A safe, in most cases relates to our economy and how well protected are our possessions.

- If we see a safe full of BILLS (paper money), means economic hardship.

- If we see a safe CLOSED, and above it is a picture of Our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe), or an angel, means that our important information and our goods are well protected.

- If we see full of COINS OF GOLD OR SILVER, means that we will have in our future prosperity and good luck in money.

- If it is the COMBINATION of a safe, means the following:

    1.To dream that we are trying to open our safe, but that somehow, SOMEONE CHANGE THE COMBINATION, means that we face a difficult challenge, and a tricky and dishonest people.

- If we see it EMPTY, it means money difficulties.

- If we see a young MAN taking paper money from the safe, means that one of our opponents suffer economic hardship.

- If you dream that it is difficult OPENING THE SAFE, means that we face a difficult challenge.

- If it is full of VALUABLE THINGS (but only if they are not bills), means good luck financially.


Banks and in general the things that are related to having lots of money, usually mean: Poverty and economic hardship.

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