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A macaque symbolizes our instinctive personality, if we dream of a macaque, is a tip to be more reflective and not letting ourselves be driven by instincts

It represents the light, and the road to success.
- This dream tells us that we do well and that bring good times.
- If we dream a macaw wingless, it means we are doing missing opportunities or something to achieve what we want.

This sign is associated with hatred and fear, let us see our desire for revenge.
- If we dream that someone we know we are attacked with a machete, means to that person has ill will and or want revenge on us.
- If we dream of a sorcerer to attack us with a machete, is an enemy that wants to us have problems and disputes, or to get distracted with other things so that we can not fight it.

- A machine that works well, predicts success and good fortune.
- A machine that stops, it means delays in our business or projects.
- If malfunctioning, broken, missing, damaged, means difficulties and failure.
- If you have an accident with a machine, means trouble and failure.

Machine to make tortillas:
- To dream of a machine to make tortillas means that we have that it takes to achieve promising things.

Machine, Time:
- Dream a time machine or do a trip to the past in a time machine, tells us that there is something of the past that we would change.
- Dreaming about traveling to the future in a time machine, it means we have a good chance to choose our future, depending on what we do or do not do these days.
- If we dream that we are in an animated film (Cartoons), and there we see a time machine, it means that we have the possibility to change things, but for this we must make a serious effort, otherwise the villains will win us and we will be ridiculous.
- To dream that we return to the past in a time machine and there we see our funeral, represents something of the past that ended badly or something that we wish it had not ended.

It presages a probable pregnancy.

- To dream you see carefully the COVER of a magazine, it means that we are interested in what we see in that image. In this case it is advisable to consult the meaning of what we see on the cover, but sometimes the interest relates exactly to what we see in the picture.
- If in our dream we see CULTURAL MAGAZINE( history, art.....) tells us to review and analyze more things that we have learned to use them better. But if the cultural magazine is in another language, tells us to review more and decrypt some data from our sources that is books, journals, data, documents, etc. and if we translate then tells us that certain events will help us decipher our data sources.

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Magazine stand:
- If in our dream we see a magazine stand, it is advice that tells us it is appropriate to review our present life.

This color is related to the sensuality and the love that initiates. And in some cases it tells us that a love that begins, begins to grow stronger.

- This dream tells us we are in a situation that seems difficult and we want a little divine help to assist us.
- Dreaming about travel to a magical world, means we want a little Divine help to reach a higher spiritual level, or to change our destiny.

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Magician (From: Illusionist):
If we dream that we can discover the tricks of a magician, it means that we have discovered or that soon we will discover the tricks of someone who was trying to deceive or cheat us.

If in our dream we see a magistrate, court, judge or anything related to justice, it means that we are concerned about something related to our current situation.
- If we dream of a magistrate, it means that we need a little help to get out of a difficult situation.
- If we dream of a magistrate, who sees us angry, it means that we must be prudent in what we do, or we are planning to do.
- If in our dream we see that they are judging us regardless of the outcome of the trial, it means that we believe that we are in a situation of chance.
- If we dream that we are magistrates, or judges, it means that we will soon have to make an important decision.

- To dream about magma, means passions long-repressed.

This dream tells us that we shall be under the influence of people from whom we distrust.

Magnifying glass:
It means that we must appreciate in its fair value, each of the details that form our future projects.

It represents a very beautiful and pleasant person.

Symbolizes our car sacrifice, ie that sometimes is necessary sacrifice ourselves a bit for others to find the harmony in the home or at work.

- Dreaming of precious woods, means good fortune and money luck.
- Sometimes it may mean that we are being too proud.

- If the envelope can't be opened, or contains something unpleasant, is empty or is black, it means fear.
- If we are in fear of writing a letter, means the same as above.
- If in the dream we see a postman who runs means unforeseen events.
- If we see several people in the post office, means discussions and problems.
- Break or burn the letter presages break with a friend or a relative.
- Receive an anonymous letter there is something that disturbs our conscience.
- If we see an illegible letter, disagreement or missed appointments.
- If we dream we read an email, it tells us that we will receive news soon. But if we distinguish what is said and to think about it means that we have had an important finding related to what we read.

- If you cannot open, or contains something unpleasant, is empty, or is black, it means fear.

Make the most:
- If we dream we make the most of an opportunity, tells us that we made the right decision.

The makeup in perspective tells us to show us a little better than we, in our waking life. But if the makeup is too much, what it reveals is deception and betrayal (If a woman dreams of wearing makeup too much, said to be acting with deceit and betrayal, even if we see someone we know with too much makeup, then, means that person is acting with deceit and betrayal).

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This dream tells us that we need some protection, what we can achieve, through prayer.

- If in our dream we see two animals of the same species and remember well that one was male and the other female, is related to love, for example: If in the dream we see two mice with long tusks and noticed that one of them dies, means that it is very likely that our relationship ends and that annoys us too, especially because it is something we could easily avoid (Something we can avoid controlling our temperament or if we notice something is wrong, fix it right away as we know how to do it).

Malformation :
- To dream that we have a malformation in our body or someone has it, means that there are aspects of our life which we developed with little attention.

It means that we have little confidence in our ability.

This sign represents our external and material existence.
- The CORRIDOR or hallway inside the mall symbolizes the paths of our lives.
- NOT FIND IN mall, what we want and feel overwhelmed by the crowd, it means it is not yet the right time to throw life actively, before we meditate and reflect.

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If we dream of mallow, it is an omen of good luck in the economic, and sometimes warns us of a probable inheritance.

To dream that we're malnourished and thin means we must pay attention to our food, but if we see someone else malnourished, it means someone needs our help.
- If in our dream we see a thin malnourished black-dog, it means that a friend or family member who recently departed from this world needs our help, for example: In our prayers so that he can get Heaven.
- If in our dream we see a notoriously thin and malnourished white-cat, tells us there is a woman who needs our help, but also tells us that if we help run the risk of being betrayed by it; which advises us to be cautious.

In this case, the meaning depends on your taste, for example:
- If we tasted a smoothie or milkshake and is very COLD, it may mean loss of vitality or disease.
- CHOCOLATE flavor, promises us happiness and good fortune in the family.

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Means we will have strength and a very good situation, which will take advantage of it.

Usually a young man, represent an adversary. But if is a mature man, means protection and safety, for example: If we see a mature man accompanied by family members, means that we are protected by the family and we can count on your support (Must be an unknown man); but for example, if we dream in a vehicle where driving for an older man, then this means that someone we overprotective and may be someone who also see in the same vehicle.
Another point to consider is the features or things we remember in detail, so that an unknown man represents an opponent, but if is a doctor, then we must look for the most specific meaning, in this case, that of Doctor; another example is if a woman dreams who falls in love for a stranger, then she must see: "Love" to be the most specific.

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Manager or representative:
- If in the dream we see a manager or dream that we are the manager of a famous artist or singer, it means that we are able to help someone who does not feel sufficiently recognized, and who can become good way to thank our help .

- If in our dream we see a Mandala, it means that we will soon receive some help from Heaven.

Mandarin (Magistrates who administered the country in the name of the emperor):
It symbolizes our parents or on whom we depend in some way, but if we dream like Mandarines or kings, it may mean that we have already reached our important purposes or that we are being too ambitious.

It means nostalgia, and it augurs some sorrows.

- It symbolizes our instinctive personality, and if we see it in the dream it is a tip that tells us to be more reflective and not let ourselves be carried away by our instincts.
- If in our dream we see that the goddess Bastet becomes a mandril, it means that we must be more reflective and we do not allow ourselves to be carried too much by the sensuality and our instincts.

It means independence and solitude.
- If in our dream we see a black horse with golden mane, it means that in order to succeed in a battle or in a project, we must not be too good for the others to abuse us, nor too bad as for the rest of us look bad, but a reasonable thing.

Mangala sutra:
- If a married person dreams of a mangala sutra and the dream is positive, it means that their marriage is going well.
But if the mangala sutra is seen in poor conditions, it means the opposite.

Mango (Fruit):
To dream of a mango means that we will have good luck in love.

- If a woman dreams that she is doing manicure, means that this estate right things (something done that also looks good).
- If in the dream we see someone we know and that is female, making manicure, means that she is a sophisticated person, who likes to look good and do good things.

- If we dream that we manipulate someone, it means that we have much influence on someone.

It presages ephemeral pleasures.

- The beautiful mansion is the realization of our aspirations, we will see concrete unexpectedly.
- If the mansion is neglected, means we will have some difficulties before achieving full success.

- If we dream that we wear a mantle, it means protection and success, depending on how long it is.

by letter.

Dreaming of an instruction manual, means we have not done things well enough, even though we have a chance to make things right.

- View a map in our dreams, it means that we are not satisfied with our current situation, and we want to change things.
- If in our dream we see a map unreadable, tells us that we do not like how things are, but also tells us that we will not achieve what we want until we can understand something.
- If in our dream we see Hitler seeing a map and also it is a dream in black and white, it means that we are depressed because we have not managed to avenge us, and the reason is because, although we have many resources, we have not succeeded Make a good strategy. This dream advises us to think things right, since revenge is not good and can only be justified within a judicial process and in order that the aggressor does not continue to hurt other people.

This sign tells us how we in our life and in our projects, so that if we are doing well in the marathon, means that our projects and our life also go well, but if we feel that we are too tired, tells us that we must not lose the hopes and it is important to strive more to achieve our goals.

Marigold flower:
- If in our dream we see a grave with the name of a relative or friend that we have not heard in a while, and over the grave, we see marigold flower petals, it means that person has already left this world.

Marck (On the skin):
- To dream of an ankle that has a small red mark on it, means difficulties and bad luck. This dream advises us not to do reckless or risky things.
And if we dream of an ankle that has the tattoo of a pentagram in it, it means the same thing as the previous one.
- If we dream that we have a Satanic mark (Of a demon) in the hand, it means that we feel guilty for something we did and we fear that there will be consequences.

- PEOPLE WHO SEE IN MARKET, are those closest to us in real life.
- In the market RUNNERS symbolize the paths of our lives.
- Their STALLS, they tell us that in this life we must pay a price for what we have and possess.
- FEELING OVERWHELMED can also reveal our shyness and withdrawal.
- SEE A MARKET FROM AFAR, without details and without approach, says approaching a time of material shortages.
- ENTERING THE MARKET WITHOUT BUYING ANYTHING, it means the need to find the best route appropriate for the realization of our projects.
Also enter without purchase can mean a simple desire for promiscuity that often appears when our lives lack warmth or communication.
- NOT FIND IN THE MARKET, WHAT YOU WANT, and feel overwhelmed by the crowd, it means that is not yet the right time to propel us to the life, we must first meditate and reflect.
- BE, OR ENTRY INTO A EMPTY MARKET, means that there is a looming threat, as well as despair.
- If we dream is BURNING A MARKET AND YOU ARE IN, mean risk of loss, and if there are victims, the dream tells us that the risk is higher.
- IF YOU SEE A MARKET THAT BURNED, BUT YOU WILL NOT BE IN THAT PALCE, it means that your opponents are losing the opportunity to beat you.

Dreaming marmalade, says that there will be family joy.

If in the dream we are getting married, you can signify our desire to get married, but if have no desire to marry, or we're married, means it can happen again Unfortunately soon.

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Mushrooms represent a sexy person (Attractive), it can also mean good luck in the affairs of love.

- Dreaming of a Martian or an alien, means we have problems to adapt to our environment.
- Dreaming about a Martian who transforms into a person, it means that it is difficult to adapt to our environment, because of someone who insists on trying to get in trouble with our friends and the people around us.

- If we dream that we mash with a suitcase, tells us that we are frustrated about something, and even a little wounded pride, but without wanting to run from it, which advises us to have a little patience and strive more.

A mask in our dream, in most cases represents deception, or that there is something that is being hidden. But sometimes we says that we are acquiring or assuming the qualities or defects, the Self, animal, person or thing that represents the mask, (so if it representing the mask is very noticeable, it is also convenient The meaning of what it represents).

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Mask, surgical:
- If we dream a surgical mask it means that there is a danger of getting infected, which advises us to be cautious.

Mat, sleep:
A mat represents difficulties in love. It may also represent a lack of interest in sex theme.

- Using them predicts favorable circumstances.
- If we canít light the matches, it means failure and difficulties.

- If it's GOOD QUALITY AND CLEAN, indicates relative comfort.
- If we are sleeping in our bedroom, in THE PURE MATTRESS (without bed), augurs difficulties in love.

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Maze/ Labyrinth:
It means that we will need skill and cunning to pass a test or to get out of a difficult situation.
- If we dream that we are in a maze and see a giant spider, it tells us that we will need skill and cunning to get out of the trap we've fallen.
- If we dream that we are in a maze full of mud, it means that if we are not careful we can get to fall into a difficult situation in which our reputation and credibility are affected.
- If we are inside a maze, portends troubles and difficulties of all kinds unless we get out of it, in which case indicates that we will find an unexpected solution that will allow us to go out with either a muddled affair. It also indicates our ability to react to the absurd.
- If we dream that a certain place is like a maze and therefore we prefer to get out of there, it represents an issue that was very tangled or that has many risks, and therefore we prefer to get out of it. It may also mean that there is a tangled issue with many risks and is better avoided.


- Dreaming with raw meant or almost raw meant, means suffering and disappointment.
- If the meat is cooked, it means happiness perspective.
- If we are eating meat, means that we will be slighted.
- If we eat raw meat, augurs sufferings and disappointments, which advises us analyze the situation well so avoid it.
- If the meat is in poor condition, means failure, and bad luck.

Meat, cold/ sausage:
- According to the tone:
1. If it is white, it means: joy.
2. Black: penalties.
2. Green Justice.
4. Red: passion.
- If we meats like sausage, stuffed with garbage or sawdust, means that things do not go as we wish and partly because of ill-intentioned and bad feelings around us.

- If the medal is a reward for winning a competition, ie a recognition, we said that we appreciate our social environment, which is a sign that all is well.
- If it's a medal for jewelry, either gold, silver, platinum or fantasy, it means prison.
- If in our dream we see a medal (of jewelry, either gold, silver, platinum, or fantasy) rotates, it means that we are saved from going to prison, it can mean that we got rid of a difficult problem.
- To dream of a medal jewelry of any material that has the image of a frog, it means that there is a danger of ending up in prison because of someone who has ill will and who will do anything to harm us, including witchcraft.
- If medals with religious images, tells us that enjoy peace and harmony, except in the case of a crucifix, because then it means confusion, and or penalties.

Medical examination:
- If we dream that someone we know is done a medical examination and the doctor tell him that he is sick, it means that he is healthy. But if the doctor tells him that is healthy, it means that he suffers from an illness.
- If we dream that someone we know is done a medical examination and the doctor tells him that he is not sick of AIDS means that he suffering from a venereal disease. But if the doctor tells him that he has not sick of AIDS means that he is healthy and not suffering from any venereal disease.

The medicine is associated with aid to our health or our souls.
- If medications are for someone else, it's because that someone is in need of our help.
- If someone you know (a) asks us to give you a medicine, means that person needs a consolation for us. But if, for example, a woman who does not know, ask us to aspirin, means that a female person needs the comfort of us, since in that case the dream is giving us a clue who it is.

- If we dream that the parents of the person we like to come to our house and say they want to meet us, means that the person we love, want to know us.

The sirens or mermaids, represent the problems that we can bring uncontrolled desires. Also represent an impossible love.

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- If in our dream we see that an iceberg melts, it means financial recovery, or we will return with our partner, depending on our current situation.

- fighting within a mesh means that we feel trapped and helpless in a difficult situation by a sentimental bond or by habit from which we wish to leave.
- If we do not leave it indicates that we have resigned ourselves.
- If we see ourselves with a fishing net trying to catch fish, it means that we try to retain good memories, it can also mean our desire to delve into ourselves to try to be better people.
- If the mesh is broken leaving everything we had caught, it means that we are afraid of losing what we had achieved.
- If we see ourselves repair a mesh, it means that we want to repair or prevent an error, imprudence, lack, or action that could be a danger to an affection.

If we dream that we have a mess, it means that there may be obstacles in our projects, but if we strive, we can overcome them.

Represents the strength, it can also mean that we should force someone to do his duty.
Unless we see things wrapped in foil, and then means that what is involved with can help us get what we want.
- Dreaming iron tells us to force someone to do his duty.
- It may also mean that we are being a little inflexible or severe, depending on our current situation.

Metal detector:
- If in our dream we see a metal detector to those used in airports and protected places, to see if anyone carries weapons, means suspicions or concerns nearby .


Middle, in the:
- Dreaming of a bed placed in the middle of the bedroom, well mean that we have controlled our matters relating to sex and or partner.

Migraine/ Headache:
This dream can tell us a headache, if not that, then the dream is warning us, we will have problems that would last little, but worrying for its repetition.

Military Academy
- To dream that you attend a military academy (where in our daily living we do not go to any military academy), means that in order to comply with a duty we have made to society, we must prepare and analyze things better, as it will be difficult than we thought.

Military service card:
- Dreaming of our military service card or have one, tells us that we have received bad news or that soon will receive, but if we stand firm in our good intentions and the fulfillment of our duty, in the end everything will be fine and our favor .

The milk symbolizes abundance, fertility, prosperity and knowledge.
- If we dream CONDENSED milk, portends prosperity and knowledge.
- If in our dream we see CREAM (Cream which is formed in the fresh milk) or we eat cream, it is a good sign that tells us that we will have good luck financially.
- DRINK MILK portends wealth, fertility, prosperity and health.
- The SOUR milk means domestic problems.
- To dream about milk POWDER or an ad for milk powder, says it is important to be firm in our decisions, even if they are being bad, or otherwise we run the risk of losing money or our goods.
- Dreaming SPILLING MILK portends unhappiness and losses.
- Dreaming a woman with milk filled TITS reveals she soon is pregnant or who already is.

- If we tasted a milkshake and is very COLD, it may mean loss of vitality or disease.
- If we see an EMPTY GLASS and noticed that was filled with milkshake before, it means bad luck and is related to taste, for example, if was filled with chocolate milkshake, it is sad and bad luck in the family; if it was full of flavor strawberry milkshake, means bad luck in love; if it was filled with of walnut milkshake means infertility; and if it was full of banana smoothie flavor, means bad luck in love.

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- If a woman dreams of a BLACK miniskirt, means that people with bad intentions will come.
- If a man dreams that someone he knows wears a BLACK AND TIGHT miniskirt, means that she is a person of bad habits and advised him not to try to relate to her.
- If a woman dreams of wearing a miniskirt TOO SHORT, means it is likely soon to do something improper or who has done something shameful; which advises her to avoid doing or avoid returning to behave that way.
- If in the dream we see a woman wearing a WHITE miniskirt, means success in love, but at the same time tells us that something seems to be unseemly, but in reality it is not.
- If in our dream we see a beautiful woman wearing a WHITE MINISKIRT AND SHE STUMBLE and fall, tells us that if we do not take the proper precautions we may have problems in love.

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It is a good sign related to the soul.
If in our dream we heard a minstrel or we are a minstrel, means we will have happiness and consideration.

To dream about a mirage, it means that we will receive false promises, can also mean impossible longings.

- If you see a BROKEN MIRROR, or breaks, it means that approximates a Unfortunately.

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- To dream about miscreants means that there is a danger of someone stealing something to us, or that we suffer an attack by dishonest people.
- If in a dream we see miscreants on the BEACH, means that while things are quiet and calm, there is a danger that anytime someone attacks us in some way, so we should not be complacent
- If in our dream we are aboard a CAR and suddenly we see that some miscreants trying to remove the tire or rim covers, means that we have enemies who seek to harm us. But if in the dream, the miscreants manage to leave the rim covers, or the tires, says it is likely that someone rob us something and also these people cause us harm in several ways.
- See us OURSELVES AS MISCREANTS, means that we should be more honest to others.
- If in our dream we see a miscreant throws WATER INTO OUR CAR, it means we have been having problems because of witchcraft, or negative telepathy (earaches, stomach diseases, problems, fights, or nightmares); this dream advises us to be steadfast in our purpose, that is, not discourage, plus get a silver amulet. But if we dream that after thugs threw water into our car, fought with them and beat them or make them run away, it means that we will achieve dominate these malicious people and they canít harm us.

Dreaming of a misfortune, tells us that our responsibilities diminish, but thus also our resources of money, it also means that we can have some problems in our relationships with others.

Misplace/ Stray:
- If suddenly we get lost, so DO NOT KNOW HOW TO RETURN HOME, BUT suddenly in the distance we see a building as a building or monument that is near our house and so we were relieved because know that to get there find the way back home, it means that we are concerned about an issue, but something that has to do with building, something happened there, with their meaning, or with someone we met there, can help us to resolve the issue.
- To dream about to misplace an OBJECT, means that our efforts will be futile and costly.

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Miss (From: To miss a person):
This dream tells us it is important to appreciate things day by day.

warns us to be cautious before attempting to take any decision.

This dream presages emotional loneliness, or unlucky in our activities.
- If we dream that we are in a cafe drinking a juice, but a moment later, by mistake, we take the juice that is to someone else and it tastes is acid, it means is better than no mistake because we could end up in a distressing situation, for example: In the sense that it is better to avoid provoking people that we know are very conflicting, or avoid getting into risky situations.

This dream warns us that there may be malicious acts by close relatives. It can also mean malicious love relationships

This dream is a warning that something bad can happen.

If we dream of a misunderstanding, it means that in the following days we must be very careful to that we do or say, since there is a danger that someone will take us wrong. It can also be a complicated issue that we must fix or clarify


Mock-up, house:
A mock-up represents our life projects and depending on how it looks like this will be our projects, so if it goes wrong, it is because things are not going well and we must reevaluate the situation; But if it looks good then it means that our projects are safe.

To dream about a mockingbird represents the light, and the road to success.
- This dream tells us to do well and that approach good times.

- If in our dream we see wet pants, it means that our timidity is causing us difficulties.
- If in the dream we note that there is moisture in the walls, it means that we are acting with insecurity and fear, which advises us to start acting more decisively and safety in order to achieve what we want.
- Wearing a wet hat, it tells us that our insecurity and distrust fitness is preventing us from achieving our goals.
- If in the dream we note that there is moisture on the roof of our house, it means that we have a sense of fear, doubt, frustration, or insecurity.

To dream about mold represents corruption and hypocrisy.

- It means bad luck.

In this case the meaning applies to who has the moles.
- The moles in the ARMS tell us about a probable marriage.
- The moles in the BREAST say that it is a person of bad character.
- The moles in the EARS represent an unpleasant surprise.
- The moles in the middle of the FRONT signify good fortune and longevity.
- The moles in HIPS represent sensuality.
- The moles in the LEGS, tells us that he is a conflicted person. - A mole near the MOUTH means that we tend to be good and generous, unless it is near the mouth but the left side, since then, it means that we are sensual and attractive.
- Seeing someone with moles in the MUSHROOMS means that he is a studious person, and he loves wisdom.

The bills in our dreams mean money problems, so if we see bills means money problems but if the bills disappear equals rid of the problem.
If the bills are from another country also means money problems but then also tells us that the problems come from something or someone from the country from which these bills, but if bills are fake, means, false poverty, that is, as when we constantly complain about our economic situation, but we're actually not that bad.
If it is money debts, such as an account statement, it means that if we are not cautious enough, soon we can get to see financially strapped and numerous debts.
For coins dream meaning is good, as they represent a sacred seal.
- If we see BILLS AND COINS IN A BOX means to avoid money problems in the future, we must be signed in our decisions, even if it seems we're being bad.
- Dreaming BROKEN BILLS or to the bills we broken, is to get rid of financial difficulties.

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It symbolizes our instinctual personality if we dream of a monkey, it is advice to be more thoughtful and not let ourselves be carried away by the instincts.

- Dreaming about a monster, represent perversion, this dream tells us that we are being led by evil.
- If we're terrified, tells us that we tied to childhood fears and guilt complexes.
- If the monster is tempting, reflect confidence in ourselves and fear our weaknesses.
- If is conciliatory and friendly monster, reveals our tendency or our desire to lessen the guilt of our sins.
- If we run from it, we said that we get rid of our fears and complexes.

The moon represents the cycles of life, but can also mean the announcement that something good is about to happen; it can be a love or a project.
It also relates to all feminine things and fertile, especially with love and romance. The phases of the moon will indicate the degree of evolution than forecast.
-- If in our dream we see a BUILDING and above it, we see a moon, it means we can move forward with our projects, since there is no danger or risk.
-- To dream about a very DARK NIGHT but then we look up and see the moon, means that despite what it may seem we are safe from the dangers that can actually arise.

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- A very GOOD APPEARANCE moose represents success and prosperity.
- If the moose go HERD indicates prosperity and successes nearby.
- Dreaming of a black moose with black HORNS represents a person who can be useful to us but who at the same time is a troubled and troublesome person.
- If someone KILLS A MOOSE, means unsuccessful projects.

- The dreams that we have in the morning, and preferably at dawn, are the best, and the ones that can help us the most, since God prefers to manifest at dawn.
- If we dream that the test season starts tomorrow, it tells us that we must attack decisively and safely immediately.
- If we dream that we are with the person we like and She(he) board the bus or some other type of passenger transport, but we do not accompany her(him) because we think that tomorrow we will see, it means that if we get a chance with that person, it is better that Let's stop that we are doing and do not miss the opportunity, since it could not be repeated.

- To dream that we mortgaged something, it means that we are mismanaging our goods.
- Mortgaging property of another person, it means we have great ambition and desire for prosperity.

To dream about moss represents corruption and hypocrisy.
Can also mean that we have anxiety about money or affective.
- If in our dream we see a river with moss, it means that there is a danger that we fall into the hands of corrupt and hypocritical people.

It is the symbol of life and death, on the one hand represents security and tenderness, and the other represents the repression and subjection.
If present in our dream, it is because there is something very important related to our current situation that causes us anxiety, which tells us that we must remain calm and analyze the situation well. In some cases, the dream may be related directly to her.
- Dreaming we ARGUED WITH OUR MOTHER means we want to become independent of she.
- If in the dream, our mother ASKED US TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH, but we refuse to do so, it is a tip that tells us to seek the cleanliness and order. But if we do not refuse to take out the trash, then it means that we do well and simply tell us to follow as well.
- If in the dream we BLAME AND HIT OUR MOTHER, tells us that we must avoid doing things that can lead to a difficult family situation.
- If in the dream we HEAR THAT OUR MOTHER CALL US means that we feel guilty about something, or that we miss.
- If in the dream we see our mother eating CHOCOLATE COOKIE means that someone is trying to have economic problems in our family.

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This dream augurs news or surprises.
In the negative side (when the dream is accompanied by things that have a negative meaning ) means difficult relationships , whether with family or with someone we know , and in some cases it represents jealousy and disagreements.
- If we dream that our mother-in-law is ANGRY OR UPSET WITH US, represents an unpleasant surprise that probably has to do with our family relationships.
- If you dream that our Mother-in-law and our Father-in-law (both) ASK SOMETHING us, tells us that we will receive soon news or an unexpected surprise, because of someone trying to defend their interests.
- To dream that our mother-in-law tells us that we ASK someone something, it means that it is important to avoid unnecessary arguments.
- To dream that our mother-in-law DIE means that there is a danger of something bad happening unexpectedly.
- To dream that our mother-in-law gives us TIRED CLOTHINGS means discussing with your partner about money, it can also mean that the relationship with our partner is somewhat difficult because of money.

Whether it is a motorcycle or a quad, this type of dreams usually are accompanied by various signs that help us better understand the message, the case is to see the meaning of each sign.

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- If in our dream, we are climbing a mountain, it means that we will succeed in our purposes.
- If we fail or we fall, you do not achieve our goals, our lack of character and conviction.
- Dream it's night and we're looking towards a mountain, and then, when looking at her, we see that there is light at the top, means that a relative or friend who recently departed this world has reached Heaven.
- View a church on top of a mountain portends good things to come and we will have Divine help

Seeing in our dreams someone in mourning, warns us that there may be separation from someone we love, who can usually be a relative or couple. But if it is we who are mourning in the dream, it warns us of family concerns or that we will have to face difficult problems.

- Dreaming of a rat or a mouse, means that there is something that gnaws at us, if we dream of a mouse means that anxiety that gnaws at us is not as strong, but in the case of dreaming of a rat, anxiety means is higher. In both cases it is important to try to fix the problem.
- Dreaming we found a mouse in the kitchen and tried to kill it with a broom, means that we are trying to end an issue that gnaws at us and we were not allowed to proceed.
- If we dream of a cat that eats a mouse, signifies the end of a problem.
- If a married man, dreams of a mouse to roe pierces the dress or skirt of his wife, means adultery.
- If a married woman, dreams of a mouse gnawing or pierces her husband's pants, means adultery.

- If a woman dreams that her husband left mustache and actually it does not, there are suspicions that he's cheating.
- If we who see ourselves with a mustache are that there is something wrong with our lives.
- If we dream that we shave the mustache, indicates that the time has come to get honest.
- If we dream someone else has a mustache, when in real life it does not, it means that someone is hiding something.

This sign symbolizes the good and evil, creation and destruction. You can also interact with speech, whether it relates to the need to talk about something important, or having to do with gossip or with an issue that is better not to speak.

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- If we see in the movies, tell us we have misgivings or are being too timid.
- If we are directing a movie, it means that we are being too dominant.
- If we are filming, it means that sometimes we act with suspicion or distrust.
- If we distinguish what goes on in the film, then the message will be what is meant by what we see in it.


The mud symbolizes impure and unfortunate circumstances. Sometimes is a danger to our reputation.
- If we walk in mud and we are AFRAID TO DIRTY indicates fear that our secrets are discovered.
- If we AVOID DIRTY WITH MUD means that we have avoided a difficult problem.

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Muhammad (prophet well known in Muslim countries).
It represents one of the good prophets sent by God and that Muhammad taught the proper way to people and never said that was God, but God is the one who created everything and call it: Allah.
- Dreaming of Muhammad means that our problems will end soon. But if looks sad or angry, means that something not right, so we must analyze well our actions.

The pack animals reflect the person's animal.
- A strong and healthy mule is a symbol of wealth and success. But if it is weak or sick, it means economic losses.
- If we acquire a mule, increasing our means.
- A dead mule tells us we are in ruin.
- View multiple mules predicts problems with colleagues or subordinates.
- The violence against the mule are the insults we receive or do it ourselves.
- Being chased by a mule, it means: rebellion and treason.
- If the mule is loaded means success and good fortune.
- If we see loaded like a mule is that we are victims of our inferiority complex.
- If we mounted on mules, we are on track. As we intend to achieve.
- If red, passion and anger.
- White means joy and optimism.
- Gray, pessimism or treason.
- Black, misfortune.

Multiplication: (x)
- If in our dream we accounts (such as with: addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) on paper or in a notebook, says it is important to defend our interests.

- If in our dream we run over to a murderer, it means that we want someone who is very annoying stop messing in our affairs, but also tells us that there is a risk to commit excess at the time we do something to prevent that from continuing; in this case the dream advises us, try not to overdo too. But if the dream, also see how he rolls black blood to the murderer, means that there is the risk that a disaster happens in our cause; in the latter case the dream tells us that while it is right to defend ourselves, we must be very careful in the way we do.
- To dream that we kill a murderer or someone kills a murderer, it means that we want someone who is very annoying, stop messing in our affairs.
- If it is a serial murderer, represents a dangerous enemy, who is also very annoying and likes to humiliate and abuse others.
- To dream that we kill a serial murderer or someone kills a serial murderer, means that we want someone who is very annoying, stop messing in our affairs

To dream about murmurs, tells us that we may be exposed to gossip, slander, malicious or misunderstandings.

Muscle strain:
- If we dream that we suffered a muscle strain, means that we have suffered damage to our pride, but if you suffer from a torn leg, then it means that someone is trying to avoid that you do something.
- If a man dreams that he has suffered a tear in the penis means that he has suffered damage to their pride and their property. At least he dreams that are healing, as in this case, means the beginning of a new possibility to retrieve something he had lost.

Common mushrooms (not poisonous), represent problems and concerns. - If we dream HUITLACOCHE (Corn fungus), means it is likely that we will have some difficulties to have a serious relationship with someone or with a certain type of person (by ideology, way of thinking .....). It can also mean that things are not as good as they seem.
- If in the dream we see that fungi in the LANGUAGE, it means that we have been talking bad about someone or we said something we should not.
- If we dream that we are a PEDICURIST, and it happens that when she is fixing us toenails, tell him to be careful with our fungi, means that if we want others to recognize our merits, before we fix what is wrong.
- If we dream of mushrooms that SMELL BAD, it means that something is wrong and it is because of a wicked person.
- If we dream of TOADSTOOLS, it means betrayal, malice, lust, cruelty, and so on. This meaning comes from an ancient legend that says that some demons can take the form of poisonous mushrooms, nettles, bats, shadows, and so on.

Musical group:
- If we dream we want to be part of a musical group, but they will not admit us, it means that there is someone we do not want to admit in our group (Group of friends, sports .....) But if we dream that we do not want admit someone in our band, then, it means they do not want to admit us in a certain group.

- If in our dream the most notorious is the logo of a car mustang (horse), tells us that we will have the courage to face difficult battles.

- Dreaming that have a mutation or malformation, or that someone has it, means that there are aspects of our life which we developed with little attention.

- If we are missing an arm or a hand, means disease.
- If we are not without a foot or a leg, and have no pain, means lack of courage and determination. And if the loss, hurts us, means we can not move forward with our goals.