-- If we dream that suffer from paralysis or we canít move, it means that we are mired in a severe indecision. It may also be a loss of what we believed to overcome but has not been, in any case advised us to not resign.

-- But if it is called SLEEP PARALYSIS, means:

    Today ordinary scientists talk abundantly on this issue, but only have been able to explain some cases, if not only one, which is that of narcolepsy, which happens sometimes when we have not had enough sleep, which added physical exhaustion in such cases does happen when we wake up we feel we canít move as if the body does not respond to us, but we slept well and we are not exhausted it is a different case.

    For example: If we have no reason to be exhausted and feel that someone is upon us, we awaken, we pull the blanket , caress us , so it means that there is a pesky spirit that is bothering us. In these cases we can breathe deeply through your nose and exhale through the mouth several times, until the unpleasant sensation fence, in addition to not show fear, also we can be helpful to place a silver amulet under his pillow, for example: Four leaf clover silver. A common case is when we feel that someone is above us, and sometimes happens when we're half awake, (In some places use the expression: ďThe devil on your backĒ, to refer to this psychic phenomenon) and what happens is that a pesky spirit contact with a portion spirit, which is what causes that feeling like someone is upon us and sometimes and sometimes canít move, but if we're half-awake in the same moment we draw air through the nose and exhale through the mouth repeatedly, as this causes the ejected invading spirit, which is very unpleasant for them.

-- TELEPATHIC HALLUCINATION: To explain this subject we must begin by mentioning that although in most cases witchcraft is superstition, there are exceptional cases, and that such practices tend to resort to any means possible as the pheromones, as it happens that there were people who used to impregnate the pillows with sweat from his armpits in order to attract more strongly to your partner, but we now know of the existence of pheromones and that the body secretes the hormone through the parts of the body like the armpits, while today to deodorants are sold with the substance, and something similar happens with telepathy, since even in these days is a relatively unexplored subject , however since been proven scientifically. The fact is that some dishonest people who are dedicated to finding any means possible to cause damage to other people carry out certain rituals that are capable of causing a hallucination via telepathy. But if we see a case like the above meanings is a more complex psychic phenomenon.

-- If we go to sleep or suddenly WOKE UP AND SEE AN ANIMAL TRYING TO SUCK BREATH that is, our vital energy is absorbed, it is a morpho, ie a spirit which takes the form of a animal and trying to feed on our fears (we must consider which, for example: If becomes in a dog or a cat, it not means that dogs and cats are bad, only that the morpho take this way to try confused) usually is a spirit that is manifested through ectoplasmic image, and it is not common.
Some parapsychologists believe it is telepathic hallucinations, but in any case, the fact is, that is caused with help of someone of this world, and an effective way to counter this is to place a Psychic-weapon under the pillow.

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Nightmares, malignant:
The Malignant nightmares can be caused by various reasons, from seeing and murder and real exorcisms movies to psychic attacks.

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If we have a nightmare, especially if repeated, means there is a very important issue that must meet. And for that we should analyze well the meaning of all things that appear in our nightmares.

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