- If a man dreams of being kissed by beautiful ACTRESSES, means infidelity caused because your partner does not feel sufficiently recognized or not taking into account enough. And the same means if a woman dreams of being kissed by handsome ACTORS OR SINGERS.

- If in our dream kissed someone I knew, to the same sex, then we see that BLEEDS YOUR MOUTH means we feel affection for that person, and it is likely that soon we worried or suffer for their cause, for example: Because something happens bad, or because it makes us feel jealous.....

- If in the dream, kiss someone of the opposite sex and remember well what he looked like, we must pay attention to their physical CHARACTERISTICS, because there is someone who likes you, and it is likely that we achieve recognize by any of these characteristics.

- If we dream about we are seeing A COUPLE KISSING, means that we are too involved in the life of someone else (usually a relative or friend), which tells us that we need to give some space to that someone.

- If a child dreams that his DAD KISSING A WOMAN who is not his mother, means that your mom is being unfaithful to his dad.

- If we are kissing SOMEONE DEAD (CORPSE), predicts a future inheritance.

- If in the dream we KISSED IN THE MOUTH A FRIEND of the opposite sex, and reciprocate, but DO NOT FEEL ANYTHING, it means that we appreciate as a friend, but do not feel anything for her(him).

- If we dream that we kissed someone we like, but we feel the kiss DRY, which also means she(he) likes you, but also the dream tells us that this is a person too shy.

- If we dream that SOMEONE WE DO NOT KNOW in our waking life, DENIES US A KISS, it means we're being rude in our relations.

- If in our dream kiss EX-GIRLFRIEND, and it behooves the kiss, but then we see who breaks the jaw (the bone in the mouth), means that still loves you, but she feels hurt by something.

- If we dream that we kissed our GIRLFRIEND(BOYFRIEND), but the kiss we taste bitter, it means that something is wrong in our relationship.

- If we KISSING THE GROUND, means punishment.

- If you do NOT HAVE A PARTNER AND WE KISS SOMEONE WE LIKE, and not reject us, means that she(he) likes you.

- If in the dream we kiss someone we like, but that is MARRIED, it means that she(he) likes you too, and that person would like to be unfaithful to your partner, what we advises caution and seek someone else. Besides taking into account that not right lovingly interact with married people.

Show all meanings of dream of a married person we like.

- If we dream that we kissed someone of the OPPOSITE SEX (SOMEONE UNKNOWN) in the mouth, and feel disgust, means infidelity or that may soon come to suffer, because we are doing something that is not right, by example: Because we are being unfaithful to our partner and this in turn motivates her(him) to be unfaithful to us, or that we are not showing enough interest or appreciation.

- If in our dream kissed someone of the opposite sex, and the kiss TASTES SALTY, it means difficulties in love.

- If we are kissing SOMEONE OF THE SAME SEX, means we can get help from that person. But if we feel affection, means that person will be the one to benefit from us.

- If we kiss SOMEONE WHO IS NOT OUR COUPLE or girlfriend(boyfriend), means infidelity. (But if you do not have a partner, it means good luck in love).

- If we dream that we're kissing SOMEONE WHO ALREADY LEFT THIS WORLD, it is that person who visits us in our dream, to tell us that was in limbo, but now it's okay, because although was in limbo, now is in Heaven where it has become an angel.

- If we kiss our SUITOR, means good fortune.

- If we are kissing a person WHOM WE LOVE OR APPRECIATE, means that soon depart; at least that is our suitor, because then it means good fortune.

- If in our dream we are on a beach and then we give an ESKIMO KISS to a FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER WHO HAS ALREADY LEFT TO THIS WORLD; it is that person, who visited in a dream and tells us that he(she) loves us, and that already well, for it has come to Heaven.

- If we dream we're on a BEACH and there we see a FAMILY MEMBER OR FRIEND, WHO LEFT THIS WORLD and give you a kiss, embrace, hold hands, talk to her(him)..... It means that through our dream we visited our loved one who is already in heaven. In this dream the ocean symbolizes the sea of sky, and the beach the land, this is the arrival to the heaven.


- To dream that we hug someone of the opposite sex, but then his hug suffocating us, it means that someone appreciate, but we do not like or simply no longer want as a girlfriend or boyfriend.
- To dream that we hug someone of the opposite sex, but then smother it means that someone appreciates us, but I do not like us much, or just do not want us as boyfriends or suitors.
- If you dream to hug someone who left this world, that means the person has become our guardian angel, thanks to the appreciation that we had and that he or she had us also.
- If you dream that hug a a rat, tells us that we be careful with relationships based on mistrust and disloyalty.

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