DREAMS ABOUT SAINT DEATH (From: The saint or goddess of worship bearing the same name)

If in the dream just see a picture of the saint death, means we have a trouble. But if our waking life often we passed a place where someone has a picture of the saint death and dream with her, means that basically we resent that image, it can also be a hint that tells us that it is best to avoid make fun of or make comments as we go through this site to avoid ill will

- If we dream that saint death, we ABSORBS BREATH, means that she is trying to feed our vital energy. And if the dreamer is someone devoted to the cult, means the same as above, or she want to make a generous gift too, which is not very convenient.

- If you dream that saint death ASKED YOU LIGHT A CANDLE, means that we must not be influenced by this cult.

- If in the dream we see an IMAGE OF THE SAINT DEATH AND AROUND CANDLES, tells us that we should not be influenced by the cult, and that is not good.

- If in our dream we see a statue of the saint death on an altar, but CHUCK AND DIRTY, means that we have managed to rid of the influence of the holy death or harm that could have just come to cause a person devoted to the cult.

- If in our dream we see the holy death or a statue of the saint death, and then it happens that we canít find our EX WIFE (EX HUSBAND) means that someone has used all kinds of machinations and or witchcraft to separate her(him).

- If in the dream we see the saint death and also present much MONEY BILLS tells us that, although we are going through money problems should not do dishonest things to get it nor be influenced by this cult because eventually we are going to cause too many problems.

- If someone who is devoted to the saint death or that is attracted to this cult, dreams that will PRAY for you free of danger, means she can help you out of some trouble, however, ask favors to the holy death is dangerous (Since it is an unreliable spirit).

- To dream that we SLEPT FACE DOWN and suddenly the saint death wakes up us and takes us to an ugly old house, tells us that we are going through a difficult situation and ask for help from the holy death (or Beings unreliable) No it will make things better.

- If in our dream we see a STATUE OF THE SAINT DEATH OF BACKS means we have no affinity with she, but if a devotee of this cult has this dream, it means that she is upset with him(her), for some reason, it advising you to be careful, because the holy death is somewhat bipolar and if it bothers him(her), could bring you bad luck or a disgrace, in which case the ideal is to get rid of all the objects related to it, and replace them with something good, like an image of our Divine Lady(Virgin of Guadalupe).

- If we dream, someone makes us WITCHCRAFT WITH SAINT DEATH, means we have a trouble. It can also mean that someone is manipulating us, or is manipulating our environment, which means the first or the second, depending on our current situation.

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