The plastic represent the false.

- If our dream is focused on plastic or plastic things, means that we are not being honest with ourselves or with those around us.

- If we dream of a plastic BAG, we see: "Bag" as it has exactly the same meaning.

- If in our country are manufactured both paper bills as plastic or manufactured only paper bills and in our dream we see only plastic BILLS, it means difficulties await us money because of something false , for example: That we have bought something , thinking that was original and was actually pirated or fake.

- If in our dream we see BOOKS WITH WRAP plastic, and have also noticed that the price tag tells us that if we want to get more knowledge, we should not skimp on expenses (Books, tuition, courses, travel, etc.) that is, if we want more knowledge and greater specialization, we spend more and keep in mind that it is a necessary expense that we also bring benefits.

- If we dream of a plastic CARPET, it represents a difficult situation.

- Dreaming of a plastic COIN represents bad luck and if we see plastic coins on the floor, it means bad luck because we are giving too much importance to something that does not really have it or at least not as much as we think.

- If we dream that we remove a piece of plastic from our EAR and notice that we get blood, it means that there is someone who told a lie about us (or that is likely to be said soon), which also hurts emotionally.

- Dreaming of a plastic EGG and also is present our ex girlfriend(ex boyfriend), means false hopes of marriage with that person.

- If we dream that we are accompanied by someone we like, eating sandwiches, but it happens that when we try to eat the sandwich, we notice that the FILLING IS COVERED of plastic, it means that she (it) is an impossible love.

- If a woman dreams that someone gives her PLASTIC FLOWERS, that represents a false love, for example: Someone who tries to pretend that he is interested in her, but who really only wants to get something from her or use it in some way.

- If in our dream we see a MONEY SIGN ("$" or ""), made of plastic, tells us that money troubles are approximated by cause that we are being too artificial (Fake, sham, obvious, unoriginal, etc.), which advises us to do things more authentic form, natural, original, and high quality.

- If in our dream we see PLASTIC NAPKINS, means that there is someone who tries to pretend that he is trying to fix things (For example, he tries to pretend that he is being more considerate...), but in reality he is being hypocritical.

- If we dream that SOMEONE TELLS us that something is fine plastic, it means that someone is being fake and also knows how to fool others.


The bags are related to the ups and downs in our life.
- If it CONTAINS IS NOT COMMON or logic tells us that we may have difficulties soon. In this case we can help find the meaning of the things we see in the bag, since the difficulties we may come to have, is related to it.
- If it CONTAINS IS COMMON, then it means that we have the situation under control.

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Plastic, wrapping:
The transparent plastic to wrap, is equivalent to an obstacle, for example if we see something wrapped with it, it means that we have an obstacle to reach that which means what is involved, unless we remove the plastic, because then it means that we will reach it.
But if we see something that has a bad meaning, wrapped in transparent plastic, it means that there is something that will prevent it from affecting us, that bad thing that the thing involved implies.
- To dream of a Lolly covered with plastic to wrap, means that there is an obstacle that is not allowing us to reach our goals, and most of the time it has to do with love.
- If we dream that we cover an old bread that has a cubic shape, with plastic to wrap, it means that we are putting obstacles to ourselves, which advises us to act decisively and defend our interests to avoid economic instability.
- But if it is bubble wrap, then it represents a protection, for example:
- If we see an oil stain on the floor of our house, but above it we see that there is bubble wrap covering it, it means that we are protected from witchcraft and envious people, that is, it tells us that they will not cause us harm.

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