- This dream tells us that the end of our problems may come, but if we see angry saints, it means that something is wrong.
When someone is a devotee of a certain saint and dreams of him, it is usually his guardian angel who takes the form of that saint to tell him that he is protecting him from dangers, although if the dream is more complex (It has many signs) , then, we must consult the meaning of all the things that we see in it, since it is an important message from our guardian angel.

- If in the dream we see the figure or statuette of a saint BROKEN, it means that we have ceased to be puritans (that we no longer exaggerate moral standards). It can also mean that we have stopped respecting certain rules. What tells us that we must analyze the situation to know if it is the first (something good) or the second (something bad).

- If in the dream we see the stamp of a saint inside a cup of COFFEE/MATE WITH EARTH, it means that there is a danger that a person who practices black Santeria will manipulate us or make us witchcraft.

- If we dream of DRESSING FIGURES OF SAINTS, it means that we are afraid of being alone and without a partner.

- If in the dream we see the image/figure of a saint, but we notice that it has an EVIL LOOK, it means that there is someone who is resorting to black Santeria (Belief based on syncretism) to try to harm us in some way.

- If in the dream we see the figure or statuette of a saint and we notice that his HANDS ARE TIED AND WITH BLOOD, it represents a guilt complex. It can also mean that someone is taking advantage of our feelings of guilt.

- If in our dream we see MANY PEOPLE in front of us, but we notice that they are not ordinary people but saints, it means that if we are too puritanical (puritanical in the sense of exaggerating moral norms) we will have to face many problems.

- If we dream that a PESKY SPIRIT begins to move everything in the kitchen, including the statuette of a saint, it means that there is someone who is trying to make us witchcraft through Santeria.

- If someone has a figure/statuette of a saint or good spirit and dreams that SOMEONE IS STEALS IT, it means that there is someone who wants to leave us unprotected. But if we dream that someone wants to take it away but the figure is planted on the furniture so that they cannot take it away, it means that someone wants to leave us unprotected, but our guardian angel is doing a good job.

- To dream that someone TOOK THE HEAD of the saints or gods of our altar, means that there is someone who wants to leave us without protection and without knowing what to do, so that person could try to sabotage and confuse us.

- If in our dream we see things of WITCHCRAFT AND A PICTURE WITH THE IMAGE OF A SAINT, but we cannot remember or distinguish what saint it is; It means that someone is trying to make us witchcraft through black santeria (regardless of whether it works for them or not).


Saint Benedict:
Sometimes our guardian angel takes the form of a saint we know to give us a message, in this case, it means that our guardian angel is protecting us from evil spirits as well as people with bad intentions.
It can also mean that we must be very careful when they give us things to eat, since that food could contain witchcraft, or some toxic substance, so it is best to receive it so as not to be rude, but discard it at the first opportunity, since, although We could exorcise food by drawing a cross with a knife on it, the truth is that it could also contain a toxic substance that can damage our body.

Saint death (From: The saint or goddess of worship bearing the same name):
If in the dream just see a picture of the saint death, means we have a trouble. But if our waking life often we passed a place where someone has a picture of the saint death and dream with her, means that basically we resent that image, it can also be a hint that tells us that it is best to avoid make fun of or make comments as we go through this site to avoid ill will
- If we dream that saint death, we ABSORBS BREATH, means that she is trying to feed our vital energy. And if the dreamer is someone devoted to the cult, means the same as above, or she want to make a generous gift too, which is not very convenient.
- If you dream that saint death ASKED YOU LIGHT A CANDLE, means that we must not be influenced by this cult.

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Santa Claus:
- If in our dream we see a BEAUTIFUL WOMEN DRESSED LIKE SANTA CLAUS, it means that we will have a little help in love.
- To dream that Santa Claus or one of his elves GIVES US A GIFT, means that soon we will see a wish fulfilled.

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