related to other signs that appear in our dream, a dream unless cloudy skies with rain, then it means they may have some difficulties, we must do more.
Up to a tree.- means that we will succeed in what we do.

5.- After you've had the first dream, it is likely that other during the following days, within four days of counting the first dream. So if we have a dream after the four days, we must not take this into account, at least it was a prophetic dream. It is also important that the two white candles prendidas during the four days, if you put out for any reason, re-ignite, or if something else happens, you can replace the candles, the important thing is that they are to light two candles during the four days. Then if our dream dreams or help us solve the problem we had, we should thank God for this, offering a gift that can be placed flowers and burn incense on our altar.
This magic is very good, especially when we have many problems, because through our dreams, we can get good advice to help us get out of difficulties.



There are several kinds of angels according to their function, first is the guardian angel, each person can have several guardian angels and they are usually our friends and family who loved us when we lived and who already have managed to get to Heaven , such as our grandparents and friends who are no longer with us in this world.

Second is the guardian angel of our family, who may be a grandfather or even an ancestor, who takes care of the whole family.

Third are the archangels who may be someone who has made heroic acts or who has helped many people while living and therefore is remembered by many people, hence they are heads of angels and help to fight evil.

Fourth, there are angels that are distinguished by their function or for some special characteristic and are good spirits of all times and places, even spirits like fairies are a type of angel and they take care of nature and sometimes tend to granting wishes we thought impossible.

In fifth place is the spirit of our pets, who also take care of us, especially dogs and cats, as they are closest to us.


The measurement time is very important; since it is God who transmits motion to the universe and therefore time. So that counting the time in a different way as happens in nature is something wrong.

The time occurs through Cycles of five Ages. Each Cycle begins with the Age of the movement, and then follow one of the following four Eras that are related to one element: Fire, Water, Air and Earth, so that at the end starts a new one, so, the count begins again with the Age of the movement.

The last Cycle began only recently, in the year two thousand and twelve of secular-calendar which was when start the new era, to be precise it was from the 20th of March of that year, which was the time coincided, the galactic equinox with the beginning of the Toltec year, as we mark each year ancient pyramids, as the pyramid of Kukulcan, which year after year shows the start of the new year (Natural year, marked by a small movement in the trajectory of our planet, thus begins again the cycle of the seasons) during the spring equinox.

The demonstration consisted of earthquakes that were recorded, worldwide, during the day, thus began the Age: Nahui Ol'lin, as well as a new Cycle

As for the way of counting time, we can do it in that year to the Sun as we are, being the current Sun: The Sun Nahui Ollin (Age of the Movement), for example: If the secular-calendar says we are in the 2014 really is the year two Nahui Ollin, since the year One began on March 20 or 21, 2014 (depending on which day the spring equinox happens), initiates year two and so on until the time was start a new Sun.

(Previously we had count in years before and after of our Divine Lady (Before and after 1930), but from the beginning of the new Sun, we must count as mentioned above, and to refer to years before the year 1 we say: x years before our Sun or x years B. S.).

Knowing the Cycles of time has been transmitted by God since ancient times. As in Hinduism, where they are called Yugas. At the time of Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl they called Suns. Because the Divine order is present everywhere.

Another important point is that when completing a century of 52 years, it is good that all the families from the fast four days earlier and kept turned four candles of colors: white, blue, red and green, until the day they are met 52 years, these is for five days. Even more when this nearly complete a full Cycle when it is important to make many pilgrimages to Tepeyac, the sacred sites and most important, to not come to be natural disasters or battles produced by the negative forces.


They can bring good luck, because there are numbers that there's a special meaning, and because they have to do with the creation and order of the universe.
The fact is that at first all was dark, but the Good Spirit (God) try to create something, then invent the field, but then, although still trying to create other things he could not avail, until he began to create and destroy was how to create two things, then went on to create two of everything, such as: light-dark, day-night, woman-man, black-white, and so on.
At the same time ordered his creations from a central point to four directions, which is represented by a cross formed by 5 points, such manifestations of matter where the focus point (fifth element) is the movement and the other four are: incandescent material (fire), liquid (water), solid (earth), and gas (air), so that the most important number two and five.
In addition to the 2 and 5, there is another set of numbers that also have an important meaning, and are: 8, 9, 13, 23 and 52, which eight represents the cycles of the planet Venus, which represents the sun rise and sun set, because appears at dawn, and then comes back at sunset; The nine represents the nine heavens, though the heavens are also represented with the number 13, because they are the sum of the first 8 Heaven, plus 5, as the ninth heaven, which is the highest Heaven is divided into 5, the twenty-three has to do with the cycles of the moon, representing the birth of the universe, 52 is used to represent a century.
As for the number three can be either favorable or unfavorable, for example a vertical line formed by three points represents the cosmic spheres (Heaven, this world and the underworld), and is a favorable sign. But three points forming a pyramid like other similar symbols used by Freemasons are very negative.

The main way of using sacred numbers: 2, 5, 8, 9 and 13 can take many forms, for example if I had to paint the front of a house, could do it in two colors, or if they were to do a painting (drawing), you could use nine colors, the case is doing so as one of the sacred numbers.

If you need a much higher figure can try the number ending in five, for example: 45, 55, 95, 105, 1005.....

In some cases, we use a special number:

- DOS. It symbolizes the dual nature of everything that exists, it helps us that there is harmony, too, if we want to make a gift to someone, it is best to be two things to give us more luck.

- FIVE. It symbolizes the centrality, the point from where everything starts, may be useful to begin any project, or to celebrate an anniversary, can be done every five years. It also represents health, skill, our livelihoods, and a sign to attract good things.

- EIGHT. This number represents the cycles of the universe like eternity, and it can be useful in identifying important knowledge.

- NINE. A number that can help us pray for the departed, such as making nine prayers can help their souls will soon reach Heaven.

- Thirteen. Means the tenacity and commitment.


ALTAR: In our homes and work place should have an altar with a framed picture of Our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) and signs of Quetzalcoatl and Quetzalpapalotl, since they are the most important prophets. You can also place flowers, a glass of water, pictures of our guardian angels (family and friends already departed from this world), if possible two candles or candles, in such cases must ensure that this on a plate there are no flammable things around. Candles may be white, green, red, yellow or blue. When lighting a candle, it should be as follows:

- FIRST is turned preferably with wooden matches.
- SECOND already having left the candle on the altar, a request is made to Our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe, who is often confused with the Virgin Mary, but actually in the picture there are two Beings She and an angel, representing the Divine couple created the whole universe), then they can petition and Quetzalpapalotl Quetzalcoatl, an archangel, and or our guardian angels, so with our best wishes.

If you want to place an altar or a small chapel also added four steps around the altar or chapel, and if possible, it is good to have a garden around.

At the head of the bed can put picture with the image of our Divine Lady, also, it's good to have a picture of the sign of Quetzalcoatl and Quetzalpapalotl. Having many books, attracts good luck. But should not miss a copy of these writings, whether in book or a computer disk containing it. Moreover, it is not mandatory to go to Mass every week, it's good to go even once a month.


- If we have a relative that we have loved very much, but you've already part of this world, it is good to keep some of the things that belonged to him, because they are destined to be our guardian angels, but also if they see that Remember, we can help even more.
- Another thing that can help us, to do the same thing we've done on previous occasions in which we have had good fortune, for example, say you want to find work, and remember that some years ago we were in the same situation and managed to achieve a very good job, then we must pay attention to everything we did on that occasion, such as the place where we look for the day, the clothes we were, what we did, even things like the documents that we were. So that we bring to use and do some things we did when we were successful in the past, so we can attract good fortune.


When there are many difficulties can be a bit of burning incense. This is done in the center of our home or workplace, targeted at each cardinal point. Starting from the east (where the sun rises), forming a cross, a sign of prayer for our families, and for all peoples. Finally incense is placed in front of a shrine or a Divine image of our Lady.
This should be done once at night and once in the morning with a prayer every time. (see prayers below)
There are several types of people burned incense, as is the copal, or mix several ingredients in such cases the important thing is that they are 4 or 5 ingredients.
Example, in addition to the incense which is common in some places sell boxes with sticks or cones, which contain several ingredients mixed with incense or come in different fragrances, in which case you can use for example four cones with the aroma of a each flower different (in this example, because the flowers have an important meaning as the Divine Miracle of Our Lady, the flowers are present in terms of number 4 also has an important meaning).
This helps us that there is balance in all things, attracting good luck, and helping to ward off any bad influence (Another thing that can help a lot, is that if we have a candle on our altar, we can understand the sticks and cones with the candle flame).


Before seeking a job or improve economically, we must remember that although poverty is not too good. Moreover, it is not seeking material prosperity as a priority, because the purpose of our lives, not to accumulate material goods, but to learn to live in harmony with others helping each other. So good to have such a good job or a good business, but it does not occupy the center of our lives. Because then you lose the meaning of life.

The magic in the workplace is important, so that no accidents or problems. If you have a business or working in a business, magic can help attract good customers, and helps us do things well.

In our work should not miss an image of Our Lady. Say a prayer to begin a day's work, and when a day is good. It begins by requesting the help of God (Whether we call God, Racna, Allah, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Brahma, The Law of Karma, The Good Espirit, The Giver of Life, etc. Since it is the same Being) and then he asked the help of our or our guardian angels at the end of the day will give thanks for the day concludes.
Striving to do a job well done, always brings good luck.

Cleanliness, order, flowers and plants in general help to create an atmosphere of harmony.

If you own a business. Efforts should be made to create many jobs, treat those who work there. Because helping others attracts angels. It is important not to sell or smuggle illegal products.
We must also try to sell a greater amount of domestic and countries that are not so rich, especially when work is scarce. It is not completely block the sale of certain countries, but to control it, as there are governments that seek to abuse selfish trade and want to only sell the goods of certain companies, using things unfair. So that sometimes sell things too cheap not to give opportunity to others, and this has caused many factories to close and lay off their workers. Therefore even if there are certain products to which they can earn more, they are much cheaper, we must also give opportunities to domestic products and those countries which are not so rich.

Governments exist for the purpose of forming large economic empires of trade abuse, being reckless to many nations, especially with the free trade, and selling goods at prices too low in some cases using the devaluation of its currency to achieve unfair advantages. So not only is good to buy such products, but to give opportunity to all.
If you live in a country where the government because this type of abuse, it is good to try to help, for example, not by voting for the candidates for president who belong to political parties or groups seeking to promote that kind of abuse, because every government should be considered with those who have less, both to his own country as for others.

Other important things to bring good luck at work are:

- Stay away from violence: Violence either verbally or physically removed to the angels, and breaks the line.

- Being polite to those who live in our work attracts good energy. Another important point is to try to be friendly with neighbors, neighbors and business, because being constantly fighting with neighbors and especially to nearby businesses, can cause a business to come close.

In the work must also strive to be kind to others, even though sometimes difficult. A good working environment in aid provided to the prosperity of all who work there.

- Contribute to good causes.

- Do not say bad words.

- Seek, listen to the advice of our parents.

- With respect to taxes is a way to contribute to our country. It is true that sometimes there comes abusive taxes, and so excessive that they might damage the economy of a family. In some countries where some taxes become excessive, many people try to find a way not entirely legal, to avoid paying so much. Specifically on these cases, we can not say that something is totally wrong, however, we must remember that with little or a lot, we must all help with something.

- Buy preferably in small businesses.

- Do not waste food.

- Never deny food to the hungry.

- Find the path of justice.

- Attend preferably national banks.

To find work.

In these cases must be started by waking up or getting up early.

To get lucky on the day we are going to look for work, must not fail in our houses a shrine to our Divine Lady, then it is important to light two green candles, placed flowers and ears of corn or ears of wheat, and repeat the following sentence four times, all this must be done precisely at the time it dawns:

I raise to the height
my prayer.

Oh God
Oh Racna
You who give life to all
You to that listen
to everybody that looks for you.

Do, not miss
spiritual sustenance
for the soul
and livelihood
for the body.

and never separate me
your light and your grace.

After that, we request the help of God and our guardian angels, who is good to have a picture to remember. Because they like to remember, they ask for your help directing them thinking, trying to talk as they did when they lived. Apart from this it is necessary to leave to find work with a fitness positive, friendly people, although they are not always. If that day we fail to get a job, we must keep trying for four days, but difficulties still remain, we must let a day or two, and do all this again.
When we succeed in finding a job, it's good to give an offering, such as burning incense and place flowers on our altar, in a gesture of thanks. And also to take a new job should be done with pleasure seeking, and trying to do well, apart from being fair, but others may not. Because in this way can help to see if others try to be fair, they must at least try. Even people unjust, seeing that people around you try to be honest, in the long run will come to feel sorry and try to change their fitness.


It is good that before you start planting, take some seeds to be blessed at Mass and in the case of livestock, it is good that one of the animals is blessed by a priest.
In the field there is usually more space, so that someone is engaged in that activity should aim to have at least a small garden this well cared for, well, it's good when you try to build a house, this is a front view where the sun rises.
Before starting a day's work is good to say a prayer, like ending the day and when we returned home.
Pets can be good, but they must be treated well, because we must remember that sometimes people are not alive to join any religion or teaching, after some time to come reincarnating pets (see chapter of the Doctrine-right to know the truth) With regard to farm animals even though they may not be reincarnated a person that does not mean they do not feel, so it must also be treated with some respect even if they are used to consumption.
Another important point is that when you start the spring equinox, you can attend Mass and ask to have no lack of good harvests and food. Finally when we have a good harvest is good to offer a gift, as you can donate a little of that crop to a good cause.

Also, before starting a crop or when you have difficulties, you can perform the following sentence:

Oh Racna
has to fruition
in abundance
these seeds.

Oh, my God
are that the climate
has is benign
and never miss
the sustenance.

Your devotee
directs the gaze
toward your Mountain twin
towards you.

I will rejoice
if I can say
I've seen
the Truth.


For those who have a business, it is important to be friendly with both the client and with those who work there.
- The study or take a course always brings good luck.
- Having a lot of books, brings good luck, there is no need to take the business, but if we live in, especially books that relate to what we do. In these cases should be avoided to keep books in places where it is stored as inappropriate clothing, or hidden places. Books must be in sight. And it is good to have a copy of these texts.
- Go to church every time I start a new project.
- Have an ornament in the business or object as a local craft or painting.
- Advanced technologies such as computers, attract good luck.

During the times when they were little and sell when the business lapses can do the following:

- In any business must be missing an image of Our Lady.
- In the difficult days can be placed four candles or a white or yellow.
- Avoid painting the walls of dark colors. The bright colors help but be used only in some details.
- Seek the help of God and our guardian angels.
- Seek at least have gardens or pots at the entrances of the business or office.
- Take pictures or figures of corn, wheat, rice, beans, et cetera.
- Check that there are no problems with workers or neighbors.
- Although the business is small, should be made to give employment to at least one person and not to discriminate against anyone.
- Finally, when we have managed to increase sales, it can offer a gift, like donating some of our profits to good causes, either for those who have less or give alms to the church, not much is needed , just a few coins in a gesture of thanks.


The focus our efforts in becoming big business is not something that is wise, because the truth is that we are not in this world to make large fortunes, and that these are ephemeral, being more an illusion than a reality. In this world we are only in passing, and property disappear.
The real purpose that we must always strive to achieve as has been said, is to live in harmony with others who needed help.
Despite all this, there are those who have come to big companies, in such cases should be considered at least the following:
Living in a society, it is understood that in order to achieve a better life where everyone plays a role. Then a big company benefits from society, but this has an obligation to contribute something. Because when it does not, as when a factory using machines or technologies aimed at using the minimum number of employees, then it becomes a burden to society, because this society get something without giving anything in return. This is a form of theft and abuse of others.
If someone comes into a large company that should seek to avoid jealousy and other things worse:
- You must use a portion of their wealth to benefit the needy, not absorbed into living material goods, because it is the duty of everyone to help others.
- It is not good to have a company dedicated to service, such as those related to alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, violence in movies or magazines, and so on.
- Respect for nature is something important.
- The constants have debts can lead to bankruptcy for a company, especially when there are debts to banks.
- Donating money to good causes attracts good luck.
- Generate jobs, not only attracts good luck also avoids problems with Governments.
- The cleanliness and safety of working areas is important.
- To avoid wastage and leaks.
- Do not miss an image of Our Lady, especially in the main offices.
- It is good to have gardens and fountains.
- The deal fairly well and those working in the company is very important.
- The most important thing is to help others as much as possible.

For Health.

To have good health is to find harmony with nature, tending plants and forests. The gardens are good because it is a way to achieve harmony with nature.
Cleanliness is good and attract good health, not only at home, for example, when we go out for a walk to parks or natural sites, should be taken not to leave trash.

When there are problems of health, placed four white candles, preferably each within a golden circle that can be painted with one down, or made with a golden ribbon, this one where the image of Our Lady and Lord of Heaven. Similarly requested their help and that of our guardian angels.
Then he said the following sentence just four times at dawn (Time when the sun begins to come out) and preferably toward where the sun rises, (Not looking directly at the sun, but only to where you) and the sun is a sign, that is something that means something else, like words. In the case of the sun represents God, because it is the star that most shines in the sky:

Oh Racna
You that created
the Earth and Heaven,
owned of the near
and together.

To the region of the flowers
come in my favor,
do not leave me
do not abandoned me.

Towards You
I direct the gaze
and ask you
attend to us
to remedy
our sorrows,
our pains.

And I ask
to Cuauhtlatoatzin to
intercede for me (or the name of who is ill)
and for everyone else.

It is good that the sentence does the patient and their relatives. It is also good to read at least some of these letters (especially the Doctrine and the True Story), if possible: print these texts (all chapters), preferably in blue ink, and in book form.
It also puts a candle in a glass in which we can draw a ladder with five steps, preferably with a blue marker, in addition to burn incense at dusk and dawn.

Sometimes it comes to our health deteriorate because of our bad deeds, so it is best to do a penance like fasting four days which, in this case: not to consume foods with salt or sugar during the morning until noon, after noon and you can eat normally. After repentance and on the fifth day, it is good to confess to a priest to be important that the confession is so sincere and without omitting anything important.
This not only helps to restore health, in addition, if necessary go to the doctor, angels guide for those who can help, while his magic with them to restore good health. And when we finally managed to restore health, it's good to give an offering, which may consist of flowers that we place on our altar, or the church as a token of appreciation, in addition to burn incense in our homes.

In the case of those involved in the priesthood, (See: Doctrine chapter-section of the priesthood) when they have achieved sufficient merit may be able to heal people simply by placing their hands a little above them. In that case you need to present a priest and a priestess, and they do so while on behalf of our Divine Lady, sometimes the cure may come immediately, in other cases came in the following four days.

Magic for Youth.

First. We must bear in mind that aging is part of life in this world, so it can not be avoided altogether. Second. that does not mean we can not prevent aging too, so we can do the following:

- To avoid eating red meat may help a little, enough to reduce the consumption of such foods.
- Do a little exercise can help.
- We must keep in mind that constantly worried and angry, making the aging is greater.
- Something that can help us, and that many people make is to go during the spring equinox to one of the sacred temples like those in Teotihuacan and Chichenitza as this helps us to obtain vital energy, which delays the process aging.
If we do not live near one of these places, you can climb to the top of a hill and stay there for a few minutes at the start of the spring equinox.
- Also the following prayer can help a little:

Oh Racna
I ask
send to Xochiquetzal (Spirit of youth).
to help us
to have health,
and youth.


Justice is very important, as when we have a problem with a lawsuit or a legal issue, where there is injustice and when something is not fair. So we can put out an injustice and to attract other which corresponds to each.
To achieve justice, we must first try to be fair, be considered as the other without distinction, not fuel corruption by offering bribes to the authority.
When there are difficulties. To make things better we must ask God's help. But not with the intent to hurt or harm to another, not for revenge. Must be in the direction of achieving a just world it can live in harmony and to ensure that those who promote injustice to find the right path.
It is common that it is unfair to those who finished at some point to be victims of their own actions as a result of them. When it does happen it will have to accept the consequences of their actions and that will serve as an experience. However, we should not ask for that to happen, on the contrary we should ask God that these people can see the evil of their deeds and their ability to achieve change, before they become victims of their acts. Simply because there is a desire to find someone in the right direction, so that God will help you find it.

To attract the justice can do the following:

- Put a picture with the image of Our Divine Lady and Lord of Heaven (Virgin of Guadalupe).
- Turn on two green candles, and say the following prayer five times, and preferably just at the time it dawns:

Oh Racna (Virgin of Guadalupe)
oh, Good Spirit
from the grand
Heaven City
come in my favor;

And let my angels guard
help me
in this situation,
because I believe
my cause is just;
I promise you my loyalty
and devotion;

Because you always helps
who are good and loyal;

Because only you are God
The Universal Soul.

(Racna and The Good Spirit are two names of God; Racna means the Creator of all that exists).

After that we can also seek help from Totahtzin, Cuauhtlatoatzin, all prophets guide, and all the angels.

- Put flowers in various colors, preferably four colors.
- In the difficult days, doing prayer among several people is even better, and with it the magic is greater, and although we try to treat others with injustice, it is important that we do not act like them, so that in that way with our example can help too.
- When there are difficulties, and having done all this, the sentence can be done whenever you have to understand the difficulties and four candles.

Normally most people are good, but sometimes can be mistaken for evil. In the event that we find someone who persistently seek the wrong track, it will be little we can do for that person away from God and the people who are hurting. Finally, when it returned the favor to ask that, you can give an offering, which may consist of flowers that we place on our altar, or the church as a token of appreciation, in addition to burn incense in our homes.


The family is very important for the family to live in harmony, no trouble, misunderstanding, and that God accompanies all our relatives. First it is important to note that the whole family is important, brothers, sons, dads, spouses, et cetera, must see to all equally important, as part of us, not resort to violence or coups, because that is not good . For example: it is not good to beat a child to punish him, by contrast, must be careful to explain why something can not be good. Violence also took away the harmony and the angels.

The fidelity of the spouses is a good thing, and sometimes that happens in many families one spouse becomes unfaithful. But it should not be seen as something too terrible and no solution, because a mistake is not hopeless, and all we ever wrong. We must forgive the faults of others. Not to do so, especially when someone asks a sincere apology, it's like to have an aptitude for arrogance.

To attract good to our families can do the following:

- It is good that the whole family or at least the closest relatives to attend Mass together.
- Sorry for the offenses are serious but a family.
- Do not talk to swear or curse words.
- Avoid all forms of violence.
- Treatment significantly to the whole family.
- Always consider that the family is the most important since the disintegration of the family brings many problems.
- Always spend some time together with family.
- Always remember our deceased relatives.
- With regard to alcoholic beverages, it is best not to consume, and if it does, it must be in moderation and avoiding doing so in front of children, even in major events.

In addition to these recommendations can be made as follows:

- Avoid wasting food.
- Avoid having leaks.
- Have garden is good, if not possible then at least some plants.
- A table with the image of Our Divine Lady Tonantzin (Virgin of Guadalupe), and flowers of two, four, five, or nine colors.
- Avoid painting the walls with dark colors, cobwebs, dirt and disorder.
- To avoid problems with our neighbors to attract good luck.
- In difficult times: to put four red candles. If anyone out there travel or a problem with a family, you can put your photo next to the image of Our Lady Tonantzin, guardian angels, archangels, including the other prophets. And they say four times the following sentence at the time it dawns:

Oh Quetzalcoatl
we ask you
intervene before
Our Lady and Lord
of Heaven; (Virgin of Guadalupe)
for our families
and all the others.

Help us to be
a community of pilgrims,
a universal Church
as is the Divine will.

Finally, when it returned the favor to ask that, you can give an offering, consisting of incense and flowers as a token of gratitude, and also can offer flowers in the church.


Living with others is important.
Sometimes there are violent people who are upset with others who do not think like them in these cases it is better to get away from them, as well as those who insist on using drugs, commit crimes, harm others, to insist on the vices et cetera, so if you can not help, it is better to leave them.
Coexistence begins with our friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, marriage, nation, and so on.
For good coexistence with others is good to be nice to welcome our neighbors and generally to people with whom we live.

Here are some tips for living together:

For there to be friendship and harmony with others can do the following: - Have a good fitness.
- Envy, selfishness, attracts bad luck.
- Ball games and sports in general in which several people are good, provided they are not based on violence.
- Alcoholic beverages consumed too much away to the angels.
- Search for making friends at school and work is always good, it makes our activities are best.
- Being presumptuous is not good, because it does not please others.
- The distinctions are not good, trying to discriminate against someone brings bad luck.
- Selfishness is an obstacle to good living.
- Sometimes someone insists poor fitness, sometimes things are even worse, like when someone tries to find the violence. In such cases, we should not answer their attacks, but trying to convince them that God does not want violence.


First.- It should be noted, especially in matters of love, that all persons are free. Then the magic will only work when trying to attract someone who can to please either a known person or someone who does not even know, but we want to know, when it comes to friendship, just wish. You can help the following things:

- A fitness positive.
- Try to find someone like us, that is, not in the sense of social class or similar things, but that is a similar, in terms of our way of being.
- Trying to show safety, ie not with a display of insecurity fitness, because if we feel insecure, the ability to pass those around us, that is, if we feel insecure, while others do that also sit on the same way.
- Be kind and inspire confidence in others.
- If it is difficult to find someone you like, in addition to the above can do the following:

- Turn two red candles.
- Planting flowers of four colors.
- Seek the help of our guardian angel, and we can also seek help from the archangels, for example, bringing with us or said a currency Iztaccihuatl and images of Bastet, but if we can not find it sufficient to bring I said a heart-shaped.
- You can also burn incense at sunrise and sunset, preferably copal and cedar, (We should try to understand the incense with the candle flame, for example, if cones, only closer to the flame, if not, even you can turn on a first match with the flame, and then with the incense, to avoid having to move the candle) and say the following prayer four times during sunrise and sunset:

Of Omeyocan
They emerge the waters of life,

Of Omeyocan
they emerge the flowers
to be
eternally happy.

Oh Racna
creator of Heaven,
creator of the Earth,

We offer
cedar and copal
and I ask you send
the archangels
of love.

Oh Iztaccihuatl
oh Bastet
I ask them
to come, please.

Finally, when it returned the favor to ask that, you can give an offering, consisting of flowers and incense as a token of appreciation.


Sometimes we got to have difficulties for various reasons such as ill will or bad intentions of someone, other times by the influence of sects and other groups that break the harmony of things.
There are several ways to achieve a good protection, for example, if we have the opportunity to visit a sacred place, such as the Basilica of Our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe), a church dedicated to her, the holy sites of religious good, ancient holy cities, we can take from these places, we can find something there. If we go to the Basilica, we can buy a Divine image of our Lady, in the store that is closest to the shrine, then we can attend the mass, so the image that links us to carry the sacred place. Another example might be, if we have the opportunity to visit a place like the archaeological site of Teotihuacan, is even better if we do so in an important date in this case may be during the spring equinox, in which case we can take pictures of the place or buy a souvenir of the sites, and they also link us to that place. Then we put them in a place where they can help us to have good luck and protection, such as the hall, the workplace, the bedroom, office, and if we can also bring with us when we left home, we can even buy several things, including some small that we can easily bring in these difficult days, but it is also important that if we buy several things that are two, four, five, seven, nine, twelve or thirteen things, it must be associated with a sacred number.
If you want an even greater protection, we can do the following: if we attend to the Basilica and we already have a picture with which we attended the mass, we can again lead to another mass, the maximum could go to the Mass of the nine December, then to the twelve of December, the twenty-first day of December (depending on the day that is the winter solstice), and twenty or twenty-first day of March, the day when the spring equinox occurs, so that they are four times in four important dates.
And if we do not have the opportunity to visit the Basilica because we live far away, you can do the same in other sacred sites, even on other dates, but also have an important meaning.

Teotihuacan Mural

The following prayer can also be helpful at times when we need special protection. (One of eight clover leaves is a good sign for protection.)

Oh my God
oh Racna.

You that transmit
the order
and moving
a whole universe.

I ask You
I request You
attend to me
in these moments
of difficulty.

And to send
from the City of Heaven
Your children Quetzalcoatl
and your daughter Cihuacoatl
to help us,
to assist us
in this place.

Another thing that can help us be well protected, is to have a charm associated with the goddess Bastet facing the front door of our house, because she is an archangel that its qualities, is the protect when there is a serious danger.


With regard to the nature, the case is more important when planting a crop or when preparing a garden. In other cases, seeking harmony with nature in order to avoid contamination, or to ensure that there is unrest in nature.

Nature is important because we live ourselves with nature, we feed it during the passage through this world. The care for the natural environment is important. We must live in harmony with nature and not trying to destroy it. Living in harmony with nature, attracts harmony, peace, order, health. For that reason it is important to take care of.

When we went to the field must not mistreat or littering the environment.
- It's good to ensure that there are parks and gardens.
- Avoid using things like the wood, where the material can be replaced by another, that in order not to damage forests. For example: it is not good to build wooden houses, where you can do with other materials, otherwise it is a way of showing disregard for nature, since building a house and even more of a city with materials like wood causes that have been destroying forests full for that purpose.
- The use of recyclable products attract good luck.
- It is not good to waste water and food.
- Cities should not depart from nature, they should always have trees and gardens.
- Avoid dirt in general.
- Caring nature attracts the angels, because then there is harmony, as though this world is a transit, the entire universe was created by God and therefore should show appreciation for nature and harmony.

It is advisable not to opt for a culture of waste, progress is not achieved through to manufacture more products, culture should not be based on consumption or a competition to see who accumulates more assets. Many times we fall into the trap of material things, and finally just got a life full of pressure, where if we do not have more assets than the neighbor or friend that cause us unhappiness.
This is how it has been producing products that are made to last a short time or be replaced constantly. This is not good because the more waste, the more is destroyed nature. Those things just take us to the culture of service rather than harmony.

When the weather is not good, having broken the harmony of nature, and therefore comes to see things like droughts and hurricanes, will be important prayer of the faithful of the place and is offering to build a new temple on the top of a hill.


There are many types of magic. The magic is always good to be associated with a good religion. On the other hand there is another kind of magic that is not good, which will always be associated with false teachings, such as the cult. Another case is that the calls come from people who live in the subworlds. And in this case the false magic practiced by scammers.
God is the one who orders the universe, and this order is in all things, the physical laws in the area, which is the shape of the universe, as when we make a bubble, This always happens that tends to be a perfect sphere. Because the universe follows a precise order.
God is present in many religions, although it is called in various ways. As is Allah in Islam or Brahma in Hinduism, in Buddhism we call the natural law, others simply call it the Universal Soul. However, not all religions are good, there are a variety of sects and impostures. These doctrines are pseudo-selfish, very hostile, but not always be perceived by the naked eye or easily.
For example in countries where there is a strong presence of Protestant sects (Baptists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, evangelicals, et cetera), often their governments are coming to see the influence of sects, which come to manipulate according to their hidden purposes. (See: Chapter of the True Story)
So those governments to come to their countries to war against countries that their laws do not allow the entry of the sects to their territories, which would be the continued ability of the early church during the time of the Crusades and the Inquisition.

The doctrines or teachings are transmitted by the prophets, who help guide the nations to God, whether you call one way or another, and these lessons are a bit different from one another. Good lessons, though not perfect, because only God is perfect, are taught the existence of a Higher Being that governs the universe, and we are all children of that be and therefore we are all brothers. On the other side are the impostures, which are taught by the false prophets who claim to be God. What amounts to a falsehood, because God does not manifest itself in this way also, if it did, then it would demonstrate, such as through something that only she can do, such as altering the time and motion of the universe. As was the miracle of Our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe), who spoke at the Tepeyac (See: True History). But But God (who is whom we see in the Divine Image) did not come into this world through one person, but is expressed through the movement of the universe and a bright image, which took the form of a lady and angel of mixed race. To convey the message that we are all brothers.

Such as the Arab-Muslims, with excuses such as oil have been invaded by more than one occasion. Not joining a banned sect, because there is freedom. But it is always important to know the truth. As for the Catholic Church and the churches where this is Our Divine Lady Tonantzin Teteoinan (Virgin of Guadalupe), are not bad because they present God. Even when speaking about the Bible as the very presence of God saves all those around her. And why is that there is no longer the ability of the early Church of the Crusades and the Inquisition. Not in Protestantism, it is not present in God.

In regard to the pseudo-religions inspired by the Beings subworlds. Usually these are not official religions, but they exist and can be very dangerous. Manifested through games or invocations to the spirits of those who know very little. Also in some types of spells and witchcraft in such cases, it is necessary to say that most of them are charlatanism, ie they are made by people who are dedicated to swindle others, to raise money. This is especially where employment is scarce, this case is the least dangerous, because the most you can lose is money. But there are some cases in which witchcraft and spells become real and in other cases come to us in a much more discreet, such as for example the game and Cleo and Bero, ouija, among the most popular.
Those things are very dangerous because its origin is not known with precision, and especially its purposes. This leads, especially partnerships with evil spirits. And you can carry possessions that are psychological as a result of a disorder of mind and spirit. The problem does not end there, because when these practices are constant, slowly begin to cause the person to go away from God ever pray less, ever going to church less, or let go completely, you bother to attend even in church baptisms and weddings. As the largest of the problems when they have to leave this world, then their souls can be dragged to subworlds, from which the spirits of those who constantly invoke so during his lifetime.

Subworlds spirits that inhabit these are places of despair, then these beings are able to move away just a bit of those sites, when invoked, so look for ways to thank, at least outwardly, to those who invoked, although in reality is a trap.
People who seek God, sometimes can be attracted by such things, but usually lose interest in these things quickly, because God protects those Beings.

Nor is it correct to say that if these spirits, they are selfish and malicious, and mixed Trues with Lies.

To attract people, these spirits, in principle, say some truths, they are earning the trust of those who invoke them, cleverly mixed Trues with Lies, as a way to have fun with those who invoked.

Finally, there are pseudo-doctrines of political systems, the most familiar: communism. Although communism apparently preaches a materialistic doctrine, said to be against any religion, and even denies being a religion, it is true that it is a sect that is constructed as follows:

Communism is a sect that emulates or imitates Christianity (See: True Story), where Karl Marx is the father figure, which is also known as Marxism. The most notable, in that communism is a cult, is the figure of Lenin, who represents the figure of the child.

Karl Marx was a Jewish philosopher who lived in Germany, where he was a political ideology apparently based on the equality of all people. Subsequently, a Russian revolutionary leader (Lenin), who lived a while in Germany, pseudo-doctrine that led to Russia. When Lenin came to power achievement implant communism in Russia and turned himself into an idol worship required of his followers, as is easy to see things as they are in the tomb of Lenin. That is a kind of temple was built in the center of the Russian capital, and where I come to expose the mummified body of Lenin with the most advanced techniques of his time, so that those who visit the site to assess your body mummified, as if they were relics of a saint.
It also came to change the name of some sites as a form of praise to Lenin, as St. Petersburg, which was renamed to Leningrad (see chapter True Story of the pseudo-doctrines). Later this sect began to disperse from the Russian Empire, known today as the former U. R. R. S. In other countries the communist sect was established by those who emulate or mimic the shape of saints, even as survivors among the Castro regime in Cuba, Fidel Castro, which evokes the leninism of Lenin. In this way and others, makes constant communism disguised as ritual ceremonies or events apparently nationalists and build large courtyards with statues around them, their pagan god: Lenin and their local saints, and has led to violence. As in the Korean and Vietnam among the best-known cases.

It is therefore important that when someone wants to conduct a kind of magic or prayer, always seeking to do what is good and right, this will attract the good and rejecting the bad. What can we know what is wrong with just listening to the feeling of the soul and think a little, for example, what is bad, you can take one of the following ways: sometimes seeking violence, vice, not always telling the truth, does not allow us to think, that is, we do not allow people to challenge because he knows that it would be discovered, it is also selfish.
Which works well: not seeking to harm others, to seek what is just, you know that we are all part of a whole, the property that is not afraid to challenge you, and always wins in the end.

Another point is that sometimes things can be difficult, but it is important to be patient, because we must take into account, especially in this world there is a constant battle between good and evil. The fact is that when things are more difficult, the more we should seek God. As for magic, you can combine forces to use several things. For example, conducting one of the important information regarding the case particularly for the family, work, live together, work in the countryside, et cetera, and also can draw on the help of our dreams.



(Racna means:
The Creator Spirit,
who transmits the order
and motion to the universe).

Oh Racna;

You created all that exists,
You give movement;

As the atoms
that the planets;

to see you
just look
the order is in
all things;

since the order
it is no coincidence;

I can well understand
in Truth
That you, Racna
you are God
The dispenser of life;

The Great Spirit,
God, Allah,
The Law of Karma,
all are you,

And so,
I promise to be Faithful;

So be welcome
on your Divine kingdom.


Oh grandparents (must be someone who has already left this world but who we have loved much, when he(she) lived here, can also be a kind of angels with whom we identify)
Oh my guardian angel
My loyal company
my staunch ally;

Oh God
allows always listen
my guardian angel
and his words
inspire me
good things
because without them
I do not know what to do;

for that I thank you, Racna(God)
for that I thank you, God.

Prayers to begin and end the day.

When you start the day said:

Oh God, oh Racna, please guide us on this day.

At the end of the day, said:

Thanks God, Thanks Racna, for being with us on this day.

It is important to be constant in prayer. With a constant battle between good and evil, the record is very important. It's good to pray for one another, for the needy children by parents, parents by children. After making a prayer, ask God for our leaders, for all those who have a responsibility, those in difficulty or those who are in need.