This sign can be interpreted in several ways, because if a woman dreams of a woman must be interpreted as the revelation of her own personality, so, what happens to the woman or the meaning of what happens to the woman applies to herself.
And if man dreams of a woman can have different meanings, but there are times when it is interpreted in the same way no matter who dream.
Another important point is that if the woman we see in dreams is like someone we know, then represent precisely that person to we known.
In addition to the above cases, if we distinguish a special feature on the woman we see in dreams, it is advisable to consult the specific meaning, for example, in the case of a doctor, we see: "Doctor-woman", for which below we have written related meanings, which can be very useful.

-- If a man dreams of a woman:

If a man dreams of a woman, means next hit.

-- If a woman dreams of a woman:

If a woman dreams of a woman must be interpreted as the revelation of her own personality, so, what happens to the woman or the meaning of what happens is applied to herself.

-- Cases in which means the same, whether they have dreamed a woman or a man;

-- If we dream of a woman who has a resemblance to someone we know:


The medicine is associated with aid to our health or our souls.
- If medications are for someone else, it's because that someone is in need of our help.
- If we as physicians, is a warning that we must meet our body and soul.

Ex-girlfriend/ Ex-boyfriend:
If in our dream we simply see our ex-girlfriend(ex-boyfriend) mean approaching a danger of death, but sometimes it is related precisely with her(him), so it is appropriate to take into account whether you do or remember some special feature. < br> But if the dream constantly, then, means that even the love.

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Ex-wife/ former wife:
- Dreaming with our ex-wife(ex-husband), tells us that there is something we do not want to occur, it can mean that we are going through a situation that is uncomfortable.
- If a woman dreams that hit her former husband, means that she want to break free from a situation that she are uncomfortable and annoying.
- If a woman constantly dream about her ex-husband means that even the love. And the same meaning, if a man constantly dream about his ex-wife.
- If a man dreams of traveling in a car with his ex-wife, but then he gets out of the car and goes, means that he and his ex-wife have followed different paths in life, but if it goes up again the car, then, means that it is likely to return.
- If a woman dreams that kills the wife of her former husband, or a man dreams that he kills the husband of his ex-wife, means he(she) want that person to stay away from your ex or want to hurt that person in some way. But if after killing he(she) is happy, means must be more realistic about your situation with your ex.

- IF YOU SEE IN THE DREAM YOUR GIRLFRIEND, the message is related to her, in this case, the important thing is to check the meaning of the other things we see in dreams, to understand the full meaning.
- If in the dream, YOU ARE UNFAITHFUL to your girlfriend, it means we are dissatisfied with it because of its nature or the way it behaves.
- If the YOU SEE YOUR GIRLFRIEND CHEATING, it means that she is dissatisfied with your character or the way you behave.
- If in the dream KISS SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOUR GIRLFRIEND, means infidelity.

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- If we see our wife as it is today means we will have a surprise soon.
- If she died, see meaning: dead.

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