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Wad stock:
- To dream of a wad stock, means that money difficulties ahead.
- If we dream that we count the bills of a wad stock, and noticed that there is less money than should have, it is advice that tells us to check well our accounts and money matters, because it is likely to someone are stealing or trying to cheat.

- If you eat sweet foods means that we welcome and positive emotional experiences.
- If the dream informs us of the price of a waffle or steal candy reveals an excess of sentimentality

This dream tells us that we can lose money if we are not cautious enough.

If in our dream we see a wagon alone or abandoned, it means trouble. And if it is abandoned and empty, it means the loss and dissatisfaction.

Wagon (From: Horse-drawn vehicle):
- To dream we travel in a wagon or cart on the road, tells us that we are facing a precarious or difficult situation.
It may also mean that we have little means to continue on the path we have chosen in life.

- Dreaming we wear red shorts and that is us very waisted, it means that it is not the right time to try to woo someone (in particular) we like.
- Seeing a woman wear a short pink, and looks very waisted, it relates to a new love, but also tells us that there is something unseemly, whether the case of a married person or there is something that is not well in that case.

This dream has to do with our projects:
- If in our dream we WAITING FOR A PERSON, AND THIS NEVER COMES, means we will have obstacles in our projects.
- If WAIT AND IF SOMEONE COMES, the dream means we will have great success in our projects.
- If you dream that we are on the phone with someone and suddenly we are told to wait in line, for whatever reason, but then again that's not speak, so we were WAITING IN VAIN, it means that someone is ignoring us or not we are taking into account an important issue, although it should do or should have done (as appropriate).
- If you dream that we have to WAIT TO GET TO CLASS, tells us that if we do not work, there is a danger that fail the grade, or that we can not move up a position, that is, we have to keep waiting for a promotion or positive change.

Waitress/ Waiter:
- To dream that we are waiters indicates that our qualities of reliability and efficiency will be appreciated.
- To dream about a waitress(waiter) serving us, announces that acquaintances lend us your support.

Wake up:
- WE WOKE UP DREAMING announces luck and success.
- If we dream that WOKE UP TO A PERSON means: Conflict and opposition.

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If in our dream we walk without difficulty, means we will have a steady progress thanks to the confidence we have in ourselves, but if we see a way, then, we find the meaning of "road."
- To dream that we walk with difficulty, it means that we are being hesitant or insecure in any matter, which makes it difficult to progress.
- If we dream that we trouble walking and legs felt very heavy, it means that is costing us too much work to do things. But if we insist on what we want to achieve with determination and perseverance, sooner or later we will achieve what we want.
- If we dream we walked barefoot on broken glass, tells us that we must be careful what we do or we're planning to do, as it can reach or cause us pain and disease.
- If in the dream we are walking hand in hand with our girlfrind(boyfriend), means that things are going well in our relationship.
- If we dream to walk on hot sand, but then walked on standard sand, means that at first the situation will be complicated, but then things will get better and everything will go according to our wishes.

Walkie talkie:
- View our dream a walkie talkie, tells us that we are being watched, or that our enemies are watching us and are aware of what we do.

- If in our dream we see the wall of the house of someone we know or someone who is our enemy, and noticed that this SMOKING (as if someone had burned something in there and been tainted by the smoke), tells us that acquaintance afraid we can do anything against him, but also tells us that this very angry at us.

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- If we dream we carry a wallet full, means danger of economic loss.
- If the wallet is empty portends luck in the game.

- If one of the most noticeable things about our dream is the image of a wallpaper, it means that we are interested in what we see in this picture or what it represents, and the meaning of the other things we see in dreams can we giving details of the message.

- If we dance the waltz with someone we love, it means that we enjoy a strong relationship.
- If we are waltzing, plus all the people go disguised means that if we want to succeed with our partner, we should be more honest.
- If we fall as we dance, the dream tells us that we should not be so pretentious or arrogant.
- If dream is not pleasant, it means fear in our relationship.

- The DREAMS OF WAR tells us that we are still unsure, can also be the announcement of a disaster. In other cases reflects our desire to be free from oppression we desire no longer tolerate.
- If we dream to fight in a war BODY TO BODY means we have some inner conflict.

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This bird augurs tender loving relationships

Warm up:
- If we dream that we are doing warm to go play in a game, tells us that the future depends on our wisdom and sacrifice. But if we dream we are doing warming along with the entire team to go out and play the game, tells us that the future not only depends on our wisdom and sacrifice, but also of teamwork (Family, co-workers, partners, sports equipment, etc.).

- If in our dream we hear a warning, it means that something can go wrong, and the meaning of the other things we see in the dream, we can give more details.
- To dream that we shout to someone to warn of danger, means that we are concerned about someone (Whether it is a person whom we know, is related to her (him)), plus there's something that can go wrong.

Warning of danger:
If in our dream we see a warning of danger or hear one means that something can go wrong, and the meaning of the other things we see in the dream can give us more details.

- This dream tells us that our strength and determination will bring us good luck.
- To dream that they do not respect the warranty or not we want to change something defective, it means lack of firmness in our decisions and in the tasks entrusted to you.

- To dream that we are a warrior fighting a battle and won, it means that in real life too we will win, but if we lose, it means it will be very difficult for us to achieve the success of our projects.

- Dreaming of excessive cleaning, you said that we must free ourselves of something that may be objectionable or objectionable.
- If we dream that we wash our hands or our body, means to we must clean something or get rid of something. If you dream that came to a toll booth in which there is a sink and tell us that we must wash our hands to go, means that we must clean something or get rid of something in order to move forward (for example: Forget an offense, get rid a bad attitude.....)
- Dream to wash bedding, tells us to get rid, or we get rid of some things that are not well in our sex life.
- If we dream we wash something, it means that difficulties arise in the future, they will disappear for good, if we sleep with the possibility of dirty washing, but we do not, warns us that we should pay attention to we have outstanding issues, while also advises us that we should try harder to avoid seeing our unsuccessful projects in the near future.
- If we dream we wash something with dirty water, means that we have bad feelings, for example if you wash the car with dirty water from someone we know, means that we have bad feelings towards that person.

Wash board:
- If in the dream we see that the water is being wasted in the laundry (for example because someone left the tap open inadvertently), it augurs us losses of money and diseases. In this case to avoid the difficulty will be necessary to analyze the situation very well and find a better way to do things, besides getting an amulet to help us to be more protected.
- If in the dream we see the sink of the wash board full of clean and crystal clear water, it means that defending our interests well can bring us good health and the end of our sorrows.

To dream of a washbasin, it means that the various setbacks and worries, will cease soon.
- If in our dream we see ourselves shaving in the washbasin, it means that it is probable that soon we will be deceived by relatives or friends.
- If we dream that we come to a toll booth, in which there is a washbasin and they tell us that in order to pass we must wash our hands, it means that we must clean something or get rid of something to be able to go ahead (for example: Forget an offense, Get rid of a bad attitude...).
- If in our dream we wet toilet paper in the washbasin, it means that we must avoid to continue doing something that is wrong.
- If we wash hands, it tells us that we must get rid of a feeling of guilt that is unfounded.

Washing machine:
To dream about a washing machine announces conjugal and family harmony.

See: "Garbage"

- To dream that this wasting water, means economic hardship or loss of money.
- To dream that we are wasting money (Any kind of money) means economic hardship and loss of money. It can also mean that if we act recklessly or ignore our experiences, we may have lost money.

Watch/ Clock:
A watch and clock basically have the same meaning and is related to the pace at which we live.
- If we see A WATCH ON THE BED, tells us that feel anxiety about relationship issues, it may be because we have not yet managed to find our ideal partner or because either time to start looking for her(him).
- If we see a clock or watch DELAY, tells us to take it easy.
- If in our dream we see a GOLD WATCH, represents the Divine, and means happiness, prosperity, success and good things.
- Dreaming of a HOURGLASS tells us that we have little time to do something.
- If you dream of a HOURGLASS AND ALSO SEE OLD THINGS, says it is likely that someone close to us have little time for life, rather than talks about a possible inheritance.

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The water can have various meanings depending on the context of the dream, on the one hand can relate to our feelings and emotions, for example: Dreaming of hot water means suffering or separation; drink COLD water means happiness, unless this too cold, because then it means health problems; see CLEAN water: Good feelings; see BLACK water: Marriage unfortunate; see RED Water: aggression and anger.....
On the other hand, water is also related to life and purification, so if we use it to clean something, it means we are correcting something wrong, but if we get wet with it, then, means that we have many problems or there is something we need to correct.
Another important point is that if there is moisture, river, sea, waves, a shower..... it is best to seek the more specific meaning.
- IF we get wet is that very soon we may have difficulties, we must make an extra effort, and review it all we are doing, to understand that sleep difficulties referred to, and it is important to pay attention to other signs and details that accompany the dream. It may also happen that someone put water in your mouth, in which case it means we must change the fitness or be careful what we say (Since getting wet, it means that we must purify, or clean up what is wrong).
- If you dream that someone gives us a FULL GLASS OF WATER, means comfort or health.
- If we look CLEAN WATER without getting wet, it means that our feelings are good, and we'll have a long and successful life.
- If we see our dream STANDING or DIRTY WATER, it means approaching evils or moral problems.
- If it was a RIVER OF DIRTY WATER, it means changes, or difficulties that we face.
- If we see the BLESSED WATER BY A TEMPLE, it means health, and quiet, unless there is a crucifix in mind, because then it means confusion or troubles.
- If DRINK WATER WITH BITTER TASTE, we see yellow water, turbid, or agitated, means disease.
- If water SMELLS BAD, means property was acquired.
- If water IS BLACK, it means unfortunate marriage.
- IF GIVE US WATER and store it without tasting, it means that we are being too greedy.
- If we SEE RAIN, it means success and is associated with other signs that appear in our dream, we dream unless a cloudy sky with rain, then it would mean they may have some difficulties, so we must do more.
- If in our dream we SEE ALEAK IN OUR HOUSE, it means approaching sufferings and dangers. But if many leaks, or is water flow from the walls portends grief.
- If you see WATER RUNNING THROUGH OUR HOME, no matter where it comes, it means bad luck and probable dangers.
- If you dream is of WAVES OF WATER, portends suffering.
- Talking COLD WATER is happiness, and if it's HOT: suffering and sorrow.
- If we BATH with cold water means incomprehension, if the water is too hot: Divorce, if is warm: Happiness, and if there is no water: Penalties.
- IF WE SEE ONE FOUNTAIN OF WATER can mean the following:
1 - If we see a fountain but can not drink it, means that before the fulfillment of our hopes, we should wait some time.
2 - If you dream of a fountain which is dry, it means that our hopes are vain or not carried out.
3 - If the fountain water is rough or dirty, or moral means economic ruin.
4 - If the water is clean and quiet, it means that all our difficulties disappear.
5 - If we see a fountain in our garden indicates good fortune and happiness.
6 - If we see a fountain, and beside it a tree, means that we will succeed in our purposes.
7 - If we take water from it to someone you know, means that the difficulties of that person disappear.

Water drop:
- See something or someone with a drop of water (Only one), it says that this or that someone can help us solve a problem.

Waterfall/ Cascade:
- To see a waterfall in our dream augurs success and good luck for our family. But if the waterfall takes little water, means loneliness and misfortune.
- If in our dream we see a waterfall of dirty water means trouble or we will face difficult changes

- To dream that we are waterproofing our house, but that work does not stay well, tells us that to avoid problems in the future, we need the help of an expert, it can also mean that our house and need waterproofing and for that we need to have the expert help.
But if we dream that we are waterproofing our house well, tells us that in future we will have no problems, thanks to our foresight and ability to do things or anything in particular.

Wax apply:
This dream portends likely fights or arguments with those around us.
- If we dream that we washed and waxed our car, it means there is something we wish to correct or fix in our lives, but at the same time, there is risk of discussions.

by letter.

This dream tells us that our commercial interests are much worse than we imagined.

This dream portends disappointment in relationships.
- To dream that a weasel crosses our path means we are in danger of suffering because of false testimony or because of a theft.

- CLEAR AND SUNNY Day: It means we will not have difficulties in our main project, but only if this does not go against the other signs that appear in the dream.
- To dream that we can CONTROL THE WEATHER, mean we have the ability to control the situation.
- The COLD means we need help from others, in addition to maintaining and strengthening the family bond.
- If this DARK: It warns us that our future may be uncertain, that is, not very clear, so we try harder if we want to achieve our goals.
- If HEAVY RAINFALL THAT HAS FIXED: means difficulties.
- If there is LIGHT RAIN: It means success.
- If the SKY IS CLEAR, it means that the difficulties to be dispelled.
- If there STORM or LOOKS CLOUDY SKY, tells us that they may soon come difficulties.
- The WARM weather means that we are protected, for example, that we will help soon.

- Dreaming with a webcam says sometimes we act with suspicion, this dream is related to our work, and advises us to be more sure of ourselves.

- To dream that INVITE US TO A WEDDING, it means that a friend has died, you can also treats of the death of a friend we have not seen in a long time.
And so it mean, if we dream that we are invited or attended the wedding of a relative.
- If in the dream we see that a FRIEND (whom we do not know in our waking life), ARRIVES IN A CAR TO INVITE US TO A WEDDING, it means that a friend has died and the car give us a clue who it is, so that if a late model car, it means that this is a young person; if it is an older model, means that it was an older person; if a car in poor condition, is because it was a poor person; if we see that its bodywork is covered with skin, meaning it was a wealthy person, and so on.
- ATTEND OUR OWN WEDDING: 1. If we are single, it means positive changes in our lives.
2. If we are married: marital troubles, and the same means, if we are getting married with our wife.
- If we dream that we GOT STOOD UP AT CHURCH ON OUR WEDDING DAY, it means fear of rejection, this dream advises us have more confidence in the opposite sex.
- If only we see a BRIDE, means that soon we will find someone to marry and have luck in economics.
- If you dream that we TRY IT A WEDDING DRESS, means that a relative or friend died recently, sometimes it's someone we have not seen in a long time.
- To dream that we TRY IT A BRIDE-DRESS MADE OF WHITE PAPER, means that some time ago a family member or friend left of this world, but we should not worry because it is in Heaven. This dream is a message from that friend or family member, who tells us that he(she) is already good in Heaven.

- If we dream that we fall asleep while we listen to the weeping of a baby, it means that the frustration we feel, for a goal that we have not managed to do is making us neglect and trust.
- Also consult: "Cry".

Weight bar:
If in our dream we see a bar without weights or their disks, tells us we need to do more exercise to be attractive and be healthy. It can also refer to a project or matter to which we need to put more weight, that is, add something to make it a little better.

- If we dream to do a work well-done or someone tells us we've done well a work, means that we are on track to achieve our goals, that is, we are doing things right.

- If in our dream we see a werewolf, predicts problems in our activities because of a treacherous and dishonest person.
- If we dream that a werewolf try to eat us, tells us that there is a grave danger from someone treacherous and dishonest. Advises us to not trust everyone.
- Dreaming about a werewolf lurks some people, it means fear and anxiety about what might cause us a treacherous and dishonest person who have failed to control, or by a situation that we have not been able to control.
- If in the dream see a werewolf but more noticeable is that is gray, predicts depression and problems from a treacherous and dishonest person.

The wet or wet to see something in our dream, usually related to problems and difficulties, at least it was wet fence, for example: That dry, and then tells us that there will be no difficulties or that if there is to be, will overcome easily.

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Wet dreams:
Wet dreams are common in men during early adolescence, and often have to do with sexual desires but is within normal unless those were too frequent or too disruptive, since then, tells us that there may be a problem.
- If a man dreams of having sex with his mother, and it is a wet dream, it means that this too attached to his mother, which advised him to be more independent, and try to relate more with girls her age.

- To dream that we hunt a whale or participate in hunting, augurs wealth.
- If it is an orca whale, means the following:
1. Orca is a good and bad, usually it's a tip that tells us to find the right balance between good and evil, or that we must be firm even though they might that we are being bad, for so to avoid further danger.
2. Dreaming an orca whale attacking seals, tells us that there is a danger of losing our virginity in a way that may harm us, so we advises caution while doing what we do not want to do.

Whip/ Whipping:
It is a symbol of power and irrational dominance.
- If we use it warns us that we have committed an unfair action.
- If someone gives us lashes is that because we can see ourselves humiliated.

It represents peace and tranquility, for example: To dream about white colored objects blameless means reciprocated trust.
- If in our dream we see objects white, but dirty, means that we can be betrayed.
- If in our dream we all white, means that we are too good or too slack, which advises us to find the right balance, for example, defend our interests, our posture, be stricter, and so on.

- If we see our wife as it is today means we will have a surprise soon.
- If she died, see meaning: dead.

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This dream tells us that we are worried about hiding our real intentions, pretending to be good, which tells us it's not right to do that.
- If we dream to buy a wig, tells us that we are hiding our true intentions or that we are hypocrites, which is not good.
- If we try to buy a wig, but ultimately did not buy it, it means we avoid being hypocrites, which is good.
- Seeing someone we know with a wig on, it means that person is a false and unreliable.
- Take a picture to someone we know and who wears a wig, tells us that that person has a great interest to us, yet the dream tells us that this is a hypocritical and untrustworthy person.

- If we see in our dream to win a battle, it means that we will achieve the recognition of our rights; but on the contrary, in our dream we are losing the battle, it means that we will suffer humiliations.
- If the battle hurt us, it means we have moral suffering.

Air symbolizes the soul, the breath of life, wisdom, and change.
- A little breeze, it tells us tranquility, as a breath freshener.
- An air becomes wind, predicts a change.
- If it's a cold, mean the loss of a sincere friend.
- If the air is foggy cautions us to be cautious before attempting to take any decision.
- If the air is dark, it means approaching problems with our superiors, but if the air is clear, it means that will clarify all misunderstandings that have or that may arise.

Wind bell:
- If we see a wind bell in our window, it means that we will have a little help to get out of a difficult problem.
- If we see a wind bell in the front door of our house, means we will have a little help to avoid a difficult problem.

To dream about a window, tell us how to see the panorama in our life, for example, if what we see through it is nice or has a good meaning, tells us that the thinks looks good, that is the things are going well, so we expect good things, but if what we see through it is unpleasant or has a bad meaning, then, means that things are not going well so we expect a difficult situation.

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The objects found in it, mean options and if there is only one thing or is one in particular, attracts us, it means the option to get it, but if the thing is strange, it is advisable to consult the meaning of the object in this same dictionary.

- If in our dream we travel in a car and see a guy cleaning the windscreen for a coin, it means that there is something that we are not seeing well, or that we are not fully understanding; Unless in the dream the boy cleans it, because then, it tells us that things will be completely clear.

This sign represents fertility, and sometimes wealth.
- May also represent friendship and happiness that causes us friendship.
- If we drink a glass of wine with small spiders, means there are some friends with whom we must act wisely and do not tell certain things, because otherwise we risk falling into a trap or to get to see us involved in gossip.

The wings are a victory sign. This dream advises us to be more intrepid to obtain a good change of situation.
- But if in our dream we see someone we know with wings, tells us that this is a good and sweet person unless they are bat wings, but then tells us it is an evil person.
- If in our dream we see an angel with very small wings, it means we need a little extra help, for example: If soon we'll have to take a test, we can ask for help from an archangel-specialized in such cases, as it may be to Athena archangel. (As if our guardian angel told us that he needs the help of an archangel).

- If we dream that someone we know winked at us, it means that she(he) likes you.

Winning coupon:
- To dream that we have a winning coupon or we won a lottery, it means probable losses.

This station tells us that if we move forward in our projects, we need to analyze the situation and make plans for the future.

- This dream tells us that we will have a difficult relationship with someone, be it love, business, friendship, family.....
- And if you dream of barbed wire, it means difficulties caused or derived from a difficult relationship with someone (love, business, friendship, family.....)

- This dream tells us that we will have a little Divine help.
- It can also be a comfort, good luck on the money, good luck in the spiritual, or in the familiar.

If you dream that wishing something, it means that we will fail to reach that desire. At least in the same dream we see us reaching or achieving that which we desire, then mean it can achieve but first there will be some difficulties overcome without much effort. But if in the dream we call a wish while watching the rainbow, means good luck and good prospects for achieving what we wish.

If in the dream we simply see a witch, let us see our unfulfilled desires.
- If in our dream a WITCH ATTACKS us or attacking us in any way, represent a female person who is trying to harm us using any means in their power.
- Dreaming of a WIZARD ATTACKS us or attacking us, in some way, represents an enemy (enemy man) who is trying to harm us.
- If we dream that a WIZARD ATTACKS US WITH A MACHETE, represents an enemy who wants to us have a problems and disputes, or to get distracted by other things so that we cannot fight it.
- If in our dream we see a witch(wizard) using a method of DIVINATION, to tell us something about our current situation, and we remember it clearly means that the same can happen. We can also look up the meaning of the things we see do the witch, as this can give us more details.
- If you see a witch BECOME A HEN represents an evil woman who is trying to harm us.

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- To dream that someone puts some of witchcraft to our car, it means that someone wants to hurt us and use any means at its disposal to carry it out so we advised to be cautious and take precautions.

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See: "Witch"

Woke up:
- Dream to we woke up, announces luck and success.

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If in our dream JUST SEE A WOLF, this is a warning, telling us to be careful with some of our dishonest-friends or of our adversaries who act unfairly and treacherous manner.
- Dreaming of a BAD WOLF THAT BECOMES GOOD told that someone close to us, in the past was disloyal and treacherous, but seems to have changed their way of being, the dream advises us not rely too.
- If we dream that a wolf BITES us, represents a dishonest person who is planning to betray or hurt us in any way.
- To dream of a BLACK WOLF, announces betrayal, malice, lust, and or misfortunes. This dream advises us to beware of untrustworthy people.
- To dream that a wolf DEVOURS US means that there is a serious danger to us, because of a close person, who is a hypocritical and treacherous.
- If a woman dreams that a wolf DEVOURING ONE OF HER BROTHERS and then she chases to eat her, it means that there is a person who tries to take advantage of her and also advised to take into account their previous experiences.

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This sign can be interpreted in several ways, because if a woman dreams of a woman must be interpreted as the revelation of her own personality, so, what happens to the woman or the meaning of what happens to the woman applies to herself.
And if man dreams of a woman can have different meanings, but there are times when it is interpreted in the same way no matter who dream.
Another important point is that if the woman we see in dreams is like someone we know, then represent precisely that person to we known.
In addition to the above cases, if we distinguish a special feature on the woman we see in dreams, it is advisable to consult the specific meaning, for example, in the case of a doctor, we see: "Doctor-woman", for which below we have written related meanings, which can be very useful.

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View one of these animals in our dream, it means that our projects may get to see endangered.

Woo/ Flirting.
- If our dream is that we simply try to woo someone, it means someone leave us and ridicule.

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- If we dream in a wooden house, and the wood is in good condition, it means we will have good luck.

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This dream tells us that we will make great efforts, but they are very likely to be ineffective, and insufficient.

- If we are walking through a forest and feel good, it means we have good decision-making and we are sure of ourselves.
- If we are in a woods and we know where we are, and a bright sun, means that soon we will know the cause of our fears and overcome them succeed.
- If we are lost in the woods, or feel fear for whatever reason, means that we still do not own ourselves.
- If we are lost in a snowy forest, means that we feel overwhelmed by the difficulties and or loneliness. This dream advises us not lose heart and pray for the morning and evening to the difficulties go.
- If we see a forest from afar and the view is nice, means that soon we will know the cause of our fears and overcome them succeed.

A full woodshed means that we have good resources, but if we see it empty, it represents difficulties and deficiencies or we need to work harder to reach the necessary resources.

This dream augurs happiness and tranquility, at least in the dream we burning the wool, because then it means bad luck in money matters.

Wool cap:
It means that whoever carries the wool cap tries to hide his intentions or his real personality.
- If in our dream we see our girlfriend(boyfriend) with wool cap, it means that he(she) is hiding something, or that something has not told us.
- If in our dream we see our girlfriend(boyfriend) wearing a sweatshirt hooded, and we noticed that wears his cap, means that she(he) is hiding something, but if not wearing his cap, then, means she(he) not is hiding anything.

Woollen yarn:
- To dream of yellow woollen yarn means prosperity.
- To dream of a sphere made of woollen yarn, it means we will have prosperity and harmony without having to make big sacrifices. It may also mean that we are able to improve our economic situation.

Words can have different meanings depending on whether we say or hear them, but if we remember the words exactly, then, we must seek its meaning in this dream dictionary (For example if we say the word God, then we must seek its meaning, which in this case is peace in the soul or too safe.) plus we can be helpful to consult the related meanings that we show below.
- If we or someone tells us BAD WORDS means that we must be cautious in the way of avoiding the emotional climate that we could be harmed.
- If we dream a CHILD SAYING BAD WORDS, tells us to be very careful with our enemies and avoid any discussion, because we could be harmed or be victims of a trap.
- If we dream that we are talking on the phone, but DEMON CHANGE OUR WORDS means that we feel guilty about something we said, or something that we should not say.
- If we HEAR THE WORDS OF OTHERS, means that we take into account the valuable advice, which will bring us good luck.
- If in our dream we see written words, but noticed that are INCOMPLETE, for example, env (envy), then, relates to the whole word, in this case means someone has we envy; if such were: happin (happiness), means we will soon have happiness.

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View workers, it means something important in our lives, we must pay attention, and if we work, the dream means that there is something that is very important to the job or his meaning, we must special attention in our lives.
- If you dream people working at sea, means that soon we will face our passions or our instincts.
- If you dream people working in the field, this is a warning to be more thoughtful and not get carried away by our instincts.

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See: Above

World Champion:
- Dreaming that we are the champion of a sport, it means that we have the ability to succeed.

If our dream is unpleasant, means corruption, dirt, degradation, or weakness.
But if the dream is not unpleasant and is about a caterpillar symbolizes the transition from a state or elevation lower to higher.
- If we see a caterpillar becoming a butterfly always portends satisfaction, prosperity, positive changes, and elevation.
- If we dream to pick up a blue caterpillar , means we will soon achieve a higher state of consciousness (new knowledge and greater perception).
- If the worm appears in a corruption thing, indicate hidden corruption.
- If in the dream we see worms crawling of our bodies or coming out of our bodies, it means that someone is taking advantage of us and our concerns.
But if dreamed a white worm, leaves our body, then there is a business, we must manage it wisely.

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To dream of a worn thing, it means that we have bad luck, and there are people who try to slander us. The meaning of the worn thing can give us more details about, that is bad luck and slander.

It means that something is wrong in our affairs, which advises us to analyze the situation well.
- If in the dream we see our MOTHER worried, it means that something is not right, so we must analyze things well. It may also mean that we are doing something that is not quite right.
- If we dream that we are concerned because we have to go as a PARTY, it means that something is not right; It may also mean that we are concerned about an issue and that something is not right. But if we go to the party, then it means that everything will be fine or that we get rid of a difficulty.

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Wound/ Injury:
The injuries mean our fear, illness or an accident. In other cases we warn us that we can suffer a wound to our pride.
- To dream that someone we love hurts us, It means that person does not like us and if we insist that we achieve only hurt our pride, if we already have done so.
- If we dream of a dog who was wounded face, he represents a friend or a love that feels hurt in his pride because he thinks we damage its reputation or speak ill of her (him).

Wounded (Wounded person):
- If in our dream we spoke with a man whom we see with some injuries, then one of our rivals or adversaries is hurt in his pride for our cause.
- If you dream of traveling in a vehicle, then someone crashes into us, and we die or are seriously injured, it means that we run the risk of attacks planned by dishonest people.

It symbolizes the ephemeral, the short duration of which symbolizes the dream.

Means the failure of our next projects.

Wrestling/ Wrestling fighters:
- If in our dream we see wrestling and both contestants are BLOODY, it means that we have had bitter and strong confrontations with our enemies.
- If we dream that we simply fight in the style of the GRECO ROMAN FIGHT, and especially if no one wins, it means internal conflicts.

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Wrestling holds:
- If we dream that someone makes us a wrestling brace and we canīt move, it means that we are immobile to a certain situation, that is, we do not know what to do in that situation; But if we surrender, then, it means a probable failure.

To dream that we have a face full of wrinkles indicates our fear of aging.

- It means that we have good news that relate to what we wrote in our dream.
- Dreaming about writing a book, tells us that we need to express ourselves, and if we remember what the book, then, means that we must express something that is related to the theme of the book or the meaning of that word, in which case we seek their meaning in this dictionary.

- If we dream that we are writers, the dream tells us that we need to express ourselves more, and the meaning of the other things we see in dreams can give us more details.

Writing/ Script:
If in the dream we see written paper, and be mindful what he said, it means we have a concern about what is written. But if we do not remember exactly what he said, then simply it means we have many concerns.
- To dream that we wrote a BOOK, tells us that we need to express ourselves, and if we remember the theme of the book, then, means that we must express something that relates to the theme of the book or the meaning of that word, in which case we look up its meaning in this dictionary.

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Wrong/ Mistake:
This dream presages emotional loneliness, or unlucky in our activities.
- If we dream that we are in a cafe drinking a juice, but a moment later, by mistake, we take the juice that is to someone else and it tastes is acid, it means is better than no mistake because we could end up in a distressing situation, for example: In the sense that it is better to avoid provoking people that we know are very conflicting, or avoid getting into risky situations.