- If in our dream we see several soldiers ARMED, and more, if we see that soldiers approach; means that we can be in a serious danger, only able to overcome, faced with courage and with determination the problems that may occur.

- If we dream WE WANT TO BUY SOMETHING (Anything who has a good meaning), but they say no, because we are not soldiers or marines, means that something is not we are managing to obtain (which relates to mean what we want sold) for the reason that we disobeying a superior law either Divine or that comes from ourselves.

- If it's soldiers of a GUERRILLA, then we says the malicious acts of some people around us, they can interfere with our affairs and projects.

- IF OUR DREAM IS NICE, mean our obedience to a higher law either that comes from God or ourselves. It same means, if someone gives us CLOTHING SOLDIER AND ACCEPT WITH PLEASURE.

- If we dream that some soldiers INSPECT OUR CAR, it means that there is something we fear, but the important thing is to face the matter with courage and determination.

- If we see SOLDIERS RISE TO A TOWER OR HIGH BUILDING, it means that our defenses are strong.

- If the dream is bad because, WE CARRY THE UNIFORM IN BAD CONDITIONS or we act undisciplined, means that we are subject to taxation within the family, social, with friends, or work.

- IF WE ARE YOUNG AND THE DREAM IS NOT BAD means our desire to be part of society and respect its rules.


Arms (Firearms, sharp...):
- If you are sharp, indicating problems with family relationships.

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- If we dream that we are cadets and the dream is nice, it means our obedience to a higher law, whether divine or that comes from ourselves. It may also mean that we have a duty to society.

Military service card:
- Dreaming of our military service card or have one, tells us that we have received bad news or that soon will receive, but if we stand firm in our good intentions and the fulfillment of our duty, in the end everything will be fine and our favor .

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