- To dram about a BAD SPIRIT WATCH US, mean there is something we need to know and is, that there is a person who tries to harm us in any way.

- If we dream a pesky spirit is BOTHERING us, means that someone person is causing problems or is provoke either meddling in our affairs or making witchcraft; which advises us not allow it and or get an amulet, such as a four leaf clover silver.

- To dream about a GOOD SPIRIT, like an angel, tells us that the problems will end soon, we must also pay attention to his expression, as if are angry, means we that we are doing something wrong and if it is happy, the dream tell us that everything is fine.

- If in the dream we see one of our brothers, and the spirit of a relative or friend already departed of this world, for example: To our grandmother, but it happens that our brother(sister) SAYS NOT KNOW OR DO NOT KNOW WHO IS, means that we are indifferent to our grandmother. Besides this dream tells us that she needs our help, as it is through our prayers, for example, can burn a stick of incense and say the following prayer: “Oh God / allows the Coyolnahual / guide the soul of my (father, mother, friend, uncle, grandfather, as applicable) / to you / I promise you / be true / and make your fasting /” The Coyolnahual is an angel among its functions is to bring the lost souls to Heaven.

- If in the dream we SEE A SPIRIT, and we are scared, means that we are not going well and it is because of someone who's causing it problems.

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- If in our dream we see a SOUL IN A SORROW, means poverty and difficulties.

- If we see a SOUL UP TO HEAVEN, it means good news.


- If we dream of an exorcism, it means that there is much evil around us. And we recommend bringing us an amulet made of silver, such as a four-leaf clover or a coin of that metal.
- This dream can also be caused because of having been practicing evil rituals, such as: Play with the Ouija board or similar. To avoid repeating this dream, it is advisable to stop practicing such rituals and make a bedtime prayer.

This sign in most cases are associated with difficulties and problems, especially if dream is unpleasant.

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