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The images of talismans and amulets

he images that should go into the amulet, preferably within a circle, may be in the first place:

Images or signs of God.
In this case, it must be borne in mind that God can manifest itself in several ways, for example: the Holy Mountain, the Sacred Tree...

Above we see the image of a big tree, and it is a sign associated with God, because it represents the sacred tree, in this case, save a sheet inside a book, we can give special protection, and depending on the theme of the book, we can help with that, for example, if we devote to the mechanics, we could put a sheet inside a book of mechanics, and thus would give us luck in our work.
Secondly there are the following:

Angels and Archangels:

In this case we must look to be a good thing that possesses the quality that we seek, for example: If you are looking for love, we can include an image of Aphrodite.
The angels also can be represented with butterfly wings, in which case we can find a figure and said with that image, and depending on the color will be the kind of help we get, so if it is white can help us to have peace if love red, yellow if the prosperity, if justice is green, that is: depending on the color.

Above we see a fairy, and comes from the Celtic religion, which speaks about angels to call them spirits of nature, and are those who know as fairies.
In reality they are angels who can help us, and their images can bring us good luck.

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Animals and Plants:
They may also possess certain qualities that attract luck, for example, a four-leaf clover is similar to Quincunce, which is the sign that represents the Divine order and is made up of a central point and four points around it, which is like a cloverleaf, in this case is a sign that brings protection and good fortune in our projects, including a figure of metal can be helpful.
Another case is a tiger, in this case the easiest thing is to get the picture of a tiger in metal, which would give us strength and determination to achieve our objectives, because a tiger is an animal of great strength and courage.
In addition to the images, the same animals and plants, we can bring good luck, for example, have a white dog can help us protect the unity of the family, having a garden with roses, it helps that there is harmony and good fortune.
In such cases we must try to take good care of the gardens and pets.

Above we can see the sign rabbit, which can give us good luck in love.

Above we see a saber tooth tiger, which is the ancestor of tigers today. This cat had tusks fifteen centimeters long with those who could beat the bigger animals, being a sign of strength and courage, so its image helps us to overcome all obstacles, however difficult that appear.

Here is a prayer or invocation of the formula that won Being an adversity similar to what we have to face, here are two cases:

  • Do the same thing we've done on previous occasions in which we have had good fortune, for example, say you want to find work, and remember that some years ago we were in the same situation and managed to get a very good job, then we must pay attention everything we did on that occasion, as may be the place where we look for the day, the clothes that we were using, what we did, even things like the documents that we were taking. So that we bring to use and do some things we did when we were successful in the past, so we can attract good fortune.
  • There are significant events that took place and the prophets who have come to become archangels, when they were in this world. The important thing is they did some things that led them to succeed or overcome a difficulty.
    For example: Up a mountain, taking into consideration the messages they received in their dreams...