- DREAM WE WOKE UP, announces luck and success.

- If you dream that WOKE UP TO A PERSON, means conflict and oppositions.

- If we DREAM THAY WE WERE DREAMING, and when we dream something and then wake up, but then return to awaken, for though we thought we had woken up, even we were in the dream, means that have traveled to various cosmic planes.

- If you dream that SUDDENLY SOMEBODY WAKE UP, means that although our current situation looks good, we should not be complacent because those who oppose our interests.

- DREAM THAT WE WOKE UP IN A HOSPITAL, means problems caused by intrigues and malicious intent of someone.

- If we have a NIGHTMARE, AND WOKE UP WITH A INTENSE SENSE OF FEAR OR DISTRESS, then there is something that is causing distress, but can also mean that there is a looming threat, in which case this dream we are advised to be very careful and cautious in the coming days.

- If you have a nightmare in which we see a DEMON, AND THEN WAKE UP, WE CAN NOT OPEN THE EYES, (but then to keep trying we manage to do so) it may be evil spirits who visit us in our dream, especially if soon we get sick or difficulties. This dream advises us light a red candle from to our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe), in addition to not show fear and be brave, because the value and trust in our Divine Lady is that evil is weakened.


- If dream that we are asleep, it means lack of attention, which tells us that we may be missing something this unnoticed, something that we are realizing, either in ourselves or in our affairs, for what is a call not to be negligent or complacent. The same mean if we dream that we are about to fall asleep.
- To dream that our dog is barking, but then instead of see what happens, we go to sleep and our dog lies down beside us, means there is a danger that we are ignoring.
- To dream that you fall asleep suddenly, means lack of care, it which tells us that we may be missing something this unnoticed, some what we're seeing, either in ourselves or in our issues, so it is a call not to be negligent or complacent.
- If we dream that we are sleeping in our bed and suddenly someone hits us, while we slept, and the next day wake up sore, it means a pesky spirit scurrilous us to state annoying. This dream Advises us to get a silver charm place it inside the pillow; View: http://nelamoxtli.com/charmgh.html
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