This sign augurs economic deprivation and constraints.

- To dream about a BAG WITH COOKIES, means that although we seem to have the situation under control, there is a risk of economic loss.

- Dreaming a BOX OF COOKIES, it's a bad sign that augurs money difficulties, mainly because of bad feelings all around us. This dream advises us to get an amulet, such as a keychain in the shape of a sword, two swords or place in an "X" in our living room or bedroom, which will help us to fight evil and out money difficulties.

- To dream about a CHOCOLATE COOKIES means poverty in our family or of a family member, in which case suggest us help him.

- To dream about a CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES means we have happiness in the family, but with some economic hardship but may also be in a slump.

- To dream that someone is COOKING COOKIES is bad sign that tells us that someone is holding something against us that can cause us lost money.

- To dream that we eat a CRACKER augurs poverty because of someone having us ill will, in this case the dream advises us to get a good amulet to prevent ill will affect us that someone.
But if it is a package containing aluminum packaging crackers means someone wants to force us to have money problems (As may be someone trying to sabotage any way for us to have money problems).

- If in the dream, we see cookies shaped EARS, means economic difficulties because of something that we are not realizing. This dream advises us to get a talisman of money and good fortune (See: nelamoxtli.com/charmkl.html ) (See: nelamoxtli.com/fairies.html ).

- If in our dream we see our MOTHER EATING CHOCOLATE COOKIES, it means that someone is trying to have economic problems in our family.

- If in the dream we see a PACKET OF COOKIES, represents economic difficulties and if we find that you have a PENTACLE painted on, means economic difficulties because of someone having us ill will.

- If we dream that WALK without difficulty and at the same time, we eat cookies, tells us that to avoid poverty, we must defend our interests while being consistent and confident in that we do.

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